About Brocock

Today Brocock is part of the Diana Group, which owns Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda. Founded in 1989, Brocock was originally located in Birmingham’s old gun quarter. Following its acquisition in 2014, it moved to purpose built premises in Staffordshire, England alongside sister companies Daystate and MTC Optics.

Brocock air rifle history

Brocock is one of the British airgun industry’s unsung heroes and a true innovator. It was an early pioneer of PCP models including the Contour Super 6 and Enigma takedown rifle. It also developed an air cartridge system for air pistols which has subsequently been made illegal. Since its purchase in 2014, the range has been improved and the current line up features Huma-Air regulators, several of which have won world titles for target and bench rest shooting.

Brocock air rifle models

Brocock Compatto XR

The Compatto XR is a compact and lightweight (3.17kgs) semi-bullpup style hunting rifle with an ambidextrous black polymer stock that has a height-adjustable shoulder pad. Despite measuring just 864mm long without a silencer, it has a 457mm barrel. A 150cc air cylinder delivers a claimed 90 shots in .22 and 70 in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. through a 10 shot rotary magazine (a single shot tray is also supplied). With a Huma-Air regulator as standard, and a patented slingshot hammer system, shots are extremely consistent across the fill range. Some earlier model bolt-action Compattos suffered from being under-powered. However, the current side-lever XR models have addressed the issue. A three-stage dial allows the power level to be reduced – a feature that comes into its own in high-powered variants (18 ft. lbs. in .177 and 30 ft. lbs. in .22). Available in .22 and .177 only, the Compato XR has a fully adjustable two-stage trigger, and 11mm dovetail scope rail, resettable safety catch mounted in the trigger guard and a fully shrouded barrel that can also accept a silencer.

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PCP Air Rifles

Brocock Compatto XR


Best suited to:

The Compatto XR is intended as a hunting rifle as its light weight and compact dimensions make it ideal both for long days stalking in the field and for using in hides and around farm buildings.

Brocock Sniper XR

The side levered Brocock Sniper replaces the previous, bolt-action Bantam rifle. In many other respects, it is similar. Like other rifles in the XR range, the rifle benefits from a Huma-Air regulator which not only provides good shot-to-shot consistency, but excellent shot count – 420 shots in .22 and 380 in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. High power versions include an 18 ft. lbs. .177, 30 ft. lbs. .22 and a 45 ft. lbs. .25 rifle. All measure 863mm with a 457mm fully shrouded barrel and weigh 3.3 kgs. The skeleton cut-out style stock is available in black polymer and an attractive grey/black laminate – both feature an adjustable shoulder pad and cheek piece which ensure excellent shoulder fit and alignment to scopes mounted on the 11mm dovetail rail. The side lever is smooth but defined in operation and works in conjunction with a rotary magazine that delivers 10 shots in all calibres. The two-stage trigger is fully adjustable. In front of it is a resettable safety catch. A power adjustment dial, a short picatinny accessory rail under the stock forend and two gauges – one each for fill pressure on the 480cc bottle and regulator – round out the main features.

PCP Air Rifles

Brocock XR Sniper


Best suited to:

Like the Bantam that preceded it, the Sniper XR is designed as a compact hunting rifle. Its huge shot count will last many trips and also makes the rifle a good choice for target and range shooting.

Sniper XR Magnum

Available in either a Sand or black polymer adjustable stock, the Sniper XR Magnum is the extra-high power version rifle. It is distinguished over the standard Sniper XR by a more advanced Huma-Air regulator system and a longer 560mm Polygon match grade barrel that delivers 46 ft. lbs. in .22 and 55 ft. bs. in .25 calibre. Slightly longer than the standard model at 990mm, other features include a resettable safety catch, picatinny accessory rail, 10-shot rotary magazine, power adjustment dial and fully-adjustable match-style trigger.

Best suited to:

The high powered Sniper XR Magnum is intended for shooting over longer distances, both at targets and when hunting.

