Introduction to the Daystate Delta Wolf

The Delta Wolf marks a significant shift for Daystate. Although the rifle continues the company’s tradition for breaking new ground in the field of electronic rifles, the Delta Wolf is the company’s first ultra-tactical AR15 style design, modular rifle. It features a range of electronic innovations, some of which have never been seen before. Aside from the software it contains, the hardware is well-made and well-finished. Shooters for whom the pursuit of the ultimate set-up will love the Delta Wolf. A digital display screen provides access to a huge range of settings which, combined with the integrated chronograph – a technology Daystate tried once before albeit less successfully – makes it possible to refine performance according to different pellet speeds, weights and calibres amongst many other things.

About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup and traditional sporting rifles designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate HUMA regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market.

“The ultimate air rifle setup”

“Never been seen before tech”

“Incredibly well made and finished”

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This review was written in 2020 but since 2023 we have started stocking and selling this rifle. This does not change our review of this gun and not one word has changed since. We aim to give our honest, impartial view on each review we do.

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Daystate Delta Wolf


Daystate Delta Wolf Full Review

The hardware

The Delta Wolf’s advanced electronics have grabbed most of the headlines. Understandable though that is, it’s a shame because the rifle’s excellent hardware is often overlooked. The styling is uncompromisingly tactical and it is fair to say that as a result it’s not the most photogenic rifle. Somehow though, in the flesh, the Delta Wolf is a lot more pleasing to the eye. Available in either a black or cerakote finish, 12 ft.lbs. versions have a 17 inch (430mm) barrel in .177 and .22 calibre. The high-power HP model has a 23 inch (600mm) barrel and is also available in .25 and .30 calibres.  Overall length is 700 to 840mm and weight is 3.1 to 3.3 kgs. Complete with an adjustable shoulder pad, the stock contains the battery and most of the electronics, including a digital touch screen. As a result, although it looks a little blocky in photographs, it is less so when seen in the flesh. The plastic pistol grip is comfortable, and can be swapped for an after-market AR15-style alternative, and gives access to the two-stage post and shoe electronic trigger which is adjustable for weight and pull, as well as position and angle of the blade. Just forward is the safety catch which can be accessed from both sides and is positive and quiet to operate.

As standard, the side lever is located on the right of the rifle, but in keeping with the rest of the ambidextrous design, can be swapped easily to the left. The throw is short and well-balanced and cycles a new design, self-indexing magazine that takes 13 shots in .177, 11 in .22, 10 in .25 and eight in .30. Once again, the magazine can be inserted into the breach from left or right. In fact, you can insert two magazines, once from either side, to double the shot count.

On top, a long dovetail rail runs the entire length of the action, enabling both the cheek piece and raised picatinny scope rail to slide forward and back for perfect scope eye-alignment. In addition, there are picatinny accessory rails on the bottom of the butt as well as at the front of the action either side and under the 480cc carbon covered air bottle which takes a 240 bar fill and is good for as many as 500 shots in 12 ft. lbs. format.

Daystate has partnered with Precision Rifle Systems (PRS) to create a range of accessories, including a longer rail which enables a bipod to be placed much further forward. The Delta Wolf’s barrel was developed by the company’s Accuracy Research Team (ART) and is fully shrouded with the capacity to add a silencer.

The software

Daystate is a pioneer in the development of electronic action rifles with expertise developed over many years. Rifles such as the Pulsar and Red Wolf have been hailed as the most technologically advanced – a title that the Delta Wolf now picks up. A chronograph built in at the end of the barrel provides information to the rifle’s onboard computer. Not only does it regulate output to maintain consistency, it also enables a number of innovative adjustments. By manually adjusting the Huma-Air regulator on the high-power model, different pellet velocities can be dialled in via the touch-screen to suit different pellets and slugs. As standard, the .177 is set at 30 ft. lbs, the .22 and .25 at 65 ft.lbs. and the .30 at 95 ft. lbs. 

