Introduction to the Daystate Huntsman Revere

Daystate’s Huntsman series has been in production for nearly 40 years – almost as long as the company has been in business. Over that time, the rifle has earned a reputation as one of the finest looking and best-performing air rifles on the market. Fitting a Huma-Air regulator as standard to the Huntsman Regal was a major leap forward. However, like its predecessors, it retained the bolt action, sporting looks. The Huntsman Revere represents the latest evolution. Retaining the successful Huma-Air regulated platform, the rifle is, for the first time, a sidelever. Benefits also include a redesigned breech and a new, higher capacity magazine.

About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup and traditional sporting rifles designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate HUMA regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market.

“New side lever action”

“Handsome walnut stock”

“Regulated for consistency and high shot count”

Daystate Huntsman Revere for sale 

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Daystate Huntsman Revere


Daystate Huntsman Revere Review

Daystate can trace the Huntsman’s lineage back almost 40 years to when the company was founded. Each new version is a marked improvement over its predecessor. The last version, the HR Huntsman Regal saw the introduction of Huma-Air regulators for example. Until now, one thing has remained the same though – the use of a bolt action which has enhanced the Huntsman’s sporting rifle looks and appeal. However, now with the introduction of the Huntsman Revere, Daystate has introduced a side lever. Many of the attributes that have made the bolt-actioned Huntsman Regal a best seller are carried over to the new rifle; the same sporting rifle design, beautiful walnut Minelli stock and Huma-Air regulated cylinder action, not to mention the fully adjustable two stage trigger and match-grade barrel.  However, the evolution of the side lever has added a new dimension to the model and the Revere is much more than a Huntsman Regal with a side lever. So much in fact, that Daystate will continue to sell the Huntsman Regal alongside the Huntsman Revere. 

So, the differences then. Well, the most obvious is of course the side lever which is located on the right of the rifle. Left-handed configuration rifles will have the side lever located on the left. The engineering in the cocking action is of a very high standard, enabling the lever to be operated easily with just one finger. The first stage is semi-sprung and the second, cocking stage, has just enough mechanical resistance to reassure you that the cocking cycle has been completed. The second obvious difference is the use of a new magazine which has a hinged gate on the front that is held in place with magnets. To fill, the gate must be opened to reveal the chambers before revolving the drum clockwise around 360 degrees. Placing a pellet in the bottom hole holds the drum in place allowing you to insert the rest of the pellets. The magazine takes 13 pellets in .177, 11 in .22 and 10 in .25. The final major difference to the Huntsman Regal is the breech block. Old style magazines were not self-indexing and the breech block was designed to perform the task. However, as the new magazines are self-indexing the block no longer needs that function. 

These enhancements combine to enhance the performance of the Revere – truly a ‘Huntsman Reloaded’. Hunters will continue to appreciate the compact, light lines as well as laser-accuracy and consistency (FAC version include 18 ft. lbs .177, 30 ft. lbs. .22 and 40 ft. lbs. .25). Target and range shooters will love those qualities too, along with the ability to cock and fire the Revere more quickly and without having to come off target.

New magazine

Daystate’s new self-indexing magazine will fit all current models in the Daystate range (as of July, 2020). However, those supplied with the Huntsman Revere will only work in the Revere or Regal. The old style magazine will not work in the Revere due to changes in the breech block.

Daystate Huntsman Revere
Daystate Huntsman Revere
Daystate Huntsman Revere
Daystate Huntsman Revere

Is the Daystate Huntsman Revere right for me?

Best suited to?

The Huntsman Revere has good genes and is regarded as one of the most attractive rifles ever made. The Minelli-made walnut stock extends almost to the end of the air cylinder, giving it a traditional sporting rifle look. It’s light and compact too – weighing a little over six points and measuring 928mm long. Hunters appreciated these qualities along with the rifle’s undoubted performance thanks to a match-grade barrel, two-stage adjustable trigger and Huma-Air regulated action which gives a shot count of 160 in .22 at 12 ft. lbs. (140 in .177).

Pros and Cons

In terms of pros, the Daystate Huntsman Revere scores high in terms of aesthetics – many people buy the rifle simply because it looks so good. Fortunately it performs as well. The side lever is smooth, reliable and well engineered with a pleasant mechanical feel to it. The new magazine system is also reliable, easy to load and cycles cleanly. A patented hammer design cuts down on wasted air and as a result, the Huntsman Revere, like the Regal, has an excellent, consistent shot count for the size of the air cylinder and Huma-Air regulated action.

There’s very little to criticise the Huntsman Revere as any weaknesses have largely been engineered out over various iterations. Like many other rifles, it is possible to double load, though the smooth, precise action of the side lever makes it less likely than with the bolt action. 

Daystate Huntsman Revere Specifications

Configuration 12 ft/lb .177 12 ft/lb .22 18 ft/lb .177 30 ft/lb .22 40 ft/lb .25
Length 36.5 ins (927mm) 36.5 ins (927mm) 36.5 ins (927mm) 36.5 ins (927mm) 36.5 ins (927mm)
Weight 6.1 lbs (2.8kg) 6.1 lbs (2.8kg) 6.1 lbs (2.8kg) 6.2 lbs (2.8kg) 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
Barrel length 17 ins (431mm) 17 ins (431mm) 17 ins (431mm) 17 ins (431mm) 17 ins (431mm)
Magazine capacity 13 11 13 11 10
Maximum energy 12 ft/lb (16J) 12 ft/lb (16J) 18 ft/lb (24J) 30 f/tlb (41J) 40 ft/lb (54J)
Shot count per charge 140 160 60 40 15

Comparison with the Daystate range

The most obvious comparison for the Revere is with its bolt-action sister rifle, the HR Huntsman Regal with which it shares many features. The Huntsman Revere is the lightest and most compact rifle in the Daystate range and although it can be used on the range and in competition, it is intended first and foremost as a hunting rifle. Along with the Wolverine C-Type, Pulsar and Renegade, the Huntsman Revere has an air cylinder. All other rifles in the range have air bottles.

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Daystate Huntsman FAQs

How to service a Daystate Huntsman Revere?

Servicing the Daystate Huntsman Revere is best left to a qualified gunsmith.

How to take shroud off Daystate Huntsman Revere?

The shroud is released by undoing grub screws at the base of the shroud. Additional disassembly is required. Bear in mind that removing these components could invalidate your warranty.

Which is the best Daystate gun?

Daystate rifles are considered to be some of the best on the market. They cover a number of different styles including sporting rifles, bullpups and tactical designs. Nearly all have a regulated action which, combined with match-grade barrels and fully-adjustable triggers, ensures high levels of performance.

What grease to use on a Daystate Huntsman Revere pellet probe?

Generally speaking, you will not need to grease the pellet probe unless the rifle has been exposed to adverse conditions. Servicing is best left to a qualified gunsmith.

Is the Daystate Huntsman Revere regulated?