Best Spring Powered Air Rifles

Best spring powered air rifles in 2024

  1. Air Arms Pro Sport
  2. Weihrauch HW97K
  3. Air Arms TX200 Mk 3
  4. Umarex Syrix
  5. Weihrauch HW77

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In the world of air rifle shooting, spring-powered air rifles hold a special place, offering a blend of tradition, mechanical simplicity, and robust performance. As a seasoned enthusiast with over four decades of experience in the field, I understand the unique allure these rifles possess for both beginners and veteran marksmen alike. In this guide, we will delve into the realm of spring-powered air rifles, exploring their enduring appeal and versatility. From backyard plinking to more serious hunting and competitive shooting, these rifles offer a tactile, engaging experience unmatched by their more modern counterparts. Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned shooter, this comprehensive review of the best spring-powered air rifles in 2024 aims to provide you with insightful, practical advice and a deeper appreciation for these mechanical marvels.

Why You Would Buy a Spring Powered Air Rifle

The allure of owning a spring-powered air rifle lies in its blend of mechanical simplicity and robust reliability. Unlike their PCP or CO2 counterparts, springers have fewer moving parts, making them rugged and low-maintenance. This simplicity is not just about the ease of use; it’s about experiencing airgunning in its most fundamental form. The act of cocking the rifle and managing its unique recoil connects you directly to the mechanics of shooting, akin to driving a classic, manual car where every movement is more tactile and engaging.

Moreover, the independence offered by spring-powered rifles is unmatched. There’s no need for external air tanks or CO2 cartridges. The convenience of a ‘break the barrel, load, and shoot’ mechanism is a significant plus, especially for shooters in remote areas or those who appreciate a straightforward, ‘grab-and-go’ approach to shooting. This self-sufficiency aspect, combined with the hands-on experience, makes spring-powered air rifles a desirable choice for many.

Who Are Spring Powered Air Rifles Most Suited To

Spring-powered air rifles are particularly suited to a wide range of shooters. For beginners, they serve as an excellent introduction to the world of airgunning. The process of cocking the rifle and adjusting to its recoil provides a hands-on learning experience in shooting mechanics and technique. It builds a solid foundation in the basics of marksmanship, which is essential for any budding shooter.

For the more seasoned marksman, springers offer a different kind of appeal. The skill required to master these rifles – given their unique firing cycle and recoil – presents a rewarding challenge. It’s not just about hitting the target; it’s about refining your technique and becoming a more competent shooter. Additionally, many experienced shooters are drawn to the nostalgic and traditional aspect of spring-powered rifles. They offer a back-to-basics, pure shooting experience that is both enjoyable and fulfilling, whether for backyard plinking, target shooting, or small game hunting. The combination of skill development, simplicity, and the sheer joy of shooting makes spring-powered air rifles a timeless choice for a diverse array of enthusiasts.

Richard Saunders: An experts view

All of our reviews are based on Richard Saunders’s opinions. Richard has been shooting air rifles for nearly forty years. Today he hunts and carries out pest control on more than a thousand acres spread across different locations in the south of England. He is a regular contributor to Airgun Shooter magazine, writing mainly hunting features and product reviews, as well as The Airgun Show on YouTube.


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Best spring powered air rifles

1. Air Arms Pro Sport

The Air Arms Pro-Sport is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality that Air Arms is renowned for, offering a shooting experience that is as satisfying as it is efficient. When I first encountered the Pro-Sport, its deluxe walnut stock immediately caught my eye, a hallmark of elegance and superior craftsmanship. The woodwork, produced by the esteemed Italian firm Minelli, exhibits striking tiger-striped grain patterns, complemented by a matt-lustre oil finish that beckons the touch of a proud owner.

Air Arms ProSport beech

Beyond its visual appeal, the Pro-Sport’s performance is equally impressive. Its firing cycle is remarkably smooth, a result of internal enhancements by Air Arms. The rifle operates on a Delrin band, ensuring smoother and quieter action. This attention to detail extends to its meticulously designed trigger system, rivaling the best in its class. Although factory settings may require fine-tuning to individual preferences, the adjustments are simple and transformative, offering a crisp and responsive shooting experience.

For hunters and competitive shooters alike, the Pro-Sport’s practical features are well thought out. The extended forestock, elegantly scalloped, provides a comfortable grip and aligns perfectly with the main action. The under-action cocking lever, a unique feature of this rifle, is not only a nod to ergonomic design but also enhances the rifle’s balance and aesthetic appeal. Despite the rifle’s heft, which aids in dampening recoil, it remains remarkably manageable and stable during shooting.

However, it is not without its nuances. The automatic safety, while a useful feature, cannot be reset without re-cocking, which may be a minor inconvenience for some users. Additionally, the bright silver finish on the underlever, while aesthetically pleasing, might not be practical for hunters preferring a more subdued appearance. Despite these minor points, the Air Arms Pro-Sport stands out as a superior choice in its category, especially suited for those who appreciate a blend of aesthetic beauty, mechanical perfection, and unparalleled shooting performance.

