Best Chronographs in 2024 (Newly updated)

Top 6 Chronographs in 2024

  1. Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph
  2. Combro CB-625 MK4
  3. AirForceOne Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph
  4. SKAN Chrono PRO1, Series 3
  5. Caldwell 1006314-SSI Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2
  6. FX MK11 Radar Bluetooth Chronograph

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Richard Saunders: An experts view

All of our reviews are based on Richard Saunders’s opinions. Richard has been shooting air rifles for nearly forty years. Today he hunts and carries out pest control on more than a thousand acres spread across different locations in the south of England. He is a regular contributor to Airgun Shooter magazine, writing mainly hunting features and product reviews, as well as The Airgun Show on YouTube.


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Declaring anything as “the best” is akin to opening a Pandora’s box, where opinions abound as freely as the air we breathe. Much like fingerprints, everyone’s viewpoint is unique, and in the grand scheme of things, my perspective is just one among many. However, if you’ve stumbled upon this article in your quest for the finest chronographs for air rifle shooting in 2024, be prepared for a deluge of options and opinions. Ideally, the best way to choose a chronograph would be through hands-on testing of each model, experiencing its features and quirks firsthand. Unfortunately, for most enthusiasts, this approach isn’t practical. Hence, we circle back to relying on informed opinions – and here’s where my experience and insights, gleaned from years of air rifle shooting and chronograph use, might just help guide you through this maze of choices

Why Buy a Chronograph for Your Air Rifle?

Embarking on the journey of air rifle shooting without a chronograph is like trying to navigate uncharted waters without a compass. Sure, you might eventually find your way, but why leave it to chance? A chronograph is not just a fancy gadget; it’s a critical tool in the armory of any air rifle enthusiast. It’s about precision, understanding, and getting the most out of your equipment.

You see, each air rifle has its own personality, its unique way of propelling pellets. The chronograph tells you the story of each shot – the velocity, the consistency, and the potential impact. It’s like having a window into the very heart of your rifle’s performance. And for those who are meticulous about their shooting, whether for sport, competition, or just pure pleasure, this information is gold. It’s about fine-tuning your skills, your rifle, and your ammunition to achieve that perfect harmony where every shot counts.

When Would You Use a Chronograph?

The question isn’t really ‘when would you use a chronograph?’, but rather ‘when wouldn’t you?’. This tool is indispensable in a multitude of scenarios. For starters, imagine you’re tweaking your rifle’s settings, perhaps changing the spring or adjusting the pressure. How do you measure the impact of these changes? Enter the chronograph, providing immediate feedback on how your modifications influence the speed of your pellets.

Or consider the times when you’re experimenting with different types of ammunition. Each pellet behaves differently, and the chronograph helps you understand which type suits your shooting style and your rifle’s mechanics the best. It’s like having a personal advisor, guiding you towards making informed choices.

Moreover, in competitive shooting, understanding the velocity of your pellets is crucial. It’s not just about adhering to regulations, but also about finding that sweet spot where your shots are both powerful and precise. And let’s not forget the sheer joy of shooting. Whether you’re plinking cans in the backyard or targeting paper at the range, the chronograph adds an element of science to the art of shooting, enhancing your experience and involvement with the sport.

In essence, a chronograph is your silent partner in the journey of air rifle shooting, there to guide, inform, and elevate your experience, regardless of when or why you choose to pull the trigger.

1. Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

Delving into the realm of chronographs, the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph emerges as a standout choice and, personally, my favorite in the category. Renowned for its user-friendly design, this device has proven to be a steadfast ally for shooters of all levels, from beginners to seasoned experts.

Using the Caldwell chronograph feels like engaging with a familiar, knowledgeable friend. Its straightforward setup process is a breath of fresh air, especially for those new to such technology. Once it’s up and running, its accurate feedback on pellet velocities becomes an invaluable part of any shooting experience.

