Introduction to the Daystate Huntsman Regal Series

The Huntsman Regal has been in production for a number of years and has built a reputation as one of the best-looking, and best-performing, sporting air rifles available. The current range comprises a standard rifle with a 132cc air cylinder and a high-powered XL model with a longer 162cc cylinder. There are non-regulated and regulated, known as the HR Huntsman Regal, versions. All four variants are based on the same bolt action, 10-shot magazine platform and feature a beautiful walnut stock made by Italian company, Minelli.

About Daystate

Staffordshire, UK-based Daystate is one of the best-known and well-respected airgun manufacturers. It’s range of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles is considered amongst the best and most diverse available comprising bullpup and traditional sporting rifles designs powered by both cylinders and buddy bottles. The company should also be credited as one of the pioneers of the PCP industry, with rifles dating as far back as the 1970s. More recently, it became the first company to incorporate HUMA regulators at the manufacturing stage across the vast majority of its products. The company has also led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. Alongside its technological expertise and willingness to push boundaries in terms of design and innovation, Daystate is also known for producing some of the best-looking rifles on the market.

“Best looking and best performing”

“Beautiful walnut stock”

“Regulated and non-regulated versions”

Daystate Huntsman Regal Review

The Daystate Huntsman Regal combines an elegant sporting rifle stock with a reliable and proven bolt-action to deliver one of the most popular and sought after rifles on the market. Although there is no adjustment on the walnut stock, the perforated rubber shoulder pad and high roll-over cheek piece provide good eye alignment. The stock is not ambidextrous, but left-handed versions can be specified. High quality laser chequering adorns the pistol grip, which also has an ‘R’ motif, and the forend. A shelf at the top of the pistol grip accommodates those who wish to shoot with a thumb up grip. Beside it is the safety switch.  The trigger is two-stage and fully adjustable for length of pull and weight – something that is best done by removing the stock. The bolt action, which can be moved to the left side of the rifle as a factory option,  is reliable and operates in two stages. The first pull rotates the magazine, the second cocks the action and the return probes a pellet into the breech. Care must be taken to ensure the second cocking stage is completed to avoid a pellet being probed into the breech without the rifle being cocked. A dovetail rail provides plenty of room to locate a scope for perfect eye alignment but you’ll need to ensure your mounts are high enough to clear the 10-shot magazine that stands proud of the action. The magazine is Daystate’s proprietary design and a single shot tray is also provided. Pellets are inserted in a drum which rotates anti-clockwise. Once inserted into the breech, magnets hold it in place. Magnets also hold on a cap located underneath the forend which once removed reveals a valve to which a supplied foster attaches to fill the rifle with air. A roundel on the side of the action indicates the maximum fill pressure for each rifle. All models are 928mm long and feature a 430mm Walther barrel which is shrouded and has a ½ inch UNF thread to accommodate a silencer. In terms of shot count, the Huntsman Regal performs well for a cylinder rifle due largely to a highly efficient hammer system which reduces wasted air. Expect around 90 shots from the unregulated rifle in .22 at 12 ft. lbs. and a little less in .177. The Huma-Air regulated version will produce closer to 160 shots. The high-powered XL models deliver 18 ft. lbs. in .177 and 30 or 40 ft. lbs. in .22 and .25. 

Daystate Huntsman Regal Product Range

Daystate Huntsman Regal

At 2.7kgs, the unregulated Huntsman Regal is the lightest rifle in the range. At 12 ft. lbs. expect around 90 shots in .22 and .25 and 80 in .177.

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

The unregulated XL rifle is fitted with a larger 162cc air cylinder to provide more shots at higher power levels. As a result, at 2.85kgs it is slightly heavier. In all other aspects it is the same as the standard rifle. The .25 calibre rifle is available at both 40 ft. lbs. and 30 ft. lbs. with claimed shot counts of 45 and 20 respectively. The .22 rifle is also available in 30 and 40 ft. lbs. and returns a claimed 39 and 21 shots respectively. The .177 rifle delivers 18 ft. lbs. and delivers a claimed 46 shots.

Daystate HR Huntsman Regal

HR models fitted with a Huma-Air regulator deliver more shots per fill and greater levels of consistency. In terms of dimensions, the HR Huntsman Regal is almost identical to the unregulated model except that it weighs a tad more at 2.75 kgs. Daystate says that at 12 ft. lbs. it will deliver 150 shots in .25, 160 in .22 and 140 in .177.

