FX Airguns history

Founded in 1999 by airgun enthusiast Fredrik Axelsson, FX Airguns is based in Mariestad, Sweden. The company has a team of more than 50 engineers, designers and developers.

About FX Airguns

Swedish-owned FX Airguns has quickly established a name for itself as a premier manufacturer of air rifles and has a huge range, including very high power versions. The company is known for its constant development approach that results in a seemingly endless stream of revisions, upgrades and modifications to its products. The FX Impact has gained almost cult status, due to its tactical looks, adjustability and overall performance. FX also deserves recognition for the significant part it has played in the resurgence of slug ammunition through the development of specialist barrels and barrel liners.

FX air rifle models

FX produces a huge catalogue of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, some of which can be modified to shoot arrows or bolts where laws allow. As is its way, FX constantly developments modifications and enhancements to enable its customers to upgrade their rifles in between major new version releases. In addition, many of its rifles are designed to have interchangeable barrels, including those suitable for shooting slugs, to allow the calibre to be changed.

FX Wildcat, Wildcat MK2 and Wildcat MK3

When first launched, the FX Wildcat was regarded as one of the first successful bullpup designs. The MK2 enhanced that reputation further and the current version, the MK3 continues the tradition. Distinguished by its black synthetic stock and available with either a 500mm barrel (the Compact) or 700mm barrel (Sniper) in calibres up to .30, the MK3 benefits from a larger plenum size along with improvements to the air flow and valving arrangement. Like most FX rifles, the ability to adjust and fine tune the set up is a core feature of the Wildcat MK3. Although undeniably of more benefit to high-power versions, a power wheel cycles through seven hammer spring preset positions, and the regulator can be adjusted externally as well. Further tweaking to adjust the tension of the hammer spring and balance it with the regulator is possible by inserting an allen key into a hole on the wheel. The MK3 also benefits from a higher capacity Side-Shot magazine. Current models also ship with FX’s Superior STX Barrel Liner. The barrel and liner can be swapped out for different calibres, including the Superior STX Heavy Liner for those who shoot heavier slugs. At a time when the cocking mechanism on many bullpups was awkwardly placed at the back of the rifle, the Wildcat was designed to bring the side lever closer to the middle of the rifle, making it much easier to cock and cycle pellets. The design also enabled a crisp, two-stage trigger at a time when those on many other bullpups felt vague.

For a full review and accuracy test results of the FX Wildcat MK3 see our page and video here

Wildcat MK 3 Sniper

Best suited to:

Although the Wildcat MK3 is supremely accurate and will perform well on the range and for shooting targets, it is intended primarily for hunters, especially those who shoot in confined spaces such as hides, from vehicles and around farm buildings.

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FX Crown

Unlike the majority of FX rifles that feature tactical or less conventional designs, as well as black synthetic stocks, the Crown is aimed squarely at those who want a more traditional sporting rifle and comes with a choice of synthetic, walnut or several different laminate stocks. FX claims it is ‘the most progressively engineered and accurate air rifle ever created’. There’s no denying the rifle’s capabilities, but several other manufacturers would no doubt contest the claim. Many of the advancements developed on the FX Impact have been incorporated into the Crown such as the interchangeable barrel and liner system, externally adjustable regulator and the ability to tune the hammer tension via a power wheel. The regulator and 480cc carbon fibre bottle combine to deliver a huge shot count in 12 ft. lbs. format, delivered via a smooth side lever action and capacious magazine that takes as many as 22 pellets in .177 calibre. Other features include a two-stage adjustable trigger and a telescopic moderator/shroud. The entry level Crown VP Edition has a synthetic stock and aluminium bottle.

Best suited to:

Though designed as a traditional sporting rifle, the FX has introduced a range of colourful laminate stock options designed to appeal to target, HFT and FT shooters as well.

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FX Dreamline

FX helped define the concept of the modular gun platform with the Dreamline. Interchangeable with AR components, the Dreamline is a rifle of multiple personalities depending on its configuration. The Dreamline Classic is a traditional walnut stocked sporter whilst the Dreamline Lite is a super-lightweight hunting rifle. You can also opt for the Dreamline Bullpup and the Dreamline Tactical. At its heart, the Dreamline shares many of the design features of the Impact, Wildcat and Crown, namely the FX Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel, the calibre and liner of which can be swapped; externally adjustable regulator, as well as valve and hammer tension adjuster, adjustable two-stage trigger and high capacity magazine. As standard, the Dreamline has a 220cc air cylinder that takes a maximum 230 bar fill that can be swapped for a bottle for increased shot count.

Field Target Right
Tactical Right

Best suited to:

With so many variations thanks to its compatibility with AR components, and highly engineered and well-proven platform, the Dreamline truly is a rifle for just about every need.

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FX Impact, Impact X, Impact MK2

Thanks to some slick promotional work, superb engineering and design, the FX Impact is one of the most popular air rifles on the market for both 12 ft. lbs. shooters and those with firearms licenses or fortunate enough to live where there are no power restrictions. The highly tactical bullpup design has influenced many other companies to produce similar rifles. However, FX keep raising the bar with a seemingly never ending number of enhancements, revisions and modifications. As with other FX rifles, the Smooth Twist X Barrel is interchangeable with barrels of different calibres and liners to accommodate slugs. Other features include: externally adjustable hammer tension/power wheel and regulator pressure, an excellent two-stage trigger, smooth side lever cocking, huge shot count from the standard 480cc bottle in 12 ft. lbs. format and a high capacity Side-Shot magazine. Options include silver, black or bronze finishes to the breech area, as well as 500 and 600mm barrels. The Compact model has a smaller 300cc air bottle. The Sniper model has a 700mm barrel and the .35 calibre model has a larger 580cc bottle and 800mm barrel.