The versatility of this chronograph is a key reason it ranks high on my list of favorites. It’s not just limited to air rifles; its adaptability across various firearms is a testament to its thoughtful design, catering to a wide audience without compromising on accuracy or performance.

Another aspect that cements its place as my preferred chronograph is its advanced connectivity. The integration with smartphones is a game-changer, offering a detailed analysis of shooting data right at your fingertips. This modern feature enhances both the shooting experience and the understanding of your performance.

As with any device, it’s important to acknowledge its limitations. The Caldwell Chronograph’s accuracy can fluctuate in suboptimal lighting conditions, a factor to consider for outdoor use. Additionally, while it’s quite robust, its construction isn’t completely indestructible, requiring careful handling for prolonged use.

In summary, the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph is not just a product I recommend; it’s my top pick in the world of chronographs. Its blend of precision, ease of use, and advanced features like smartphone connectivity make it an exceptional tool for anyone serious about air rifle shooting. While mindful of its sensitivity to lighting and the need for careful handling, this chronograph remains an unmatched ally in achieving shooting excellence.

2. Combro CB-625 MK4: The Specialist’s Choice for Airgun Enthusiasts

The Combro CB-625 MK4 stands as a testament to the wonders of compact engineering. Weighing in at just 55 grams, this chronograph is a marvel, especially crafted for the airgun aficionado. Its petite stature, measuring a mere 150x49x23mm, belies its impressive capability to handle speeds exceeding 2,000 feet per second. Such a small form factor ensures that it integrates seamlessly with your airgun, enhancing rather than encumbering your shooting setup.

Fitting this little gem onto the muzzle of your airgun is refreshingly straightforward, thanks to the elastic bands included in the package. The provided yellow plastic alignment tool is a clever addition, ensuring the chronograph aligns perfectly with the bore for spot-on readings. Versatility is another feather in its cap, comfortably accommodating use on guns with silencers, broadening its utility across various shooting scenarios.

In my personal usage, the Combro CB-625 MK4 has emerged as a reliable and efficient ally. Its lightweight design, while advantageous, calls for a careful hand to maintain alignment. Be aware, a slight misstep in alignment might lead to pellet collision, but thankfully, replacement parts are neither hard to come by nor heavy on the wallet. The readings from this chronograph are steadfast and trustworthy, though it necessitates a cautious approach, particularly since checking the readings means glancing towards the muzzle end – a safety point to be mindful of.

For those in the airgun community who value a chronograph that’s light yet specifically tailored for airguns, the Combro CB-625 MK4 is a shining choice. It’s not just about its compact size or the convenience it offers; this chronograph holds its own against larger, more expensive counterparts, delivering everything you need in a user-friendly and efficient package. It’s a tool that promises to elevate your airgun experience, blending seamlessly into your shooting routine.

3. AirForceOne Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph: A Synthesis of Quality and Precision Build Quality and Design

Upon first encounter, the AirForceOne Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph makes a striking impression with its meticulous engineering. Weighing a mere 320 grams and sized at a compact 105x70x57mm, it strikes a perfect balance between portability and sturdiness. Encased in light yet resilient aluminum, it promises to be a faithful companion on field trips, effortlessly tucking away into a rucksack, ready for your shooting adventures.

This chronograph, while it doesn’t automatically crunch power levels, compensates admirably with complimentary software that opens up a world of detailed shooting data analysis. The inclusion of a data lead to facilitate the transfer of information to your computer is a thoughtful addition, significantly enhancing its appeal to those who base their shooting strategy on robust data analysis.

In the field, the AirForceOne chronograph stands its ground with remarkable competence. Its construction is robust enough to shrug off the occasional misdirected shot, a nod to its enduring build. While the absence of an automatic power level calculation feature might seem like a shortfall, the robust capabilities of the accompanying software more than make up for this. The ability to meticulously record and analyze your shooting results adds an invaluable dimension to your shooting regimen, offering insights that go beyond the mere mechanics of shooting.