Daystate HR Huntsman Regal XL

Again, outwardly identical to the other rifles in the range, the regulated HR Huntsman Regal XL differs only in that it has a longer 162cc air cylinder. It also weighs slightly more at a still relatively lightweight 2.9kgs. At 40 ft. lbs. Daystate says you should expect 25 shots in .25 calibre, 40 and 15 shots respectively in .22 calibre at 30 and 40 ft. lbs. and 60 shots in .177 at 18 ft. lbs.

Is the Daystate Huntsman Regal right for me?

Best suited to?

The Huntsman Regal range is all about the looks. The elegant walnut stock has a long forend which encases much of the air cylinder which, along with the bolt action, gives the rifle a traditional sporting rifle look and feel. At around six pounds, it is light and compact and has excellent shot count, making it an ideal hunting rifle.

Pros and Cons

In terms of pros, the Daystate Huntsman scores high in terms of aesthetics – many people buy the rifle simply because it looks so good. Fortunately it performs as well. The bolt action is reliable and well engineered with a pleasant mechanical feel to it. The magazine system is also reliable and cycles cleanly. A patented hammer design cuts down on wasted air and as a result, the Huntsman Regal delivers excellent shot count for the size of the air cylinder, especially the regulated HR versions. In terms of accuracy, the Walther barrel combined with an excellent two-stage adjustable trigger means the Huntsman Regal is capable of tight groups, making it an excellent range gun as well.

There’s very little to criticise the Huntsman Regal as any weaknesses have largely been engineered out over various iterations. Like many other rifles, it is possible to double load. The bolt has two stages the second of which cocks the action. It is possible to pull the bolt back without cocking the rifle but probing a pellet into the breech. When the trigger is pulled and nothing happens, pulling the bolt a second time to cock the action results in a second pellet being probed. Resolving is easily enough – simply remove the magazine and return the bolt to fire the pellets before re-installing the magazine. Two pellets inserted into the breech can be fired out, but more than that risks them becoming jammed.

Daystate Huntsman Regal Specifications

Huntsman Regal Huntsman Regal XL HR Huntsman Regal HR Huntsman Regal XL
Length mm 930 930 930 930
Weight kgs 2.7 2.85 2.75 2.9
Barrel mm 430 430 430 430
Regulated No No Yes Yes
Cylinder cc 132 162 132 162
Calibres .177 / .22 / .25 .177 / .22 / .25 .177 / .22 / .25 .177 / .22 / .25
12 ft. lbs. shot count 82 (.177), 95 (.22), 90 (.25) n/a 140 (.177), 160 (.22), 150 (.25) n/a
40 ft. lbs. shot count n/a 20 (.25). 21 (.22) n/a 25 (.25), 15 (.22)
30 ft. lbs. shot count n/a 45 (.25), 39 (.22) n/a 40 (.22)
18 ft. lbs. n/a 46 (.177) n/a 60 (.177)w

Comparison with the Daystate range

The Huntsman Regal is the lightest and most compact rifle in the Daystate range and although it can be used on the range and in competition, it is intended first and foremost as a hunting rifle. Along with the Wolverine C-Type, Pulsar and Renegade, the Huntsman Regal has an air cylinder. All other rifles in the range have air bottles. As the company increasingly adops side lever actions, the Huntsman Regal, along with the Wolverine 2 range, are the only guns to use a traditional bolt action.

Other Air Rifles to Consider

If you’re looking for a bolt action sporting rifle, take a look at the Air Arms S410, BSA R-10SE and Walther Rotex RM8. However, if you’re open to considering side levers as well, consider the HW100 and HW110, Air Arms S510 and FX Dreamline Classic.


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Daystate Huntsman Regal Dissassembly

Daystate Huntsman FAQs

How to service a Daystate Huntsman?

Servicing is best left to a qualified gunsmith. 

How to take shroud off Daystate Huntsman?

Removing the shroud requires a partial strip down of the rifle and could invalidate any warranty.

Which is the best Daystate gun?

Daystate’s range incorporates traditional rifles, bullpups and tactical designs and many of them are considered to be amongst the best in their class. They are all high performers.

What grease to use on a Daystate Huntsman pellet probe?

Generally speaking, you will not need to grease the pellet probe unless the rifle has been exposed to adverse conditions. Servicing is best left to a qualified gunsmith.

Is the Daystate Huntsman regal regulated?

The HR Huntsman Regal is regulated whereas the Huntsman Regal is not.