Introduction to the Air Arms S200 Sporter

The Air Arms S200 Sporter is made for Air Arms by CZ in the Czech Republic and has been around for several years. As a result it has developed a reputation as an extremely reliable performer with any kinks engineered out. The action is unregulated and operates in conjunction with an air cylinder which is removable and filled using a supplied ‘T’ adapter which fits a port that is revealed by removing a cap at the front. Designed as a single shot bolt operated rifle, which made it popular with target shooters as well as HFT and FT enthusiasts, Air Arms offers a 10-shot magazine adapter as well as a higher powered model.

About Air Arms

Based in south east England and founded in 1983, Air Arms has a long and well-respected reputation. It was one of the early pioneers of modern-day pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, introducing its first model in 1988. Today the company produces some of the most respected PCP hunting and competition rifles, as well as class-leading underlever spring-powered rifles.

Air Arms S200 Sporter Review

The S200 carries on Air Arms’s reputation for high quality, well-engineered rifles at affordable prices. It is a strong performer in both .177 and .22 calibres. The distinctive stock is similar to those of dedicated target rifles and gives superb eye alignment. The S200 is one of the lightest and most compact rifles around weighing just 2.6 kilos and measuring 920mm, making it ideal for juniors and smaller shooters. Much of the weight saving is down to the use of a fairly small air cylinder which compromises shot count to an extent – 45 shots in .177 and 55 in .22, although that’s plenty for hunters. The cylinder is also removable, enabling you to carry a spare if you need more shots in the field. Another factor to consider is the lack of a regulator which reduces the number of consistent ‘sweet-spot’ shots slightly, and there is no safety catch.. However, the adjustable trigger coupled with a 485mm CZ barrel means the S200 is capable of high levels of accuracy. A 19 ft. lbs. .22 variant is also available with the same specifications as the standard rifle but has a lower shot count of 20.

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Air Arms S200 Sporter Specifications


Specifications S200 Sporter S200 Sporter FAC
Weight kgs 2.6 2.6
Stock options Beech Beech
Length mm 920 920
Barrel mm 485 485
Trigger Two stage adjustable Two stage adjustable
Regulated No No
Calibres .177 and .22 .22 only
Magazine .177 / .22 Single shot. 10 shot conversion Single shot. 10 shot conversion
Power options ft. lbs. 12 19
Fill pressure 190 bar 190 bar
Moderator Not supplied Not supplied
Moderator Not supplied Not supplied

The Air Arms Range

Air Arms has one of the most comprehensive range of rifles on the market including the bolt-action S400 and S410 and sidelever S500, S510 and S510 Ultimate Sporter line ups. The S200 sits alongside the S400 and S500 as a single shot rifle although a 10-shot magazine conversation is available as an optional extra. The S200 is the lightest and most compact full rifle Air Arms offers and although it can be used by shooters of all sizes, it is particularly suitable to juniors and those of smaller stature.

Alternatives to the Air Arms S200

Although many multi-shot magazine rifles come with a single shot adapter, dedicated single shot rifles are relatively few and far between. Alternatives include the S400 and S500 from Air Arms, as well as the Weihrauch HW100.

Air Arms S200 Disassembly

Credit to TW Chambers for this image.

Air Arms S200 Disassembly

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