Introduction to the Daystate Red Wolf series

When launched, the Red Wolf was widely regarded as one of the most technologically advanced air rifles on the market thanks to its electronically-controlled action. Indeed, only the subsequent launch of the company’s Delta Wolf surpasses the Red Wolf when it comes to electronic wizardry. Powered by a battery housed in the pistol grip, the Red Wolf’s cocking and firing action is electronic, as is the trigger. There is no mechanical pressure gauge. Instead, a digital screen provides information on remaining air pressure. The screen also indicates which of three – high, medium and low – power settings has been selected, as well as information such as remaining shots left in the magazine. Available with a walnut stock as well blue and red laminate stocks, all of which features adjustable shoulder pads and cheek pieces, there are three Red Wolf models – the steel bottle B Type, the carbon bottled HiLite and the high-power HiLite HP. In addition, the Red Wolf Safari features a rough touch wood stock and is available in high-power levels only. Calibres include .177, .22, .25 and .303, all of which are fed by a side lever action and 10 shot magazine (five shot in .303). The side lever serves to activate the rifle’s electronic brain and probe the pellet.

About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup and traditional sporting rifles designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate HUMA regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market.

“delivers consistent power and performance across the fill range”

“ambidextrous Minelli stocks combine elegant looks with in-the-shoulder comfort”

“The pistol grip is nicely contoured and provides excellent access to the trigger”

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Daystate Red Wolf


Daystate Red Wolf Review

Whilst some dismiss the electronic action as unnecessarily complicated, the reality is that Daystate has been making electronic rifles for many years and has developed an extremely reliable platform that not only delivers consistent power and performance across the fill range, but enables enormous shot counts; at 12 ft. lbs. Daystate claims the Red Wolf will return around 500 shots in .22. The ambidextrous Minelli stocks combine elegant looks with in-the-shoulder comfort and performance thanks to a height adjustable cheek piece and three-way adjustable butt pad. The pistol grip is nicely contoured and provides excellent access to the trigger. With no sears to operate, the trigger effectively tells the computerised brain when to let go – some have likened the experience to a mouse click. In reality, although the trigger has a unique feel, it is fully adjustable for weight and travel and, like any other trigger, once gotten used to it is a joy to use. The 10-shot (five shot in .303) magazine inserts from the left hand side and self-locates thanks to the use of magnets. Daystate provides a single shot tray as well. The cap to the fill valve, which will accept a foster fit and is located underneath the forend, is also magnitised. A roundel on the side of the rifle’s action indicates the maximum fill pressure for each gun. The Red Wolf’s electronic action also allows you to choose between three different power settings – high, medium or low. In all honesty, the feature is only really of any use in high power versions as most 12 ft. lbs. shooters will leave the setting on high. Cycling through the levels is achieved by activating the safety catch, opening the side lever, which incidentally can be located on the left of the rifle as a factory option, and cycling through the menu displayed on the digital screen via the trigger. The battery is accessed by opening a flap on the underside of the pistol grip – you’ll probably need a pair of long-nose pliers to gently ease it out. The digital screen will tell you when it is time to recharge, something only necessary after several thousand shots. Carefully detach the connector to remove the battery and plug it into the provided charger. The Red Wolf is a super-high performance rifle, capable of incredible accuracy, as has been proved by the number of awards it has won, including world championships. It performs well as a hunting rifle as well. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the electronic action will go into a sleep mode after a few minutes, requiring you to either operate the sidelever – you won’t double load – or flick the safety catch off and on to wake the rifle up again. 

Daystate Red Wolf Product Range

Daystate Red Wolf B Type

The B Type is distinguished by the use of a steel bottle – either 400cc or 500cc – and as a result is a little heavier than the HiLite models and a little cheaper. The 500cc option gives an enormous 510 shots in .22 (460 in .177) at 12 ft. lbs. In all other respects, the B Type is identical to the rest of the range and while it makes a superb hunting rifle, the extra shot count will appeal to those who do most of their shooting on the range. High power options, where laws allow, include: .25 calibre 45 ft. lbs. (50 shots); .22 calibre 35 ft. lbs. (80 shots); and .177 calibre 20 ft. lbs. (195 shots).

Daystate Red Wolf HiLite

With its carbon bottle, the HiLite is regarded by many as more aesthetically pleasing than the steel-bottled B Type. In all other aspects the rifles are identical. The bottle itself is 480cc and returns a claimed 475 .22 shots at 12 ft. lbs. (420 in .177). High power options, where laws allow, include: .25 calibre 40 ft. lbs. (45 shots); .22 calibre 35 ft. lbs. (75 shots); and .177 calibre 20 ft. lbs. (165 shots).

Daystate Red Wolf HiLite HP

The high-power, or HP, versions have a longer 600mm barrel compared to the HiLite and B Type rifles which have a 430mm barrel and as a result, are slightly heavier at 3.8 kgs. and longer at 114cm. In most other aspects they are identical to the rest of the range. Designed primarily for hunting, the Red Wolf HiLite HP is available in .303 calibre at 65 ft. lbs. (45 shots). In addition, at 50 ft. lbs. The .22 and .24 will return 75 shots and the 30 ft. lbs. .177 will deliver 70 shots.

Daystate Red Wolf Safari

The Daystate Red Wolf Safari carries on the company’s tradition for producing super-high powered hunting rifles that combine brawn with sophisticated design. Featuring a re-designed barrel and upgraded electronics, the Safari is capable of extreme power levels and is distinguished by a unique rough-touch wood stock. The rifle generates 80 ft. lbs. in .303 and returns 30 shots from a five-shot magazine. The .25 and .22 also provide 30 shots at 65 ft. lbs. Whilst the 30 ft. lbs. .177 will give 70 shots. 