Brocock Commander XR

The Commander XR is a tactical design air rifle, intended primarily for hunting. Its modular design means that key components such as the stock and pistol grip can be swapped out for AR upgrades and accessories. Based on Brocock’s proven Huma-Air regulated side lever design, the standard rifle is provided with either a telescopic or folding butt as part of a Sand or black polymer stock. The side lever is smooth to operate and cycles a 10-shot magazine in all calibres. Working in parallel with the regulator, a new hammer design helps deliver a high and consistent shot count from the 480cc carbon bottle – 420 in .22 and 380 in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. High power models include 18 ft. lbs .177, 30 ft. lbs. .22 and 46 ft. lbs. .25 calibre rifles. All measure 838mm long with a 457mm barrel and weigh 2.9kgs unscoped. Other features include a fully adjustable two-stage trigger, resettable safety catch, gauges for fill and regulator pressure and a power adjustment dial.

PCP Air Rifles

Brocock Commander XR


Best suited to:

The Commander XR is an excellent choice for hunting, but will also perform well for range and target shooting.

Brocock Concept

Blending the best of the Compatto XR and the tactical, modular design of the Commander XR, the Concept XR has a 150cc air cylinder and components like a telescopic sliding butt (folding option also available) and ergonomic pistol grip that can be swapped out for AR style upgrades. Available in high power levels of 18, 30 and 40 ft. lbs. (.177, .22 and .25 respectively), the Concept XR delivers 130 shots in .22 and 100 shots in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. Other features, including an adjustable two-stage trigger, fully-shrouded barrel with a ½ inch UNF thread, 10-shot side lever Huma-Air regulated action, three picatinny accessory rails, resettable safety catch and power dial are consistent with other rifles in the XR range. The rifle measures just 838mm long and 2.9kgs unscoped.

Best suited to:

The Concept XR is designed as a highly portable hunting rifle.

Which Brocock air rifle is for me?

The Brocock range is designed first and foremost for hunting with options to suit a wide range of situations and preferences. The rifle you choose will largely be determined by the aesthetics that appeal to you. The questions to consider are whether you need the high shot count of a bottle rifle like the Sniper XR or Commander XR, or whether the lower shot count but lighter weight of the Compatto XR or Concept XR would be better. If you like the idea of tweaking and upgrading your rifle, the modular designs of the Commander XR and Concept XR in particular may be a better choice.

Best Brocock air rifle alternatives

Other similar style rifles to consider include the FX Impact, RTI Priest, Walther Reign and Weihrauch HW100BP.

Brocock air rifle parts and spares

Brocock spares are readily available both from Brocock itself and most good quality gun retailers.

Brocock air rifle serial numbers

Brocock does not keep a publicly accessible serial number database. If you have a specific question about your rifle, contact Brocock at https://brocock.co.uk/support

 Brocock antique air rifles

Some early rifles that pre-date the company’s acquisition in 2014 are collectible, particularly the take down Enigma model.

Brocock air rifle owners club

You can find the Brocock air rifle owners club on their facebook page.

Brocock air rifle FAQs

Where are Brocock air rifles made?

Brocock shares purpose-made facilities in Staffordshire, England with sister companies Daystate and MTC Optic.

Do Brocock make left handed air rifles?

The current range of Brocock rifles are ambidextrous.

How much is my Brocock air rifle worth?

Much of course depends on the condition or your rifle. As a rule of thumb, a used rifle is worth around two-thirds of the brand new price. Older, rarer models will depend on age, condition and rarity.

How to determine how old a Brocock air rifle is?

Contact Brocock at https://brocock.co.uk/support/ for more information.

How to service a Brocock air rifle?

Servicing should be carried out by Brocock itself https://brocock.co.uk/servicing/ or any other qualified gunsmith.

How to clean a Brocock air rifle?

Making sure the action is cleaned and lightly oiled after use, particularly if the gun has been used in damp or wet conditions. To oil the action use a soft lint free cloth, spray a light gun oil onto the cloth and wipe the action completely, do not over oil your gun. If your gun gets wet, remove the stock, clean the whole action to make sure no water or dirt is trapped and allow it to dry out in a warm dry environment before replacing the stock.

Try to keep the action as free of dust as possible. Only use a clean, high quality air supply to fill your gun, never use any other gases as this could be extremely dangerous. Only use good quality ammunition designed for air rifles.

What is the best Brocock air rifle?

Brocock rifles are all highly engineered, reliable and strong performers. As to which is ‘the best’ factors such as intended use, aesthetic appeal and individual fit have to be considered.