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Our Editor, Richard Saunders, has been shooting air rifles for nearly forty years. Today he hunts and carries out pest control on more than a thousand acres spread across different locations in the south of England. He is a regular contributor to Airgun Shooter magazine, writing mainly hunting features and product reviews, as well The Airgun Show on YouTube and also for Alpha Militaria’s own YouTube channel. In addition, he is a hunting consultant and adviser to airgun companies including Daystate, Brocock and MTC Optics.

We’ve provided this contact form to allow our readers and YouTube subscribers to reach out to us with any burning questions which you may have relating to Air Rifles. Richard will review all questions and will be filming videos regularly to answer these questions. We will post video content to our YouTube channel and written responses on this page. 

Please reach out to us today on We’ll try our best to reply but do understand we’re fairly busy so our response may not be immediate.