The AirForceOne Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph is, undeniably, a product of superior engineering and thoughtful design. It emerges as an ideal choice for those who value a chronograph that’s not just well-crafted and dependable, but also pairs seamlessly with external software for an in-depth analysis of shooting data. For the discerning shooter who prefers a blend of physical robustness and digital sophistication, this chronograph is a beacon of excellence in a sea of options.

4. SKAN Chrono PRO1, Series 3, DIAMOND 40th ANNIVERSARY Latest Model: The Professional’s Choice

The SKAN Chrono PRO1 Series 3 emerges as a titan in the chronograph landscape. With a weight of 1.2 kilograms and dimensions of 213x120x160mm, it asserts its presence not just as a tool, but as a professional-grade instrument. This is no ordinary chronograph; it’s a substantial, serious piece of kit, designed for those who demand nothing but the best in their shooting accessories.

Tailored specifically for the nuances of air rifle shooting, the SKAN Chrono PRO1 showcases its prowess by accommodating speeds as high as 4,000 feet per second. Its user interface is a model of intuitive design, featuring four straightforward buttons that make data entry and reading a seamless process. The capability to store up to 50 shots and retain this data even after powering down is great for shooters who delve into detailed performance analysis.

In my hands, the SKAN Chrono PRO1 Series 3 has proven itself to be particularly well-suited for indoor environments, ideally positioned on a bench with a reliable backstop. Its accuracy and robust build have earned it accolades and favor among law enforcement agencies and airgun manufacturers alike. While the absence of a data port in this model might be seen as a shortfall, the subsequent upgraded version rectifies this, enhancing its connectivity features.

As the fourth entrant in my top chronographs, the SKAN Chrono PRO1 Series 3 holds a distinguished place. It’s not just another tool in the arsenal of an airgun enthusiast; it represents a commitment to precision and quality. This chronograph stands out for its exceptional accuracy, robust build, and user-friendly nature, catering to those who seek a professional-grade instrument for their shooting endeavors. While it may not be the top choice for every shooter due to its specific features and substantial size, its inclusion in the upper echelons of my list is a testament to its capability and reliability. For those who prioritize meticulous power checking and detailed performance analysis in their air rifles, the SKAN Chrono PRO1 Series 3 is a valuable investment, meriting its place among the best in the field.

5. Caldwell 1006314-SSI Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2: Precision Meets Versatility

The Caldwell Chronograph G2 emerges as a standout device in the realm of shooting accuracy, boasting a remarkable accuracy tolerance of just 0.25%. Coupled with a robust 48MHz processor, it offers a level of precision that’s equally vital for both casual backyard plinkers and dedicated marksmen. This precision plays a crucial role in fine-tuning skills and equipment, making every shot count, regardless of your shooting intensity.

In terms of design, the Caldwell Chronograph G2 goes beyond mere functionality. It includes an adjustable tripod, significantly enhancing its stability and ease of use, especially in varied shooting environments. Its ability to measure a diverse range of projectiles marks it as a versatile tool, suitable for multiple shooting disciplines. The addition of an integrated lithium-ion battery, offering a runtime of 2 to 12 hours depending on usage, underscores its commitment to uninterrupted shooting experiences.

When it comes to user experience, setting up the G2 is refreshingly uncomplicated. Its generous shooting area is a major plus, accommodating a wide array of shooting styles and preferences. The cherry on top is its smart device connectivity through a free app, adding a layer of modern convenience. This feature allows shooters to access detailed data such as energy readings and environmental conditions, enriching the shooting experience with valuable insights.

Considering its thoughtful design, ease of use, and advanced connectivity, the Caldwell Chronograph G2 positions itself as an ideal tool for shooters who embrace both tradition and technology. Its versatility and comprehensive data logging capabilities are particularly appealing for those who are meticulous about recording and analyzing every aspect of their shooting sessions. Whether you’re fine-tuning your skills or simply enjoying your time on the range, the Caldwell Chronograph G2 is a dependable, high-performance choice that caters to a broad spectrum of shooting needs

6. FX MK11 Radar Bluetooth Chronograph: Cutting-Edge Technology for the Modern Shooter

The FX MK11 Radar Bluetooth Chronograph marks a significant advancement in the world of chronograph technology. With its unique barrel-mounted design and seamless connectivity to mobile phones, it stands out as a remarkable choice for the tech-inclined shooter. This innovative approach to design sets it apart, catering to those who appreciate a fusion of traditional shooting with modern technological conveniences.