Daystate Red Wolf Midnight

Daystate is well-known for producing some of the most attractive stocks available and has a long relationship with Minelli of Italy. In addition to the walnut handle, the company produces a couple of laminate finishes including the blue Midnight edition which blends dark blue and black shades. In all other respects, the Red Wolf Midnight is identical to the rest of the range with B Type, HiLite and HiLite HP models available. Although the stock will appeal mainly to competition and range shooters who want to stand out from the crowd, the colours blend in well with most backgrounds, making the Red Wolf Midnight a superb hunter as well.

Is the Daystate Red Wolf right for me?

Best suited to?

The Red Wolf has won countless titles, including world championships, on the competition circuit and ranges around the world where its precise power delivery, consistency and superb trigger provide an edge. Those qualities also make the rifle an excellent choice for hunting in both 12 ft. lbs. and high-power formats. There’s no getting away from the fact that the Red Wolf is a top-of-the-range premium air rifle and is priced to match. However, if you are looking for the ultimate rifle that will deliver regardless of the discipline you shoot, it is worth close consideration.

Pros and Cons

Although the electronic action will put some shooters off, there’s no denying the platform is reliable and sets new standards when it comes to consistent performance. The electronic trigger takes a little getting used to, but no more than a couple of magazines, and is a joy to use. The stock is not only beautiful to look at but well-designed for comfort and function as well. There’s very little to criticise the Red Wolf for. The only niggle is the fact you have to reawaken the electronic action after a few minutes which can be a pain if you forget and you’re hunting.

Daystate Red Wolf Specifications

Red Wolf B Type Red Wolf HiLite Red Wolf HiLite HP Red Wolf Safari
Weight kgs 3.5 3.5 3.8 3.8
Length mm 990 990 1140 1140
Barrel length mm 430 430 600 600
Air capacity cc 400/500 480 480 480
Magazine 10 shot 10 shot 10 shot (5 in 303) 10 shot (5 in .303)
Power / shots .303 n/a n/a 65 ft. lbs. / 45 80 ft. lbs. / 30
Power / shots .25 45 ft. lbs. / 50 40 ft. lbs. / 45 50 ft. lbs. / 75 65 ft. lbs. / 30
Power / shots .22 12 ft. lbs. / 510 35 ft. lbs. / 80 12 ft. lbs. / 475 35 ft. lbs. / 75 50 ft. lbs. / 75 65 ft. lbs. / 30
Power / shots .177 12 ft. lbs. / 460 20 ft. lbs. / 195 12 ft. lbs / 420 20 ft. lbs. / 165 30 ft. lbs. / 70 30 ft. lbs. / 30
Safety Manual resettable. Safe with sidelever open Manual resettable. Safe with sidelever open Manual resettable. Safe with sidelever open Manual resettable. Safe with sidelever open
Stock options Walnut, blue and red laminate Walnut, blue and red laminate Walnut, blue and red laminate textured wood

Comparison with the Daystate range

Daystate Red Wolf vs Daystate Wolverine R

Daystate’s other traditionally stocked sporting rifles are the Wolverine R and the HR Huntsman Regal/Huntsman Revere. Both are regulated and rightly regarded as top-end rifles. Like the Red Wolf, the Wolverine R is a bottle rifle with a side lever 10-shot action. However, unlike the Red Wolf, its action is mechanical and as a result lacks the flexibility of variable power settings, although power settings are less relevant on 12 ft. lbs. rifles. The Wolverine R’s thumbhole stock has an adjustable shoulder pad but some shooters say they cannot achieve proper eye alignment, so it’s a rifle you’ll want to try before you buy. The HR Huntsman Regal has an air cylinder rather than bottle, but still has good shot count, albeit nowhere near the levels of the Red Wolf and Wolverine R. It is one of the best-looking traditional sporting rifles available with performance to match. The current Revere model replaces the older bolt action on the older models. Like the Wolverine R, its 10-shot action is mechanical rather than electronic.

Other Air Rifles to Consider

Take a look at the FX Crown, BSA R-10SE / R-10TH and Daystate Wolverine R as comparable, traditionally styled bottle air rifles. If shot count isn’t vital and you’re open to considering a cylinder rifle, the HW100 and Air Arms S510 is worth taking a look at as well. Other guns to consider include the Steyr Sport Hunting 5 and Hunting Sport 5 Scout.


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Daystate Red Wolf Dissassembly and Manual

More information from Daystate can be found in the user manual here.

Daystate Red Wolf FAQs

 How to service a Daystate Red Wolf?

Due to the Red Wolf’s electronic action, servicing is best left to qualified gunsmiths.

How to change the battery on Daystate Red Wolf?

The battery is housed in a cavity inside the pistol grip and accessed by a small hatch that must be unclipped. You may need a pair of long-nosed pliers to ease the battery out gently. Separate the battery connection carefully by holding the connector block itself and not the wires. Connect the battery to the supplied charger.

How to take shroud off Daystate Red Wolf?

There are two small screws located on the underside of the shroud by the base. You will need to remove the stock to access them.

Which is the best Daystate gun?

All Daystate rifles are considered to be amongst the best available. The range comprises tactical rifles like the Delta Wolf, traditional sporting bottle and cylinder rifles like the Red Wolf, Wolverine R and Huntsman Regal/Revere, as well as bullpups like the Pulsar and Renegade. Choice is a personal matter.

What grease to use on a Daystate Red Wolf pellet probe?

The pellet probe does not usually need greasing. Any stiffness in the probing process should be examined by a qualified gunsmith.

Is the Daystate Red Wolf regulated?