About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup and traditional sporting rifles designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate HUMA regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market.

Daystate range of air rifles

Daystate Delta Wolf

For a company that has built its reputation on producing traditional sporting rifles that feature some of the best-looking walnut and laminate stocks around, the Delta Wolf represents a significant departure. It’s hard-core tactical look is packed full of innovative features, many of which are airgun technology first. At its electronic heart, the Delta Wolf has a touch screen computer which, combined with an integrated chronograph, controls functions such as the ability to designate desired velocities for different calibres and ammunition types including slugs. Interchangeable barrels mean that shooters can swap between different calibres in minutes, dialling in pre-set calibre-specific power levels from the touch screen. The tactical stock is highly adjustable – even the scope rail can be moved forward and back by up to 150mm for perfect scope alignment, and the modular design means components such as the pistol grip can be swapped for after-market, third-party products. Available in .177, .22, .25 and .303 calibres, the Delta Wolf is available in 12 ft. lbs. as well as a range of high-power options.

PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Delta Wolf


Best suited to:

High powered variants make the Delta Wolf an out and out hunting rifle. However, it will be just as accurate on the range and in competition.

Daystate Red Wolf

The Red Wolf is a high-end sporting air rifle that performs just as well on the range, where it has accumulated countless awards and titles. The gorgeous Minelli stock features a fully-adjustable shoulder pad and cheek piece to ensure perfect scope alignment.

The Red Wolf’s electronic brain is powered by an easy-to-recharge battery housed unobtrusively in the pistol grip. It controls the entire cocking and firing action and powers a number of functions such as three different power settings, magazine shot count and remaining air pressure.

The biathlon style side lever is effortless to operate. With the cocking action taken care of electronically, the lever serves only to transfer a pellet from the magazine and tell the computer to get ready to fire.

Available in .177, .22, .25 and .303 calibres in UK legal limit 12 ft. lbs. and a range of high-powered options, the Red Wolf has optional blue (Midnight) and red laminate stock options as well as walnut. The Safari model has a unique textured wood finish stock and uprated electronics which enable super-high powered versions.

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PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Red Wolf


Best suited to:

With its highly-adjustable stock, the Red Wolf is designed to appeal to hunters who also spend time on the competition circuit or punching holes on the range.

Daystate Wolverine R

The HUMA-regulated Wolverine R is arguably Daystate’s premier non-electronic rifle.The handsome thumbhole stock has a high cheek comb and adjustable shoulder pad. In addition to walnut, it is available in grey and forester laminates.

There are several versions; the air cylinder on the ‘C’ type is encased in an attractive plastic cover and available in 12 ft. lbs. .177 and .22 only, while the ‘B’ type is distinguished by its steel air bottle and offers high-powered versions, including a 35 ft. lbs. .25 calibre version.

The two HiLite models have carbon air bottles with the HP model also offering 60 ft. lbs. in .303 calibre. As with all Daystate rifles, other than the Delta Wolf, the Wolverine R makes use of Daystate’s tried and tested 10-shot rotary magazine (five shots in .303) which is cycled via a slick biathlon style side lever. The match style trigger is fully adjustable and the safety catch is located at the back of the breech.

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PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Wolverine R


Best suited to:

Although it will perform admirably on the range or in competition, the Wolverine R is happiest out in the field as a hunting rifle.

Daystate Wolverine 2

The Wolverine 2 model is similar to its Wolverine R stablemate but differs in that it is not regulated and has a traditional bolt action, which is reversible, instead of side lever. Most other characteristics remain the same.

The ‘C’ type cylinder version has the same plastic cover at the forend and is available in 12 ft. lbs. .177 and .22 only. The steel bottle ‘B’ type offers significantly more shots per fill as well as a .25 calibre option and power outputs up to 40 ft. lbs., as does the HiLite model with its carbon air bottle.

The HP HiLite, with its longer 600mm / 23 inch barrel, adds a sledgehammer 100 ft. lbs. .303 option at the expense of a .177. The stock is available only in walnut.

Daystate Wolverine 2
Daystate Wolverine 2 B Type

Best suited to:

Like it’s regulated sibling, the Wolverine 2 is a dedicated hunting rifle, not that it will let you down in competition or on the range.

Daystate Huntsman Regal and HR Huntsman Regal

Perhaps the best-known and certainly most-established of the Daystate models, the latest model of Huntsman, known as the Huntsman Regal is one of the most handsome traditional sporting rifles made. Available with regulated and non-regulated options, the walnut stock is revered as one of the best-looking handles ever made. Despite not being adjustable in any way, the fit is superb, as is eye alignment.

A rosewood cap on the pistol grip adds to the aesthetics, as do patches of chequering. In keeping with the traditional sporting rifle design, the regulated HR Huntsman Regal and non-regulated Huntsman Regal feature a bolt which both cocks the action and cycles pellets from the 10-shot magazine. The air cylinder offers impressive shot count, especially in 12 ft. lbs. form, the regulated HR version especially so. High power options are available for both variants up to 40 ft. lbs. in both .177 and .22. A .25 option can be specified as a special order. 

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Daystate HR Huntsman Regal

Best suited to:

At a little over six pounds in weight, the HR Huntsman Regal and Huntsman Regal are designed to be used in the field for hunting. That said, they perform well enough to double as a more than useful competition and range rifle.

Daystate Pulsar

Largely acknowledged as having kick-started the popularity of bullpups, the Pulsar is another Daystate rifle that uses electronics to control the firing action and trigger. Available in a range of ambidextrous laminate and synthetic stocks, all of which feature an adjustable shoulder pad, the Pulsar has a 300cc cylinder and digital regulator.

