Introduction to the FX Crown MK2

Though perhaps best known for its tactical style bullpups, the Crown is FX’s premier sporting rifle design and is available in a range of different calibres, power ratings, stock options and barrel lengths. Rifles in the range are regulated and feature large capacity magazines. In common with many other FX rifles, it is possible to change the barrel, barrel liner and calibre and users can fine tune their set up thanks to adjustment dials for the hammer spring and transfer port. In addition, the regulator pressure can be altered on high powered models. 

About FX Airguns

Swedish-owned FX Airguns has is a premier manufacturer of air rifles and has a huge range, including very high power versions. The company is known for its constant development approach that results in a seemingly endless stream of revisions, upgrades and modifications to its products. The FX Impact has gained almost cult status, due to its tactical looks, adjustability and overall performance. FX also deserves recognition for the significant part it has played in the resurgence of slug ammunition through the development of specialist barrels and barrel liners.

FX Crown mk2 models

All FX Crown mk2 models are based on a regulated action mated with a sidelever cocking action and 480cc carbon wrapped air bottle (aluminium on the FX Crown VP). Models vary by barrel length and stock. The Compact model features a 380mm barrel and measures exactly a metre with the provided silencer fitted. There are three laminate stock options – Forest Green, Yellow Black and Black Pepper – all styled by Minelli of Italy – which weigh approximately 3.1kgs. A walnut option is also available, again styled by Minelli, and weighs around 3kgs. The lightest stock option is a black soft touch synthetic at around 2.8kgs. A fourth laminate option is also offered; the GRS Green Mountain Laminate weighs 4.5kgs due to a range of stock adjustment components designed primarily for competition shooters. Barrel lengths also vary and largely determine the FX Crown naming convention:

FX Crown Compact. 380mm barrel

FX Crown Standard. 500mm barrel

FX Crown Standard Plus. 600mm barrel

FX Crown Contiuum. 380 and 700mm barrel. Not available in .177

FX Crown VP Edition. 500 mm barrel, black synthetic stock and aluminium air bottle

FX Crown Base. Action sold with a stock or barrel


In addition to 12 ft. lbs. models, FX offers the Crown in a range of high-power formats:

 .177 in 28 ft. lbs. 

.22 in 54 ft. lbs.

.25 in 65 ft. lbs.

.30 in 75 ft. lbs.


The FX Crown features a large capacity magazine similar to that provided with the FX Impct and Maverick. Capacities are:

.177 22 shots

.22 18 shots

.25 16 shots

.30 13 shots


FX Crown MK2 Compact Review

Our review rifle is the FX Crown mk2 Compact in the Black Soft Touch synthetic stock. With a 380mm barrel it measures a compact 1000mm with the supplied silencer fitted and with a scope it still tips the scales at less than 3.0kgs. The rubber butt pad is adjustable for both height and angle and, when combined with the fixed comb, provides a comfortable fit and good access to a scope. The thumbhole stock is ambidextrous and the cut out for the pistol grip is smaller than on most rifles but still plenty big enough to provide easy access to the fully adjustable match style post and shoe trigger.

There are no accessory rails, nor is the FX Crown supplied with sling studs. Fitting a bipod will require either drilling directly into the stock, a procedure best tackled with the stock removed, or fitting a ring clamp to the carbon wrapped bottle. Located on the right hand side, the side lever has a lightly sprung first stage and features a drop down biathlon handle. Below it is a switch style safety catch – flip it up from the flat position to make the rifle live. On the other side, there are two adjustment dials, the rear of which allows adjustments to be made to the hammer spring. The second dial, located just forward of the breach, adjusts the transfer port. Between them subtle changes can be made to the power output and pellet velocity.

The regulator is fixed on 12 ft. lbs. rifle and no amount of twiddling with the hammer spring and transfer port will result in output exceeding the UK legal limit. However, on high-powered models, the regulator is adjustable. There’s provision for a scope to be mounted on the 22mm picatinny rail that is split either side of the breach. The magazine itself is inserted and removed from the right side and has no additional retaining or release catches.

To insert pellets, a clear face plate must first be removed by turning a black lug through 180 degrees. The exposed inner drum must then be rotated anticlockwise against a spring. Placing a pellet in the upper most hole holds the inner drum in place whilst the rest of the pellet chambers are filled in and the faceplate re-attached. All FX Crowns feature the Smooth Twist X Superior Liner apart from .177 models that are fitted with the STX liner. Kits comprising barrel, liner, probe and magazine can be purchased to swap calibres. The barrel itself is fully shrouded with a ½ inch UNF thread to take a silencer which is provided. Filling with air to 250 bar is achieved by removing a plastic cap from the fill valve located on the underside of the stock between pressure gauges that indicate overall fill pressure and regulator pressure. Removing the cap allows the supplied adapter to be attached directly to the valve. 

FX Crown Specifications

SpecificationsFX Crown CompactFX Crown StandardFX Crown Standard PlusFX Crown ContinuumFX Crown VP Edition
Length450mm + barrel450mm + barrel450mm + barrel450mm + barrel450mm + barrel
Barrel380mm500mm600mm380mm or 700mm500mm
TriggerTwo adjustable match styleTwo adjustable match styleTwo adjustable match styleTwo adjustable match styleTwo adjustable match style
Scope mountsPicatinny 20 MOA anglePicatinny 20 MOA anglePicatinny 20 MOA anglePicatinny 20 MOA anglePicatinny 20 MOA angle
SafetyManual resettableManual resettableManual resettableManual resettableManual resettable
Air bottle480cc carbon wrapped480cc carbon wrapped480cc carbon wrapped480cc carbon wrapped480cc aluminium
Fill pressure250cc250cc250cc250cc230cc
Shot count at 12 ft. lbs.500+500+500+500+500+
177 / 2212 ft. lbs.12 ft. lbs.12 ft. lbs.12 ft. lbs.12 ft. lbs.
17728 ft. lbs28 ft. lbs28 ft. lbs28 ft. lbs28 ft. lbs
2254 ft. lbs.54 ft. lbs.54 ft. lbs.54 ft. lbs.54 ft. lbs.
2565 ft. lbs.65 ft. lbs.65 ft. lbs.65 ft. lbs.65 ft. lbs.
3075 ft. lbs.75 ft. lbs.75 ft. lbs.75 ft. lbs.75 ft. lbs.