Introduction to the Air Arms Galahad

Launched in July 2016, the Galahad is Air Arms’ contribution to the bullpup market. The rifle combines typically compact dimensions with a high quality build and a novel cocking action to deliver a fully regulated and accurate rifle. Two versions are available – the Galahad R, a carbine version in 12 ft. lbs., and the Galahad HP, a longer rifle version in high power. The carbine is available in .177 and .22 and measures 698mm long with a 395mm barrel. The high power version is slightly longer at 798mm with a longer barrel with power outputs of 20 ft. lbs. (.177), 30 ft. lbs. (.22) and 35 ft. lbs. in .25 calibre. Two stock versions from Italian company Minelli are available – walnut and black soft touch. Weight is 3.6 – 3.7 kgs. The Galahad features Air Arms’s own design regulator and a Lothar Walther barrel, making it capable of high degrees of accuracy. 

About Air Arms

Based in south east England and founded in 1983, Air Arms has a long and well-respected reputation. It was one of the early pioneers of modern-day pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, introducing its first model in 1988. Today the company produces some of the most respected PCP hunting and competition rifles, as well as class-leading under-lever spring-powered rifles.

Our full review of the Air Arms Galahad

In line with other rifles in the Air Arms line up, the Galahad exemplifies high levels of quality and thoughtful design. The recoil pad is adjustable for both height and angle and whilst the soft touch cheek piece is not adjustable, it is large and makes addressing the Galahad very comfortable. The stock is fully ambidextrous; the cocking lever can be moved to either side and the magazine inserts from the left. A large cut out accommodates even the largest hands, providing access to the pistol grip that has panels of chequering and grooves for the trigger finger and thumb. Although it is possible to adopt a thumb up grip, wrapping your thumb around is more comfortable.

The two stage trigger is fully adjustable and the blade contains a button safety catch – push from the left to make the Galahad safe and from the right to shoot. There is more chequering on the forehand that tapers towards the muzzle and at the very end there is an accessory rail for a bipod, sling attachment or torch. On top, the raised scope rail is plenty long enough to accommodate any size of scope and you can specify either a dovetail or picatinny version when buying new. A small spirit level at the rear of the rail helps you avoid canting the rifle.

Unlike most other rifles that rely on a side lever or bolt to cock the action and cycle pellets from the magazine, the Galahad has a short cocking handle located as standard on the left side of the forend just forward of the trigger. The lever is sprung on the front stage, making it easy and intuitive to access with your supporting hand. Leaving the cocking lever in the open position allows you to insert the Galahad’s 10-shot cartridge magazine, which is borrowed from the S410 and S510 rifles. Filling the magazine is easy and requires only for pellets to be dropped nose first into the chambers via a hole as the inner chamber drum is rotated. Once inserted into the breach and the cocking lever returned there are no additional retaining clips.

The Lothar Walther barrel is shrouded and the shroud is screw cut to accept a female fit silencer. The air cylinder takes a 250 bar fill which is achieved by pulling forward a sleeve at the front to reveal a port that receives the provided probe. Once filled, Air Arms quotes a shot count of 110 in .177 and 120 in .22. A pressure gauge at the front of the cylinder indicates fill pressure and there is no additional gauge for the regulator.


Air Arms Galahad YouTube review


Air Arms Galahad Specifications


Length 698 / 798 mm
Weight 3.6 – 3.7 kgs
Stock options Walnut and Black Soft Touch
FAC options 20 ft. lbs. (.177) / 30 ft. lbs. (.22) / 35 ft. lbs. (.25)
Magazine Cassette 10 shot
Shot count 110 (.177), 120 (.22)
Fill pressure 250 bar
Safety Push button
Trigger Two stage adjustable
Scope rail Raised dovetail or picatinny
Regulated Yes