Best Outdoor Bags for Field Sports 2024: Get Ready for Airgun Shooting!

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Richard Saunders: An experts view

All of our reviews are based on Richard Saunders’s opinions. Richard has been shooting air rifles for nearly forty years. Today he hunts and carries out pest control on more than a thousand acres spread across different locations in the south of England. He is a regular contributor to Airgun Shooter magazine, writing mainly hunting features and product reviews, as well as The Airgun Show on YouTube.


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As the warm weather of spring and summer approaches, I’m always excited to ditch my winter boots and jackets in exchange for my favorite outdoor bags. When I’m out shooting, I want to travel light, but I’m often weighed down by all the gear I tell myself I need. My essentials consist of a knife, rangefinder, phone, car keys, and spare pellets, but then there are other items I like to bring, such as a torch, spare batteries or battery packs, a sling, thermal spotter, shooting sticks, camouflage netting, and a bean bag seat. With the right bag, I can carry all of these items and more in an organized fashion. So, as I prepare for the warmer months ahead, I’m looking for the perfect bag to help make my outdoor adventures as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. I’m sure I can find what I’m looking for in the selection of the best outdoor bags available.

It’s been a few years since I started carrying gear for my hunting trips. I’ve gone from the days of a few essentials stuffed into pockets to have a whole truck full of gear – a chair, a sack of peanuts, hide poles, trigger sticks, some tools for running repairs, and an air tank. I even found myself packing a chronograph “just in case there was a problem with the rifle”. It was then I realized I had a problem. I wanted to have the latest gear but also have it all on me. After a few tries, I realised that the best way to do this is to get a bag that can fit it all in. This is why we did a group test of all the different bags available so that you can find the one that fits all your needs and ensures that your spring and summer stalking trips are a success. So don’t just stuff things into pockets and feel like a camouflaged Michelin man. Get your bag today and make sure you get the most out of your hunting trips.

Why you need a shooting bag

In the realm of field shooting, a game bag is essential for transporting your catch securely and discreetly. It’s not just about carrying game; a good game bag also helps in maintaining the condition of your catch, especially over longer distances. When selecting a game bag, durability is key – you want a bag that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Look for waterproof or water-resistant materials to protect against the elements. Comfort is another factor; adjustable straps and ergonomic designs can ease the burden of carrying heavy loads. Lastly, consider the size and capacity, ensuring it fits your typical haul without being overly cumbersome.

What are the top choices for outdoor bags?

1. Bisley Game Bag

This long-lasting and sturdy item is designed for use in the field and is very large in size, but lacks side pockets.

It seems likely that man has been carrying a bag similar to the modern Bisley Game Bag for many years, which is understandable given its usefulness. Despite its age-old design, the Bisley Game Bag has been modernised with thoughtful touches. It is large enough to carry multiple game items, and the wide canvas shoulder strap ensures a comfortable weight distribution. In addition, instead of a sliding buckle, it utilises two satchel-like straps and seven holes for easy and secure adjustment. 

The Bisley Game Bag is designed for year-round use and can easily fit a jumper and a thick winter coat comfortably. The canvas is thick, strong, and water-resistant, and the straps and buckles are double-stitched and made of brass-colored metal for durability. The bag won’t jiggle or flap around while you’re trying to remain quiet. The rubberized lining can be easily wiped clean and the large nylon net pocket is perfect for slipping in smaller game animals like squirrels and pigeons. The traditional game bag does not have separate compartments or pockets so it can become difficult to manage your equipment when it is full of the things you’ve shot. However, if you plan to travel light and fill your pockets instead, this may not be an issue.

2. Jack Pyke Canvas Game Bag

This bag is designed for use in the field and boasts fine leather detailing a variety of attractive colour combinations, and ample storage space for all your needs.

If you ever find yourself partaking in a driven pheasant shoot, with a 12-bore and a labrador by your side, you can rest assured that a Jack Pyke Canvas Game Bag won’t make you look out of place – especially in the fawn colour we tested (green and brown are also available) for use in the field. This bag may be modest in appearance, but it is a stylish piece of kit. It is decorated with a leather roundel on the flap with the Jack Pyke logo. Not only does it look great, but it is also practical; the water-resistant canvas makes it lightweight but resilient. The fawn colour may not be the best choice as mud and bloodstains are easily visible on it.

The straps on this bag are made of robust leather and are extra long, enabling you to transport a lot of game in the main area, which is lined with wipeable brown plastic. 

At a game fair, many game bags are designed to be fashionable accessories. The Jack Pyke bag, however, is made to be used in the field, not just for show. 