Impact silver right first edition
Impact silver left first edition extracted

Best suited to:

The FX Impact is popular with hunters thanks to its light weight, compact proportions and power options. That said, it is more than capable of target and range shooting.

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FX Verminator and Verminator MK2

The Verminator is a small, tactical take down rifle that is ideal for use in confined spaces. Based on the FX Royale breech block, the current Verminator MK2 has a detachable 400cc air bottle which also serves as the rifle butt. The side lever cocking action, along with an adjustable trigger, shrouded barrel, high capacity magazine and three-stage power adjuster are capable of high levels of accuracy, making the rifle, as the name suggests, superb for hunting and pest control. The Verminator MK2 packs down compactly to fit in a supplied plastic hard case that is designed to accommodate accessories such as a scope.

Verminator Left
Verminator Right

Best suited to:

The Verminator MK2 is a hunting rifle.

FX Royale

As a sporting style rifle, the Royale 400 is more closely aligned to the Crown than the rest of its more tactical looking siblings, and is available with a walnut, black synthetic or black pepper laminate stock. The 400cc air bottle gives the rifle good shot count through the 500mm Smooth Twist barrel, particularly in 12 ft. lbs. The side lever is as smooth and reliable as that on other rifles in the FX line up. The two-stage trigger is crisp and precise and a three-stage power adjuster gives you added flexibility, although shooters of the high power versions will appreciate it most. With a larger 500cc air bottle and 600mm Smooth Twist barrel, the FX Royale 500 is available in .25 calibre only.

Walnut Right
Synthetic Right

Best suited to:

The FX Royale is an excellent hunting rifle and is capable of holding its own in HFT/FT competition and on the range.

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What is considered to be the best FX Airguns air rifle?

Like many established and popular brands, the FX range is comprehensive. Its rifles cater for many different shooting disciplines although it’s fair to say that hunting is the main focus. Rifles like the Crown and Royale are aimed at those who want a more traditional, sporting rifle aesthetic, and so too is the Dreamline in its Classic configuration. Regarded by many as the gun that has set the tactical bullpup yardstick, the Impact is beautifully designed and an elite performer. Few companies offer a take down style rifle – perhaps they are put off by the high standard set by the Verminator. And for those who can’t make up their mind, the Dreamline really is several guns rolled into one, capable of being a sporter, tactical gun, bullpup or lightweight stalker. All FX rifles are extremely well-designed, engineered and finished.

Which FX air rifle is for me?

It really depends on the style that appeals to you and the shooting you want to do. FX does a good job of covering all the bases.

Best FX air rifle alternatives

With such a varied range, FX competes with just about every other manufacturer. Alternatives to the Impact include the Daystate Delta Wolf and RTI Priest mk2. If you’re thinking of a Crown or Royale, take a look also at the Daystate Wolverine R and Red Wolf as well as the BSA R10 SE or R10 TH, but don’t discount air cylinder guns like the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter or Weihrauch HW100.

Weihrauch HW100 T Laminate Stock

Weihrauch HW100 Guide

Daystate Wolverine R Walnut Hilite

Daystate Air Rifles Guide



Best pellets for FX Air Rifles

FX markets its own pellets, but their rifles shoot well with most well-known quality brands. Larger .30 and .35 calibres have fewer options but seem to suit the JSB range.

FX air rifle parts and spares

FX itself is a good source of parts and spares, as is its UK distributor, Sportsman Gun Centre. There is no shortage of specialist tuners as well, including The Rat Works and Air-Fective Tuning.

FX air rifle serial numbers

Contact FX Airguns if you have questions relating to the serial number of your rifle.

FX antique air rifles

FX was only established in 1999, so probably not old enough to have any antique models. That said, early models are collectible.

FX Accessories Prices (US)

FX discussion forums and social media

FX airguns are a constant and popular topic for discussion on most air rifle forums. In addition, there are a number of FX owners pages on Facebook.

FX air rifle FAQs

Where are FX air rifles made?

In Mariestad, Sweden.

Does FX make left handed air rifles?

Most of its rifles are designed to be ambidextrous

How much is my FX air rifle worth?

Much depends on model, age and condition of course. As a rough guide, two-thirds of brand new price is a good guide.

How to determine how old a FX air rifle is?

There is no publicly available serial number database. Either contact FX direct or ask on one of the many excellent forums.

How to service a FX air rifle?

Other than general maintenance and cleaning, servicing is best left to a qualified gunsmith.

How to clean a FX air rifle?

The metal work should be wiped down with suitable gun oil occasionally and the stock can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Clean the barrel with a pull through kit occasionally as well.

What is the best FX air rifle?

The subject of much debate! Much depends on what your aesthetic preference is and the style of shooting you do. Whatever you choose, FX air rifles are uniformly well designed and made, and top performers too.