Introduction to the Weihrauch HW80

The Weihrauch HW80 is the product of a joint initiative in the 1970s with Beeman in the US. Indeed, the rifle is known as the Beeman R1 over there. Designed as a high power rifle, the HW80 was designed to deliver output in excess of 20 ft. lbs. The mk.1 rifle is distinguished by having an angle end to the forestock, whereas that of the current version is rounded. 

About Weihrauch

Based in Mellrichstadt, Germany, Weihrauch was founded in 1899 as a small-bore hunting rifle company. Following the impositions placed on German companies following the first World War, the company began producing bicycle parts and mechanical door closers. However, in the early 19050s, when German companies were allowed to make airguns, Weihrauch got back to what it does best. What followed was a string of successful spring-powered rifles, several of which are still in production over 50 years later. In addition, the company’s HW100 and HW110 pre-charged pneumatic rifles are highly regarded.

Weihrauch HW80 Models

There are currently two versions of the HW80 – the standard length rifle and the HW80K which has a shorter barrel and is slightly lighter as a result. 


Our full review of the Weihrauch HW80

Over the decades, the Weihrauch HW80 has earned a reputation as a solid, reliable and dependable rifle. Indeed, even Weihrauch describes it as ‘a work horse’. However, despite such a tag, the HW80 is a solid performer and capable of high levels of accuracy. At first glance the beech stock looks unremarkable. However, it is beautifully proportioned and though biased to right handers, is accommodating for left-handed shooters too. There are panels of good quality chequering on the pistol grip and the plain butt pad is set off by a black spacer.

Like all Weihrauch springers, the safety catch at the back of the block sets automatically upon cocking. It cannot be reset without re-breaking the barrel. And although it can be switched off to allow the HW80 to be de-cocked, there is no back up anti-bear trap mechanism. On top of the action there is a set of dovetail grooves to accept a scope, as well as provision to accept a recoil pin in three different positions to prevent unwanted scope movement.

The HW80 also benefits from Weihrauch’s legendary two-stage, adjustable Rekord trigger which continues to set the standard for other springers to follow. A hole in the trigger guard enables access to a screw for easy adjustment. At 410mmm, the barrel on the HW80K is 90mm shorter than on the full length rifle and is finished with Weihrauch’s excellent silencer on a ½ inch UNF thread. Breaking the action requires just a light touch and the downward sweep is smooth and requires little effort. Insert a pellet into the exposed breach and then return the barrel. The lock up is solid with no movement. 

Weihrauch HW80 Specifications


Specifications HW80K HW80 standard
Weight kgs 3.9 4
Length mm 1060 1150
Barrel mm 410 500
Safety Automatic Automatic
Trigger Two stage adjustable Two stage adjustable
Scope mounting Dovetail Dovetail
Stock Beech. Non-adjustable Beech. Non-adjustable
Claimed shot count Not specified

The Weihrauch Range

Weihrauch has an extensive range of market leading break barrel and underlever rifles, many of which have been in production for 20 or more years. In addition, the company produces the HW100 and HW110 pre-charged pneumatic rifles as well as several pistols. Weihrauch products are distributed in the UK by Hull Cartridge.

Alternatives to the HW80

When it comes to high quality spring powered break barrels, there is very little in terms of alternative to the Weihrauch range. The company’s HW85, HW95 and HW98 rifles are worth considering. So too is the HW90 gas ram. When it comes to rifles from other manufacturers, take a look at the BSA Lightning.  

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