The availability of barrel kits makes changing calibres quick and easy and by saving details in the Delta Wolf’s profiles function, there’s no need to have to re-calculate optimum zero, power setting and velocity. For obvious reasons, 12 ft. lbs. models do not have the capacity to adjust power outputs to the same degree. Rifles are set at around 11.7 ft. lbs. in the factory using 16 grain or 8.44 grain pellets and owners are advised to check the output if they use different pellets, especially heavier ones, with the chronograph. If the power creeps to more than 12 ft. lbs. there is capacity to reduce levels in five per cent increments.

Most other electronic features are common across both the 12 ft. lbs. and HP models, including the ability to switch on a magazine counter which will tell you when you’ve taken your last shot, and specify the capacity of the magazine you are using. Other electronic features include a night mode that dims the display screen when hunting in the dark; the ability to determine the length of time before the rifle goes into sleep mode and an option to switch the chronograph on and off. 

The battery is a three cell lithium-polymer unit and can be charged with a USB C-type cable and any five volt phone or tablet charger rated at two amps or more. Re-awakening the Delta Wolf from sleep mode is achieved either by cocking the rifle or, if already cocked, moving the sidelever a few millimetres. Daystate says the battery will last many thousands of shots between charges, but points out that the longer rifle is kept awake before entering sleep mode will affect the battery life.

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Who is it suited to?

The Delta Wolf is an ultra-performance rifle that represents the pinnacle in design and technology. As a result, it has a wide range of uses from extreme bench rest and other competition shooting through to hunting and information target/range shooting. Although there’s no reason not to, it’s unlikely to appeal to back garden plinkers.

daystate delta wolf black

Pros and Cons

For some, the electronic gadgetry and its ability to facilitate huge amounts of adjustment and refinement will be a big attraction. For others, intimidated by the technology or fearful of its longevity and reliability, it will have the opposite effect. With prices starting at around £2,500, cost will also be a factor.

Those who are unlikely to want or have a need to exploit the Delta Wolf’s versatility will have to decide whether finding the perfect set up and then leaving things alone is worth the cost, especially when other high quality rifles can be bought for half the money. However, shooters for whom the quest for the perfect rifle is a passion will love the Delta Wolf. At the end of the day, and forgetting all the electronic wizardry, Daystate has poured years of know-how into creating a rifle that is super-accurate and a pleasure to use.

daystate delta wolf bronze

Other rifles to consider

The Delta Wolf’s electronic and computer-controlled platform means there is very little to compare it with, save to a lesser extent, the Daystate Red Wolf which has a more traditional sporting rifle aesthetic.  Rifles such as the FX Impact mk 2, RTI Priest mk 2 and RTI Prophet have a similar look and feel and some adjustment, albeit manual.

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Daystate Delta Wolf Specifications

Delta Wolf Delta Wolf HP
Overall length 700mm 840mm
Barrel length 430,mm 600mm
Cylinder capacity 480cc 480cc
Weight unscoped 3.1 kgs 3.3kgs
Calibres .177 and .22 .177, .22, .25 and .30
Cocking Side lever Side lever
Magazine Self-indexing Self-indexing
Fill pressue 240 bar 240 bar
Trigger Fully adjustable two stage Fully adjustable two stage
Safety Manual resettable Manual resettable
Stock Black or Cerakote Black or Cerakote


How to service a Daystate Delta Wolf?

Servicing is best left to Daystate or an authorised agent.

What is special about the Daystate Delta Wolf?

The Delta Wolf’s electronic platform and in-built chronograph, which provide a huge range of adjustment and refinement, sets the rifle apart from everything else on the market.

How to take shroud off Daystate Delta Wolf?

The shroud is easily removed by undoing a couple of grub screws. Care should be taken as removing the shroud exposes the chronograph.

Is the Delta Wolf the best Daystate gun?

It’s certainly the most technologically advanced and sophisticated. Whether it is the best is more subjective, especially as Daystate already produces some of the best rifles available.

What grease to use on a Daystate Delta Wolf pellet probe?

Any normal gun lubricant used for the job will do. That said, it’s unlikely you will need to re-grease the pellet probe outside of regular servicing.

Is the Daystate Delta Wolf regulated?

Yes. All Daystate rifles are fitted with a Huma-Air regulator as standard.