Introduction to the Brocock Concept XR

The Concept XR’s forerunner, the Concept Lite was a light, compact, tactical-style bolt action rifle. In 2019 the company adopted a sidelever platform across its entire range, giving its rifle an ‘XR’ label to distinguish them from earlier models. Today the rifle is available in .177 and .22, as well as .25 in high powered versions. 

About Brocock

Today Brocock is part of the Diana Group, which owns Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda. Founded in 1989, Brocock was originally located in Birmingham’s old gun quarter. Following its acquisition in 2014, it moved to purpose built premises in Staffordshire, England alongside sister companies Daystate and MTC Optics.

Our full review of the Brocock Concept XR

At 838mm long and 2.9kgs, the Brocock Concept XR is a light and compact hunting rifle. The stand out feature is the rifle’s telescopic stock which moves forward and back at the press of a button to ensure perfect eye relief for shooters of all sizes, even children. A folding stock option is also available.

The textured pistol grip can be swapped out for an AR-style aftermarket item. Whereas Brocock bolt actions could be quite stiff, the XR side lever system is silky smooth and easily operated with a single finger, even in FAC formats. The action is well-weighted and not at all vague with enough mechanical resistance to make operating it a pleasure. Doing so engages a 10-shot magazine that inserts into the breech from the left side of the rifle. Although the dovetail rail is split either side of the magazine, which stands proud of the breech, there’s plenty of room to mount a telescopic sight, especially as you have the added flexibility of the extendable stock. Just make sure you buy a set of mounts that are high enough to clear the magazine. Just below the magazine is a power wheel which, in all honesty, is more likely to be of use on high powered versions; most 12 ft.lbs. shooters will turn the dial up and leave it there.

The two stage trigger is fully adjustable and breaks cleanly. The trigger guard also houses a manual resettable safety catch – push it to the right to make the gun safe and to the left to fire. Picatinny accessory rails adorn either side as well as underneath the forend and can be removed to make the rifle even lighter.

Filling the 150cc air cylinder is achieved by rotating a collar at the front under the muzzle. Inserting the provided filler probe and filling to 200 bar which will give around 100 shots in .177 and 130 in .22 which, thanks to the Huma-Air regulator are delivered with commendable consistency. 

Brocock Concept XR Specifications


Specifications Brocock XR
Length mm 838
Weight kg 2.9
Regulated Huma-Air
Action Side lever
Cylinder capacity 150 cc
Magazine 10 shot all calibres
Shot count 100 in .177. 130 in .22
Trigger Two-stage adjustable
Safety Manual resettable
High power options 18 ft/lbs in .177. 30 ft/lbs in .22. 40 ft/lbs. in .25

The Brocock Range

Brocock is known for its range of tough, durable rifles. Although it is credited with establishing the semi-bullpup style, it has added modular tactical designs in recent years. Other rifles in the range include two air bottle designs – the Brocock Sniper XR and Brocock Commander XR, and another air cylinder rifle, the Brocock Compatto XR. The Commander XR combines the tactical style of the Concept XR with the benefits of higher shot count.

Alternatives to the Brocock Concept XR

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