Introduction to the SWAT Prismatic range

MTC Optics offers two scopes in its SWAT (Super Wide-Angle Technology) Prismatic range – the 10×30 ‘Atom’ and the slightly larger 12×50. Both are classed as zero eye-relief which ensures a field of view that is three times that of conventional scopes at the same level of magnification. And although the magnification is fixed, the wide field of view and short parallax adjustment capability makes the scopes usable at short distances, making them ideal for airgun use.

About MTC Optics

Formed in 2005, MTC Optics was acquired by the Diana Group in 2014 where it operates alongside air rifle sister companies Daystate and Brocock. Today its products cover a broad range of scopes designed for the air rifle market as well as rimfire and centrefire sectors, addressing the needs of hunters and competition shooters alike.

There are two models in the SWAT range:

10×30 ‘Atom’

Measuring just 123mm and weighing only 300g, the Atom has a fixed magnification of 10x and a 30mm objective lens built around a 34mm tube which enables good scope to eye light transmission, which is augmented by a 10-brightness level illuminated reticle with a separate on/off button. With eye relief of just 14mm, the Atom is classed as a zero eye relief product and delivers an enormous 32 feet of view at 100 yards. The ability to adjust parallax down to just six metres, makes the Atom ideal for airgun use, although it is equally at home on .22 LR and any other non-recoiling or super-low recoiling rifle. The glass-etched MD5 mil-dot reticle is simple but designed with plenty of aim points. Adjustment for windage and elevation is via lift up/push down to lock MIL-rated turrets that have resettable verniers and can be altered without tools.



Although bigger than the Atom, the 12×50 model still only weighs 460g and measures 156mm long. With eye relief of just 17.3mm, the larger 12x magnification and 50mm objective lens combine with an illuminated SCB2 reticle and 42mm tube to not only provide a panoramic field of view (10m @ 100m) but excellent low light performance. Like its little brother, the Atom, the 12×50 features a side parallax adjustment down to just six metres. Adjustment for windage and elevation is via lift up/push down to lock MIL-rated turrets that have resettable verniers and can be altered without tools. As with the Atom, the 12×50 is supplied with three different length picatinny mounts, each of which feature MOA adjustment to achieve close to optimum optical zero, and a pair of flip up magnetic lens covers.


Who is it suited to? 

The SWAT scopes are designed for non-recoiling and very low recoiling rifles, making them ideal for use on pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, as well a .22 LR.


Pros and Cons


  • Huge field of view
  • Light and compact
  • Low light performance
  • Ability to focus on targets as close as six metres


  • Optimised for picatinny rail attachment, although dovetail converters are provided


Comparison with the MTC Optics range 

Other zero eye relief scopes in the MTC Optics range are the Viper Connect 3-12×32 and 3-12×24 SL.


Other scope brands to consider 

Prismatic scopes are a relatively niche sector. Others to consider include the Konus Sight Pro PTS2 Prismatic and PAO 4×32 Tri-Lume Prismatic Ultra Compact ACOG scope.


Where can I find an instruction manual for the MTC SWAT Prismatic?

Click here for the MTC instruction manual. 

MTC SWAT Prismatic Specifications

Specifications 10×30 ‘Atom’ 12×50
Magnification 10 x fixed 12 x fixed
Objective lens 30mm 50mm
Field of view at 100 metres 9.75m @ 100m 10m @ 100m
Dioptre adjustment 4 / -4 4 / -4
Eye relief 14mm 17.3mm
Parallax range 6m – infinity 6m – infinity
Adjustment/click 1cm @ 100m 1cm @ 100m
Max windage adjustment 17.45 mrad 17.45 mrad
Max elevation adjustment 17.45 mrad 17.45 mrad
Clicks per one turret revolution 42 42
MILs per one turret revolution 4.2 4.2
Impact point correction 1cm @ 100m 1cm @ 100m
Tube 34mm 42mm
Illuminated reticle 10 level 10 level
Length 123mm 156mm
Weight 300g 460g


How to zero a MTC SWAT Prismatic scope?

For airguns, take a large piece of card and mark an aim point. Set the card up 15 metres away with a safe backstop. From a stable platform, fire a group of 5 pellets aiming at the aimpoint. Use the windage and elevation turrets to adjust the impact point. If your pellets are hitting left, adjust the windage column in the ‘right’ direction. Similarly, if the pellets hit high then use the elevation turret and adjust ‘down’. Once the pellets impact on your point of aim, move the target out to your desired zero distance and repeat the process.

How to focus a MTC SWAT Prismatic scope?

Use the dioptre focus on the rear of the scope (the ocular lens) to ensure the reticle is focused. To bring your target into focus use the parallax adjustment side wheel.

Are MTC SWAT Prismatic scopes waterproof?

Yes, both the Atom and 12×50 are fully water, fog and shockproof.