Introduction to the Zbroia Hortitsia MK2

The Hortitsia mk1 quickly earned a reputation as a good quality but affordable rifle. Improvements in the mk 2 include a redesigned regulator and a more robust cocking/magazine system. Unlike the majority of magazine fed PCP rifles that use a bolt or side lever cocking design, the Hortitsia has a simple straight pull bolt, making it quick and easy to cycle. The rifle is available in several different barrel and air cylinder configurations in .177 and .22 calibres. These include: 330mm barrel with 200cc cylinder; 450mm barrel with 230cc cylinder and 550 mm barrel with 230cc cylinder. The Hortitsia is an excellent choice as a hunting rifle but is accurate enough for target shooting as well.

About Zbroia

Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine and formed in 2011, Zbroia makes a small range of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles as well as a couple of Flobert pistols that are not legal in the UK. In the UK, Zbroia rifles are distributed by Pellpax Ltd.  

You can view and purchase this rifle from Pellpax here.

Our full review of the Zbroia Hortitsia MK2

In its shortest configuration, the Hortitsia mk 2 measures just 910mm and weighs three kilos without a scope, making it compact and relatively light. The wood stock is only available for right handers and is available in either a black or brown stain and whilst it is ambidextrous, there is no chequering. That said, the proportions are good and the rifle is both pleasant to look at, thanks to subtle gold embellishments, and to shoulder, thanks partly to a solid rubber shoulder pad that is finished with a red spacer.

The straight pull bolt has a small lever to give your finger some purchase to cock the action – simply pull the bolt back and push it in again to cycle pellets through the 10 shot .22 / 12 shot .177 disc-type magazine, two of which are provided. The system is simple and very effective, however, if you plan on putting hundreds of pellets through the Hortitsia in a session on the range, the lever can make your finger sore. The two stage trigger is adjustable, once you have removed the stock, with a defined stop after the first stage and a crisp let off. The trigger guard also houses a small gold coloured safety catch – push it forward to make the rifle live and back to lock the trigger up. The 135mm picatinny rail provides plenty of real estate to mount a scope and whilst there are no additional rails for accessories, a sling stud is supplied.

The barrels are fully shrouded. On the 330mm barrel version I tested, the shroud extended 150mm beyond the end of the barrel, effectively working as a silencer. As a result, although it is possible to fit a silencer to a 1/2  inch UNF thread, I found the rifle very quiet without one. The Hortitsia’s air cylinder is rated to accept a 300 bar fill. So as to avoid undue pressure on the rifle, and because my tank wasn’t full, I filled to 200 bar which was enough for 150 accurate and consistent .22 shots at just under 12 ft. lbs. thanks to the regulated action. The pressure gauge is located under the muzzle and Zbroia provides two filling probes – one with a conventional thread and the other moulded to snap on to a quick fit type connector. Filling is achieved by rotating a collar at the front of the cylinder against a stop to reveal the port and accept the probe. Once filled, rotate the collar in the opposite direction against the stop again to close the port.  

Zbroia Hortitsia Specifications

Specifications330mm / 200cc450mm/230cc550mm/230cc
Weight3 kgs3.2 kgs3.4 kgs
Air capacity200cc230cc230cc
Barrel length330mm450mm550mm
SafetyManual resettableManual resettableManual resettable
TriggerTwo stage adjustableTwo stage adjustableTwo stage adjustable
Magazine10 (.22) / 12 (.177)10 (.22) / 12 (.177)10 (.22) / 12 (.177)