Introduction to the Viper Pro range

The Viper Pro range comprises 3-18x and 5-30x variable magnification scopes with a 50mm objective lens. The Viper Pro models feature a 3:1 ratio micro geared elevation turret whereas the Viper Pro Tactical versions have more conventional turrets. In addition, there is a fixed magnification 10×44 Viper Pro model.

About MTC Optics

Formed in 2005, MTC Optics was acquired by the Diana Group in 2014 where it operates alongside air rifle sister companies Daystate and Brocock. Today its products cover a broad range of scopes designed for the air rifle market as well as rimfire and centrefire sectors, addressing the needs of hunters and competition shooters alike.

There are two models in the Viper Pro range:

Viper Pro

There are five products in the Viper range, all of which are suitable for airgun use as well as rimfire and centrefire. The Viper Pro series comprises three scopes – a 3-18 x 50, a 5-30 x 50 and a fixed magnification 10×42 version. The design is intended to appeal to those who prefer to dial in adjustments for elevation rather than use hold over. To this end, a customisable turret ribbon is provided to show information in mils, MOA or even yards/metres. Other features are consistent with most other products in the MTC Optics line up and include smooth side parallax adjustment from 10 metres out to infinity and an illuminated SCB2 mildot marked reticle that has a separate on/off function enabling you to choose the level of brightness you want and click straight to it without having to cycle through other levels. The scopes come with a pair of magnetic, rotating lens covers. The rear lens cover features a 2x magnifying pane through which you can check the settings on the elevation turret window. 

Viper Pro 5-30×50

Viper Pro 3-18×50

Viper Pro 10×44

Viper Pro Tactical

The Viper Pro Tactical versions of the variable magnification scopes are identical in every way apart from the elevation turret; the turret on the Tactical models is a twist and lock design whilst the elevation turret on the Viper Pro models is geared with a 3:1 ratio. As a result, every three rotations of the turret results in one rotation in the indicator panel.

Viper Pro Tactical 5-30×50

Viper Pro Tactical 3-18×50

Who is it suited to? 

Viper Pro and Viper Pro Tactical scopes make excellent hunting optics and are also well suited to extreme bench rest, back garden plinking, informal target and range shooting and Hunter Field Target competition.

Pros and Cons


  • Enables precise distance calculation
  • Geared turrets are well engineered and Tactical turrets are easy to operate by hand and lock securely
  • Low parallax adjustment
  • Illuminated reticle has clear markings



  • Geared turrets are unnecessary for those who prefer to use holdover, although Tactical models will accommodate 


Comparison with the MTC Optics range 

Viper Pro and Viper Pro Tactical models are similar to MTC’s Mamba Pro second focal plane range with the exception of the turret arrangements.


Other scope brands to consider 

Consider MTC’s Mamba Pro range, as well as its Cobra first focal plane scopes. Other ranges to consider include those offered by Hawke and Konus.


How to focus a MTC Viper Pro?

Use the dioptre focus on the rear of the scope (the ocular lens) to ensure the reticle is focused. To bring your target into focus use the parallax adjustment side wheel.

MTC Viper Pro Specifications

3-18 x 50 5-30 x 50 10 x 42
Magnification 3-18x 5-30x 10x
Objective lens 50mm 50mm 42mm
Field of view @ 1000m 140-23m 140-23m 140-23m
Eye relief 86mm 86mm 100mm
Parallax adjustment 10m to infinity 10m to infinity 10m to infinity
Adjustments per click 1/4 MOA 1/4 MOA 1/4 MOA
Maximum windage 73 MOA 42 MOA 42MOA
Maximimum elevation 73 MOA 42MOA 42MOA
Clicks per turret revolution 56 40 40
MOA per turret revolution 14 10 10
Reticle SCB2 illuminated with separate on/off SCB2 illuminated with separate on/off SCB2 illuminated with separate on/off
Weight 826g (Tactical 725g) 869g (Tactical 732g) 750g
Length 377mm 417mm 365mm