Introduction to the FX Maverick

The FX Maverick is a mid-priced tactical style rifle. Whilst its looks are similar to that of the FX Impact, it is in fact based on core components from the FX Wildcat and, to a lesser extend, the FX Crown. Available in three models, each with different size air bottles and barrels, available calibres are: .177, .22, .25 and .30 in a range of power options. The Maverick’s stand out design feature is a dual regulator arrangement which effectively throttles down the charge pressure from the main air cylinder to the plenum in stages to eliminate inconsistencies associated with regulator creep.

About FX Airguns

Swedish-owned FX Airguns has is a premier manufacturer of air rifles and has a huge range, including very high power versions. The company is known for its constant development approach that results in a seemingly endless stream of revisions, upgrades and modifications to its products. The FX Impact has gained almost cult status, due to its tactical looks, adjustability and overall performance. FX also deserves recognition for the significant part it has played in the resurgence of slug ammunition through the development of specialist barrels and barrel liners.

FX Maverick Models

The three core FX Maverick models comprise:

  • FX Maverick Sniper. 580cc carbon air bottle and 700mm shrouded barrel
  • FX Maverick VP. 400cc aluminium air bottle and 600 mm shrouded barrel
  • FX Maverick Compact. 300cc carbon bottle and 500mm shrouded barrel

All are available in 12 ft. lbs.


High power versions are:

  •  FX Maverick Sniper
    • .22 up to 71 ft. lbs.
    • .25 up to 85 ft. lbs
    • .3- up to 116 ft. lbs.
Maverick Sniper right angle - scope
  • FX Maverick VP
    • .22 up to 67 ft. lbs.
    • .25 up to 79 ft. lbs.
    • .30 up to 107 ft. lbs.
Maverick VP Left Angle - Scope - Thread
  •  FX Maverick Compact
    • .177 up to 20 ft. lbs.
    • .22 up to 55 ft. lbs.
    • .25 up to 66 ft. lbs.
    • .30 up to 95 ft. lbs.
Maverick Compact right profile - scope

Our full review of the FX Maverick

FX Airguns launched the FX Maverick at the end of 2020 as a rifle that would appeal to those enthused by the tactical styling of the FX Impact but more affordably priced. Leveraging the chassis from the FX Wildcat along with some other components, including a few from the FX Crown as well, reduced production times and simplified the build compared to the Impact. As a result, the Maverick is approximately two-thirds of the price of an FX Impact mk2. Unlike some other new-launch FX rifles, the fact that the Maverick is based on tried and tested components has resulted in good reliability right from the start. That’s not to say the Maverick is a ‘dumbed-down’ rifle by any stretch of the imagination, or that FX has skimped on features.

The rifle’s standout design feature is a dual regulator configuration. A regulator takes air from the main fill bottle and delivers it at a consistent pressure for each shot, regardless of the pressure in the main bottle. As a result, shots are more consistent, and therefore accurate, and air is used more efficiently to increase overall shot count. With main bottle pressure typically around 3,000 psi, a regulator has a lot to do. The idea behind the dual regular system is effectively to reduce stress by throttling down the pressure transfer from the main bottle to the plenum in stages. The regulators can be adjusted on high power models – though care should be taken to ensure they remain balanced with a 30 – 40 bar difference. High power versions can also be fitted with an FX Maverick Slug Power Kit which comprises a heavier hammer and slug pin probes to achieve even more power with heavier ammunition. On 12 ft. lbs. rifles the regulators are configured differently and cannot be adjusted. However, all power models are fitted with a rear mounted power wheel that adjusts the hammer and time the valve is open.

The Maverick ships with FX’s Smooth Twist X (STX) interchangeable barrel and liner system to allow different calibres to be used. All models are fitted with the Superior STX Standard barrel liner for pellets and lighter slugs. Liners for heavier slugs are also available. The Maverick’s tactical styling includes an adjustable recoil pad similar to that of the FX Impact, a 20 MOA picatinny scope rail and plenty of accessory rails.

The pistol grip is interchangeable with aftermarket AR style products and a range of other aftermarket enhancements are also available. Borrowed from the FX Wildcat and Crown, the large capacity magazine takes 22 .177 pellets, 18 in .22, 16 in .25 and 13 in .30. To fill, a clear plastic face plate must first be removed and the inner drum rotated before pellets are placed into the chambers. Once the face plate is replaced, the magazine is inserted from the right hand side once the biathlon style side lever is pulled back, meaning the design is optimised for right handed shooters. Somewhat unusually, the Maverick’s safety catch is located right at the back of the rifle, requiring you to remove your hand from the pistol grip to operate.

As you’d expect from a regulated rifle with such large capacity air bottles, shot count is very high, numbering in the several hundreds across all models in 12 ft. lbs. format. In its most powerful format and .30 calibre, you can expect 35 shots from the Compact, 55 from the VP and 90 from the Sniper. Filling to 250 bar is achieved by pulling off a cap on the valve located at the neck of the main bottle and there are gauges both for the overall fill pressure and main regulator. Each rifle is supplied with a silencer, although you can fit an aftermarket product via a ½ inch UNF thread, black hard case and fill probe.

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FX Maverick Specifications


Specifications FX Maverick Compact FX Maverick VP FX Maverick Sniper
Weight kgs 2.9 3.3 3.4
Length mm 700 915 800
Barrel mm 500 600 700
Calibres .177 / .22 / .25 / .30 .177 / .22 / .25 / .30 .22 / . 25 / .30
Magazine 22 (.177), 18 (.22), 16 (.25), 13 (.30) 22 (.177), 18 (.22), 16 (.25), 13 (.30) 18 (.22), 16 (.25), 13 (.30)
Trigger Fully adjustable two stage match Fully adjustable two stage match Fully adjustable two stage match
Fill pressure 250 bar 251 bar 252 bar
Safety Manual resettable Manual resettable Manual resettable
Silcencer Included + 1/2 in UNF thread Included + 1/2 in UNF thread Included + 1/2 in UNF thread