Introduction to the Kral NP03

The Kral Puncher NP-03 is one of many rifles in the Puncher series. It is designed as a light weight and compact tactical style budget PCP hunter. Its telescopic stock design also means it is ideal for juniors and smaller shooters. 

About Kral Arms

Located in south west Turkey, Kral Arms is a prolific manufacturer of shotguns, air rifles and blank-firing pistols. Its range of both pre-charged pneumatic and spring piston air rifles is extensive, with many components made in house. Although its products are aimed at the budget to mid-price range, significant advancements in terms of quality and reliability have been made in recent years, particularly with regards to triggers. In the UK, Kral air rifles are distributed by Range Right Ltd.

Our full review of the Kral Puncher NP-03

Weighing just 2.6 kgs and measuring between 800 and 880mm long thanks to a telescopic stock design, the Kral NP-03 is designed to be an affordable PCP hunting rifle. The plastic butt can be found on many other rifles in the Kral line up. The rubber recoil pad is comfortable but has no adjustment, unlike the cheek piece which can be raised and lowered at the press of a button. It should be noted that there is some movement in the cheek piece, although it is less noticeable when the rifle is in the shoulder.

A pivot switch under the butt allows you to adjust the length of the rifle by 80mm in six lockable stages, making the NP-03 ideal for juniors and smaller shooters. The pistol grip, which like the rest of the stock, is made from good quality black plastic, is ambidextrous but cannot be removed and replaced with an aftermarket grip. To the right is a sliding safety catch that operates smoothly and quietly. Above it is the sidelever, which is sprung on the first stage. Both the side lever and safety catch are silver, so hunters should be aware of their potential to catch the sun. The side lever operates Kral’s proprietary 12-shot .22 (14 .177) cassette magazine. To load pellets, the plastic face plate must be rotated anticlockwise through 360 degrees and then returned clockwise as pellets are inserted, the first of which will fall through unless you block the hole with your finger. Pull back the side lever and insert the loaded magazine into the breach from the right with the plastic cover facing you so you can see the shot count numbers. You will need to align a horizontal ridge in the magazine with a corresponding slot in the breach.

The Puncher NP-03 is a full power UK legal limit rifle and there’s a power adjustment dial forward of the side lever if you do need to turn the juice down for close range shooting in farm buildings for example. The 180cc air cylinder is charged by inserting a provided probe into the port at the front which is accessed by rotating a protective collar. A gauge on the underside of the forestock next to a short picatinny accessory rail indicates air pressure. Expect around 70 shots in .22 and a little less in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. The 430mm barrel is shrouded and unscrewing a muzzle protector reveals a ½ inch UNF thread to fit a silencer – something you will want to do if hunting or using the NP-03 in the garden.

Fitting a scope to the rail that is split either side of the breach and will accept both picatinny and dovetail mounts will enable you to exploit the Puncher NP-03’s impressive accuracy potential thanks in part to a much improved two-stage trigger that has no means of external adjustment.


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Kral Puncher Specifications


Specifications Kral Puncher NP-03
Weight Kgs 2.6
Length mm 800 – 880
Barrel mm 430
Trigger Two stage
Calibre options .177 / .22 / .25
Regulated No
Air capacity 180cc
Fill pressure 200 bar
Shot count 60 (.177) / 70 (.22)
Magazine capacity 14 (.177) / 12 (.22) / 10 (.25)

The Kral range of airguns

Kral is a prolific manufacturer of both PCP and spring piston air rifles, mainly in the affordable to mid-price range, appealing to traditional sporter tastes as well as those looking for tactical style rifles and bullpups. Mainy of its models share the same underlying mechanicals. 

There are several models within the Kral range to consider, not least:


Knight S

Ekinoks S


Alternatives to the Kral Puncher

Other alternatives to consider include:

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Brocock Compatto

Walther Reign

AirMaks Caiman / Caiman X

Zbroia Kozak


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