One of the most striking features of this chronograph is its ability to perform impeccably in various weather conditions, a feature that liberates it from the dependency on external light sources. Its user-friendly nature is a significant advantage, and the barrel-mounted design not only adds convenience but also enhances the accuracy of measurements, making it a reliable companion in diverse shooting environments.

During my evaluation, the FX MK11 Radar consistently demonstrated its prowess. Its accuracy in tracking projectiles traveling under 1099 FPS was notably impressive. The thoughtfulness in its design and functionality positions it as a highly practical choice for shooters who prioritize both innovation and utility in their equipment.

For airgun enthusiasts who are drawn to cutting-edge technology and value a chronograph that is both accessible and precise, the FX MK11 Radar Bluetooth Chronograph presents itself as an excellent option. While it may not take the top spot in my list of recommended products, its combination of innovative features and dependable performance undeniably makes it a valuable asset for any airgun shooter, offering a glimpse into the future of shooting technology.


In summary, the quest for the perfect chronograph is deeply personal, a reflection of individual needs and shooting journeys. Whether you’re a casual hobbyist, a competitor with an eye on the prize, or a professional fine-tuning the mechanics of airguns, there’s a chronograph out there crafted just for you. A chronograph in the realm of airgunning is more than a compliance tool; it’s a window into the soul of your airgun, a key to unlocking a richer, more fulfilling shooting experience. In the precise and rule-bound universe of airguns, a trusty chronograph transcends its role as a mere accessory—it becomes an essential chapter in your shooting story.

Chronograph FAQS:

1. What is a chronograph, and how does it work?

A chronograph is a sophisticated instrument used to measure the velocity of a projectile, typically bullets, pellets, or arrows, fired from firearms, airguns, or bows. At its core, a chronograph operates by measuring the time it takes for a projectile to pass between two sensors located a known distance apart.

2. What are the benefits of using a chronograph for shooting?

Using a chronograph for shooting offers several significant benefits, enhancing both the safety and effectiveness of your shooting practice.

For airgun shooters, particularly in jurisdictions with strict power limits (like the 12 ft-lb limit in the UK), a chronograph ensures that your airgun stays within legal power limits, avoiding potential legal issues.

By measuring the velocity of different ammunition types, shooters can determine the most effective pellets or bullets for their specific firearm or airgun, leading to improved accuracy and performance.

Regular use of a chronograph can help identify any inconsistencies in the performance of your firearm or airgun, which could indicate maintenance needs or potential issues with your ammunition.

For those who modify or tune their guns, a chronograph is an invaluable tool for measuring the impact of changes made, ensuring that modifications enhance the gun’s performance as intended.

Advanced chronographs allow shooters to record and analyze data over time, providing insights into shooting habits, environmental effects on shooting, and overall improvements in skill.

In summary, a chronograph is more than just a tool for measuring speed; it’s an essential companion for any serious shooter, providing valuable insights and ensuring both compliance and optimal performance in their shooting endeavors.

3. How does it work?

When a projectile is fired, it first crosses the first sensor, starting a timer. As it passes the second sensor, the timer stops. These sensors are usually light sensors, detecting the change in light as the projectile passes.

The chronograph calculates the speed of the projectile by using the time measured between the sensors and the known distance between them. This speed is typically displayed in feet per second (FPS) or meters per second (MPS).

Modern chronographs can connect to computers or smartphones, allowing for more detailed analysis, such as calculating the kinetic energy of the projectile, tracking shooting patterns, and storing data for future reference.

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