Introduction to the Hatsan Factor

The Hatsan Factor is a tactical style, side lever action, bottle style air rifle. It is aimed predominantly at hunters.

About Hatsan

Located near Izmir in Turkey, the Hatsan Arms Company is one of the largest manufacturers of airguns, as well as shotguns and other firearms. Founded in 1976, it operates from its own 35,000 sq. m. facility. Its range of airguns is prodigious with many of them regarded as ‘affordable’.

Hatsan Factor Specifications

SpecificationsHatsan FactorHatsan Factor RC
Length mm1010 – 10901010- 1090
Weight kgs3.63.6
Calibre options.177 / .22 / .25.177 / .22 / .25
Power adjusterOn high power versionsOn high power versions
Hammer pre-load adjustmentOn high power versionsOn high power versions
Regulator adjustmentNoOn high power versions
Barrel mm585585
TriggerTwo stage adjustableTwo stage adjustable
Magazine24 (.177), 21 (.22), 19 (.25)25 (.177), 21 (.22), 19 (.25)
Air capacity500cc580cc
Fill pressure250 bar250 bar
Shot capacity300 @ 12 ft. lbs.301 @ 12 ft. lbs.

Hatsan Factor models

There are two models in the range, both of which are available as 12 ft. lbs. and high powered models. The Hatsan Factor has an aluminium bottle and is unregulated whereas the Hatsan Factor RC has an adjustable regulator and a slightly larger carbon bottle. In high power formats, both models have a three-level power adjustable transfer port and external hammer pre-load adjustment. It is also possible to externally adjust the regulator pressure on the Factor RC. Stock options include black and ‘FDE – Flat Dark Earth’ (cerakote).


Hatsan Factor (12 ft. lbs) Review

The Factor’s uncompromising tactical styling begins with a telescopic stock which means the rifle measures between 1010 and 1090mm. Weight is 3.6kgs. The cheek piece is also adjustable for height and ensures good eye alignment to a scope fitted to the split picatinny/dovetail dual rail. Although the stock adjustability is a welcome feature, there is some movement in the telescopic action. The pistol grip is rubberised with plenty of texture, providing good access both to the sidelever, which is reversible and has a large biathlon style handle, and Hatsan’s ‘Quattro’ two stage fully adjustable trigger. Located just above the trigger on the right side is the manual, resettable switch style safety catch.

Another key feature on the Factor models is the large capacity magazine. Two are provided and take 24 pellets in .177, 21 in .22 and 19 in .25 (only available in high powered models). The magazines are inserted from the right side of the rifle by first cocking the action then pulling down a short flap to access the breach. The magazines can also be attached to each other back-to-back via plastic lugs to double the capacity.

Hatsan’s ‘QuietEnergy’ barrel is fully shrouded and contains an integrated sound moderator which, the company claims, makes the rifle 50 percent quieter – presumably compared to a non-shrouded barrel. There is also a ½ inch UNF thread to accommodate an additional external silencer. A male quick fill style valve on the underside of the rifle enables a 250 bar fill that, Hatsan claims, will return more than 300 shots regardless of calibre. A gauge on the neck of the bottle, just above a short picatinny accessory rail, indicates fill pressure. The RC model has a second gauge for regulator pressure.

The Factor comes in a plastic hard case. Also included is a handle-cum-bipod which attaches to the picatinny accessory rail.


Hatsan Factor YouTube review

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