Introduction to the FX Impact MK2

  • Highly adjustable and customisable
  • Regulated side-lever action
  • High shot count and magazine capacity
  • Adjustable stock and match-style trigger
  • Picatinny accessory rails

About FX Airguns

Formed in 1999, FX Airguns is based in Mariestad, a small town west of Stockholm in Sweden. Its founder, Fredrik Axelsson, is an enthusiastic airgun shooter and still runs the company today. 

FX Impact MK2 Review

Made in Sweden, FX Airguns has an enviable reputation for innovative, high quality and well-engineered rifles. Its Impact bullpup set a standard that many other manufacturers aspire to, but few have matched. Available in a silver or black finish, its futuristic looks divide opinion, but there’s no doubting the Impact’s performance. Subtle design tweaks have addressed niggles that some early mk1 models suffered from and the level of engineering and quality is easily apparent. It is also highly customisable with adjustments for the valve and regulator, as well as a hammer spring power setting dial and FX’s Interchangeable Barrel Liner System means you can change barrel twist rates and even calibre. The adoption of the Side-Shot Magazine as standard provides plenty of shots, but hunters should be aware that once full, pellets have a tendency to rattle. Some are also prone to stick, preventing pellets being delivered. However, in most cases, this is easily remedied by adjusting the magazine’s central spring tensioning screw.


Ideally suited to

The Impact mk2 has broad appeal and is at home in competition, where it has claimed numerous titles and championships, as well in the field or in the hands of those who like spending time on the range. As a high-end rifle, the Impact mk2 is most likely to appeal to airgunners who take their sport seriously and are prepared to invest in the best equipment. That said, a newcomer to the sport who buys an Impact mk2 is unlikely to ever need another gun.

The FX Airguns range

FX is a prolific manufacturer and tends to follow a philosophy of constant development which means that even rifles in the same model range may have subtle design tweaks and improvements. Today, the company’s range comprises more than a dozen lines, though some are not available in all markets due to local laws. Although wood and laminate options are available on some, most FX rifles have a durable and tactile synthetic finish. Customisation is a main feature; for example, the Dreamline can be configured in several different ways, including bullpup, tactical and target versions. Other popular and well-known models include the Crown, Wildcat and Verminator. In terms of calibre and power settings, FX Airguns span everything from .177 to .30 with some of the highest feet per second ratings on the market.

Alternative rifles to consider

The FX Impact mk 2 is a unique, trend-setting design. Other tactical options include the Brocock Concept Lite, Brocock Commander, Zbroia Sapsan, HW100BP and Air Arms S510 TDR.


Weight: 7lbs / 3.2kgs

Action: Side-lever

Regulated: Fitted as standard

Calibres: .177 / .22 / .25 /.30

Power options: .177 up to 18 ft. lbs. / .22 up to 30 ft. lbs. / .25 47 ft.lbs. / .30 75 ft.lbs.

Length: 29.5 inches (745mm)

Barrel length: 19.5 inch (500mm), 23.5 inch (600mm) and 27.5 inch (700mm) options

Air capacity: 480cc carbon fibre bottle

Shot count:  500+ in .177 and .22 at 12 ft.lbs.

Magazine: 38 in .177 / 28 in .22 / 28 in .25 / 23 in .30

Scope rail: Picatinny

Trigger: Two-stage adjustable match

Other: Silencer included; power setting adjuster; valve and regulator pressure adjuster; adjustable stock; interchangeable calibre options.