The biathlon style side lever operates Daystate’s tried and tested 10-shot rotary magazine and can be swapped to the left-hand side without the need of a gunsmith. The trigger is fully adjustable with a safety catch located just behind it. The standard Pulsar offers .177, .22 and .25 calibres with as much as 38 ft. lbs. available. With its longer 585mm (23 inch) barrel, the Pulsar HP is available in .303 as well, but not .177, in 50 and 70 ft. lbs.

Daystate Pulsar Grey Laminate
Daystate Pulsar Green Laminate

Best suited to:

Although its performance and accuracy is as good as any other rifle used in competition or on the range, the Pulsar is best suited to hunting environments, especially those which are confined

Daystate Renegade and Renegade HR

Daystate offers both regulated and non-regulated versions of its Renegade bullpup, as well as a ‘HP’ high-power model. Although aesthetically similar to the Pulsar, the Renegade blends a mechanical action with an electronic trigger.

The stock, which is available in green and black synthetic, is similar to the Pulsar in many ways such as the trigger and safety catch layout and 300cc air cylinder.

Standard models of both the regulated and unregulated models have 430mm (17 inch) barrels, while the HP models have 585mm (23 inch) barrels. HP models also offer a .303 calibre option in addition to .22 and .25 in power outputs up to 80 ft. lbs. Standard models come in .177, .22 and .25 with a maximum power rating of 35 ft. lbs.

Daystate Renegade Black Synthetic
Daystate Renegade Green Synthetic

Best suited to:

The Renegade makes a great hunting rifle, especially when shooting from hides, vehicles or any other cramped environment.

Daystate Huntsman Revere

The Huntsman Revere represents the latest evolution in the iconic Huntsman series. Retaining the successful Huma-Air regulated platform, the rifle is, for the first time, a sidelever. Benefits also include a redesigned breech and a new, higher capacity magazine.

Daystate’s new self-indexing magazine will fit all current models in the Daystate range (as of July, 2020). However, those supplied with the Huntsman Revere will only work in the Revere or Regal. The old style magazine will not work in the Revere due to changes in the breech block.


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PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Huntsman Revere


Best suited to:

The Huntsman Revere has good genes and is regarded as a fantastic addition to the Huntsman range and is widely regarded as the best looking rifle in the range.

Which Daystate air rifle is for me?

Across the range, Daystate rifles represent leading-edge design and quality. Choosing which one suits you best will largely come down to aesthetics, especially as the ultra-tactical design of the Delta Wolf adds a new dimension to the line up. If you’re seeking a traditional rifle, you will need to decide how important shot count is to you, which may well be determined by how easy it is for you to fill your gun up with air. Cylinder rifles like the Huntsman Regal and Wolverine C type offer plenty of shots, but not as much as regulated bottle rifles like the Red Wolf and Wolverine R. If bullpups are more to your liking, the Renegade and Pulsar are hard to beat in terms of performance and accuracy. The bullpup design is not to everyone’s liking however and if possible you should try one out before purchasing.


Best Daystate air rifle alternatives

Daystate rifles are top-end, and the electronic rifles are in a class of their own. Other top-end marques to consider include the FX range, while the Air Arms S510 and S410, along with Weihrauch’s HW100 and 110 are worth taking a look at if you’re after a traditional sporting cylinder rifle.

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Air Arms S410 Carbine Walnut

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Daystate air rifle parts and spares

Spares and replacement parts for Daystate rifles, both current models and discontinued lines are readily available. Daystate itself has a good resource for spare parts. In addition, several specialist retailers are great sources. These include:

Daystate air rifle serial numbers

Daystate maintains a searchable database at https://daystate.com/support/. You will need to register and provide an email address.

Daystate antique air rifles

Like many other well-established, high quality marques, there is a small but relatively thriving community of Daystate collectors. The company’s history and its evolution as one of the pioneers of PCP technology from early tranquiliser dart guns through to modern electronic rifles provides a rich and eclectic source of different rifles.

Daystate discussion forums and social media

Daystate maintains an active social media profile via its own website https://daystate.com/latest-news/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/daystateltd/. In addition, Daystate rifles are a popular topic of discussion on many hobbyist forums, including:

Daystate air rifle owners club

In addition to the many airgun forums that cater for a wide range of different interests, Daystate is supported by a superb and very active owners forum community which provides updates, opinions and discussion on a broad range of topics. These include, but are not limited to:

Daystate Rifle FAQs

Where are Daystate air rifles made?

Daystate rifles are made at the company’s UK headquarters in Staffordshire, England. The company is part of an Italian group and some of the components are made in Italy and shipped to the UK.

Do Daystate make left handed air rifles?

Many Daystate rifles are ambidextrous. However, those with stocks dedicated for right handers as standard are also available with left-handed versions.

How much is my Daystate air rifle worth?

Generally speaking, like most other air rifles, current Daystate models are worth about two-thirds of their ‘as new’ price. Older, no longer continued models, are very collectable and prices vary according to the model and its rarity, ranging from a few hundred pounds to well over a thousand pounds.

How to determine how old a Daystate air rifle is?

Daystate maintains a database of its models at  https://daystate.com/support.

How do I service a Daystate air rifle?

Unless you are experienced and competent as a gunsmith, servicing most PCP rifles is best left to professionals and the Daystate range is no exception. Some seals and ‘O’ rings are easy to replace, but if you’re in any doubt, seek professional advice.

How do I clean a Daystate air rifle?

As with any air rifle, an occasional wipe down with gun oil is advisable, as is wiping the wood with a damp cloth and some stock wax every now and then. If your rifle gets wet, it is worth taking the stock off so you can reach those parts of the metal work that would normally be covered up.

Which is the best Daystate air rifle?

A subject that is the focus of many debates! The Huntsman Regal, Wolverine, Red Wolf and Pulsar have all been recognised as amongst the best rifles available.