Introduction to the Daystate Wolverine R

The Daystate Wolverine is arguably Daystate’s premier mechanical action rifle. The Wolverine R range is fitted with Huma-Air regulators and comprises the air cylinder C-type, the steel bottled B-type and the HiLite and HiLite HP (High Power) rifles that have a carbon air bottle. All of them have a thumbhole stock which features a multi-directional adjustable shoulder pad. In addition to the walnut stock, the B-type and HiLite models are also available in Gray laminate and Forester laminate.

About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup, tactical and traditional sporting rifle designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate Huma Air regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market. 

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Daystate Wolverine R


Daystate Wolverine R Review

Measuring under a metre long (the HiLite HP is longer at 111.7 cm) and weighing around 3.5kgs, Wolverine R rifles are relatively compact. The attractive thumbhole stock is ambidextrous and the cut out will accommodate even the largest of hands. The pistol grip is sculpted for extra comfort and there are patches of chequering on both the pistol grip and forend. The shoulder pad is adjustable but the cheek piece is not and although the high comb gives good eye alignment, the design is not for everyone so if you can, put a Wolverine R to your shoulder before buying. A sliding safety catch operates quietly but positively and is located at the back of the action just above a couple of indentations designed to accommodate left and right-handed shooters who prefer a thumb up grip. The two-stage trigger is a post and shoe design and can be adjusted for weight, travel and position. Each stage is very defined and the let off is crisp with no travel. All Wolverine R rifles have a side lever, which can be swapped to the left-hand side of the rifle as a factory option, to operate a 10-shot magazine. A single shot tray is also provided. The side lever is slick and pleasantly weighted. The rotary drum magazine is inserted from the left and held in place with strong magnets. Filling to a maximum pressure, which is indicated by a small roundel on the side of the rifle, is achieved by removing a magnetic cap on the fill valve located on the underside of the forend. A foster fit adapter is provided and snaps directly onto the valve. 


Wolverine R C Type

The C-Type is only available in 12 ft. lbs. and is the only rifle in the range to have a 200cc air cylinder, as opposed to an air bottle, which is encased in an attractive plastic shroud. Calibres include .177 and .22 only. All other features are consistent with other rifles in the Wolverine R range. In terms of shot count, Daystate claims around 250 shots in .22 and 200 in .177. Stock options include walnut and grey laminate. With a 430mm barrel, the C-Type measures 965mm and weighs 3.5kgs unscoped.


Wolverine R B Type

The Wolverine B-Type is distinguished by a steel air bottle – 400cc and 500cc options are available – which provide huge shot count. The 500cc bottle delivers 600 shots at 12 ft. lbs. in .22 calibre and 500 in .177. Stock options are walnut and grey laminate. High powered versions include a 35 ft. lbs. .25 model as well as 30 ft. lbs. .22 and 18 ft. lbs. .177. The heavier steel bottle results in an overall weight of 3.2 to 3.7kgs. As with other rifles in the range, the B-Type is 965mm long with a 430mm barrel.


Wolverine R Hilite

A 480cc carbon fibre distinguishes the Wolverine R Hilite and provides a claimed 500 shots in .22 and 460 in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. Once again, you can choose between a walnut or grey laminate stock and high powered versions that comprise a 35 ft. lbs. .25, 30 ft. lbs. .22 and 18 ft. lbs. .177. Thanks to its carbon bottle, the 965mm long, 430mm barreled Hilite weighs 3.5 kgs. 


Wolverine R HP Hilite

The High Power (HP) Wolverine R has a longer, 600mm barrel – the only visual differentiation from the regular Hilite rifle. Available with a walnut or grey laminate stock, the overall length increases to 112cm and weight goes up to 3.8kgs. Power levels comprise a 60 ft. lbs. .303 rifle, as well as 50 ft. lbs. .25, 45 ft. lbs. .22 and 30 ft. lbs. .177 models.


Wolverine R Forester

Marketed as a separate line, the Wolverine R Forester blends green, black, brown and grey tones in an attractive laminate stock. C-Type, B-Type, Hilite and Hilite HP models are exactly the same in all regards as the rest of the range.

Daystate Wolverine R Specifications

SpecificationsC-TypeB-TypeHiliteHilite HP
Weight kgs3.53.2 –
Length mm965965965112
Barrel mm430430430600
Air capacity200cc400cc / 500cc480cc480cc
Magazine10 shot10 shot10 shot10 shot (5 shot .303)
Cocking actionSide lever. Factory reversibleSide lever. Factory reversibleSide lever. Factory reversibleSide lever. Factory reversible
Shot capacity .177200 @ 12 ft. lbs.Up to 500 @ 12 ft. lbs. 180 @ 18 ft. lbs.460 @ 12 ft. lbs. 160 @ 18 ft. lbs.95 @ 30 ft. lbs.
Shot capacity .22250 @ 12 ft. lbs.Up to 600 @ 12 ft. lbs. 150 at 30 ft. lbs.500 @ 12 ft. lbs. 130 @ 30 ft. lbs.65 at 45 ft. lbs.
Shot capacity .25n/a110 @ 35 ft. lbs100 @ 35 ft. lbs.50 @ 50 ft. lbs.
Shot capacity .303n/an/an/a55 @ 60 ft. lbs.

The Daystate Range

Daystate rifles are positioned at the more expensive end of the air rifle market, but are not only beautiful to look at but beautifully engineered as well. As you’d expect, performance is also at the top end. The range comprises tactical designs like the Delta Wolf, bullpups such as the Pulsar and Renegade, and electronic rifles including the Red Wolf. It also comprises designs with air bottles and air cylinders, such as the Huntsman Regal. Daystate and its sister brand Brocock, are the only manufacturers to install Huma-Air regulators as standard on most of its range. 


Alternatives to the Daystate Wolverine R

Other bottle rifles to consider are the FX Crown and BSA R-10 SE and R10TH. Air cylinder alternatives worth looking at include the HW100 and Air Arms S510.


Daystate Wolverine R FAQs


What is the best Daystate air rifle?

The Daystate range is as varied as it is comprehensive with many of its models considered to be amongst the best in their class. 


Is the Wolverine R the best Daystate air rifle?

Many would argue that it is, though many also favour the electronic actioned Red Wolf or the more traditional sporting rifle looks of the Huntsman Regal. Those looking for a tactical design rate the Delta Wolf.


How to service a Wolverine R?

Servicing the Wolverine R is best left to a qualified gunsmith.


Which pellets are best for a Wolverine R?

Most popular high quality brands work well in the Wolverine R including Daystate’s own Sovereign and Kaiser brands, as well as Air Arms Diabolo Field and JSB pellets. The bigger .25 and .303 calibre rifles work well with JSB pellets.

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