The strap is made from wide canvas, and when you give it a good shake, nothing flaps or jangles, not even the buckles. I put it to the test with two jumpers and a thick winter coat, and it was comfortable across the chest and had enough length with the added satchel-type straps on the sides. The canvas was also grippy enough that it didn’t slide off when worn over one shoulder. 

The Jack Pyke game bag features a large, convenient nylon mesh pocket on the front, making it easy to store smaller games, such as a rabbit, without having to open the main compartment. Additionally, a strap across the top keeps the pocket secure and allows you to quickly insert items without having to look.

3. Ridgeline 25 Litre Day Hunter

This backpack is made with water-resistant material and has a bright orange interior, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but is practical for a variety of different situations.

You might think any backpack is suitable for hunting, but the same concept applies to using a reusable bag from the store for the same purpose.

At a pinch, anything can be used, but items made specifically for the task are usually better. Take the Ridgeline 25 Litre Day Hunter backpack, for example—it holds 25 litres of items, but there is also a 35-litre capacity version. This material is designed not only to be waterproof but also to reduce noise when you move. Additionally, if you are unexpectedly caught in the rain, an elasticated nylon cover can quickly be put on for extra protection.

The bag can be opened halfway down with a large zipper, and its bright orange interior helps ensure that all of the items inside won’t be forgotten when the bag is zipped up again.

The backboard of the bag has enough strength to keep it upright when there are only a few items in it. There is also a deep elastic pocket on the backboard. The main flap can be closed, and there is an extra pocket on the front, which is great for storing items you may need to access quickly, such as a flashlight or a phone.

The Day Hunter backpack has a grab handle for easy carrying and lifting, as well as padded and wide straps for comfort. The straps are adjustable for a secure fit, and the belt across the stomach keeps it from slipping.

Having more straps on the side of the pack allows you to secure the main bag tightly around the load, providing a secure fit, as well as reducing any rattling noises and preventing the load from snagging on anything in the environment. A scoped rifle can be securely attached to the bottom of the pack with an adjustable pouch and side straps.

4. Military 1st Wisport Crafter backpack

There is plenty of room for large-scale projects, but it is a little bit costly.

Of course, shooting in the spring and summer isn’t all easy. One of my permissions requires me to hike a long distance, often with a hide in tow. On days like these, it’s essential to bring food and drink in addition to my rifle and pellets. This outdoor bag comes in a variety of colors and camouflage designs. With a capacity of 55 liters, it is large enough to fit all of your necessities for a full day outdoors.

The Crafter, constructed from Cordura nylon, is water-resistant and includes a velcro pocket at the bottom for storing a waterproof cover for extra protection in severe weather. It also features a snow collar with a drawstring and cord stopper for additional protection. The top of the bag has a large zippered pocket as the main point of access and a clam shell on the front that opens for further entry. Inside, various compartments are available, one of which is a secure sleeve for documents.

The Crafter has been designed with comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable, ventilated padded harness system with metal straps for rigidity. The 80mm wide and thickly padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit multiple layers of clothing. In addition, a secure compartment is included for a hydration system (not included) like the CamelBak, complete with passages for the drinking tube. 

The sternum strap and a thickly padded waist belt can be removed and used together to help distribute weight and reduce pressure on the back. ITW Nexus quick-release buckles and zippers with glove-friendly cord pull to make sure that everything can be opened and closed securely.

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​​1. What types of outdoor bags are suitable for airgun shooting?

When it comes to airgun shooting, there are several types of outdoor bags that are suitable, depending on your needs. A rifle case or gun bag can provide protection and transport for your airgun, while a backpack or daypack can carry additional gear such as pellets, targets, and shooting accessories. A range bag or tactical bag can provide organization and storage for all your shooting essentials, while a duffel bag or wheeled bag can be useful for transporting larger items such as shooting benches or tripods.

2. What features should I look for when choosing an outdoor bag for airgun shooting?

When choosing an outdoor bag for airgun shooting, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, size, and organization. Look for a bag that is made from high-quality materials, with reinforced seams and zippers that can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The bag should be appropriately sized to accommodate your airgun and any additional gear you plan to carry. Consider the organization and storage options, such as pockets, compartments, and attachment points, to ensure you can easily access and transport all your shooting essentials.

3. Are there any special considerations for transporting airguns in outdoor bags?

Yes, there are a few special considerations when transporting airguns in outdoor bags. First, ensure that your airgun is unloaded and properly secured before placing it in the bag. Some bags may have specific pockets or compartments designed to hold your airgun securely. Additionally, be sure to comply with local laws and regulations regarding the transportation of firearms and airguns, and follow any safety guidelines or precautions provided by the manufacturer of your airgun or bag.