See our video review below of the Air Arms Pro Sport

2. Weihrauch HW97K

In the realm of underlever air rifles, the Weihrauch HW97k stands as a masterpiece of engineering, a rifle that seamlessly marries precision with versatility. Having explored a myriad of air rifles over the years, I find the HW97k to be a distinguished member of this elite class, catering adeptly to both field target enthusiasts and hunters.

The lineage of the HW97k is deeply rooted in the legacy of the HW77, a rifle that dominated the field target community in the 1980s. This heritage is evident in the HW97k’s design, which is clearly tailored for precision shooting. The absence of open sights, favoring a scope-only configuration, speaks volumes about its intended use as a precision tool.

The rifle presents itself in various models, each catering to different preferences. The standard 97k model boasts a sporter stock with a pistol grip, available in both beech and blue laminate, reflecting a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The KT variant, with its beech thumbhole stock, and the ST line with a synthetic thumbhole stock, offer variations that ensure comfort and performance for a wide range of shooters.

One of the most striking features of the HW97k is its solid rubber recoil pad, which is adjustable for an optimal shoulder fit. This feature, coupled with the ambidextrous stock design, high comb for scope alignment, and generous cutouts for hand placement, make the HW97k not only a pleasure to shoot but also a testament to thoughtful ergonomic design.

The rifle’s heart lies in its renowned Rekord trigger unit, acclaimed for its crispness and adjustability. The distinct two-stage action is a shooter’s delight, offering a tactile feedback that is both precise and reassuring. This level of control and responsiveness is crucial, whether for competitive shooting or a quiet day of hunting.

Cocking the HW97k reveals another aspect of its design finesse. The smooth cocking stroke, moderate effort requirement, and the safety features, including an anti-bear trap mechanism, underscore Weihrauch’s commitment to safety and ease of use. The thoughtful design extends to the loading port, generously sized to facilitate easy pellet loading.

In use, the HW97k’s capabilities shine through. Its compact size, varying from about 1010 to 1030 millimeters in length, and its weight, ranging from 4.1 to 4.3 kilos, make it a balanced and manageable rifle. Shooting the HW97k over 30 meters, the accuracy is remarkable, a testament to the synergy of the fixed barrel design and the exemplary trigger system.

In conclusion, the HW97k is not just a rifle; it’s a confluence of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship. It’s a rifle suited for those who appreciate the finesse of a well-crafted shooting tool, offering a level of precision and pleasure that is both rare and rewarding. Whether for the competitive field or a tranquil hunting excursion, the HW97k stands as a reliable, versatile, and immensely satisfying choice.

HW97K Beech stock

Check out our YouTube review of the HW97K below, and our full HW97 review here.

3. Air Arms TX200 Mk 3

In the distinguished lineage of spring-powered air rifles, the Air Arms TX200 Mk III stands out as a paragon of refined engineering and functionality. As a seasoned enthusiast, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing numerous rifles, yet the TX200 Mk III captures my admiration for its meticulous design and exemplary performance.

The TX200 Mk III, presented in both its full-length and Carbine versions, is a remarkable blend of elegance and practicality. Measuring just over a meter in the full-length version and slightly shorter in the Carbine, this rifle is a harmonious balance of size and weight, offering choices to cater to varied preferences. Available in both beech and walnut stocks, and accommodating both left and right-handed shooters, it exemplifies versatility and inclusiveness in design.

At the heart of this rifle is the spring-powered mechanism, a classic approach that eschews the need for external air supplies. This self-contained system is a nod to the traditionalist, offering a straightforward, no-fuss shooting experience. The inherent advantages of an underlever design, as opposed to a break barrel, are strikingly evident in the TX200 Mk III. The unbroken metal from the breech to the muzzle ensures consistent alignment and enhanced accuracy, a critical factor in both target shooting and hunting scenarios.

As we delve into the features of the TX200 Mk III, its superior engineering becomes apparent. The ventilated rubber recoil pad, while a seemingly minor addition, plays a vital role in enhancing shooting comfort, a testament to Air Arms’ attention to detail. The high comb of the stock aids in perfect scope alignment, crucial for precision shooting. The rifle’s checkering, both on the pistol grip and fore-end, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, offering a secure and comfortable grip.

The TX200 Mk III’s trigger system deserves special mention. The two-stage, fully adjustable trigger is a joy to operate, allowing for fine-tuning of weight and travel. This level of customization ensures that each shot is crisp and precise, a feature that any discerning shooter would cherish.

In practice, the TX200 Mk III is a delight to cock and load. The smooth action of the underlever, complemented by the anti-bear trap safety mechanism, underscores the rifle’s focus on user safety and ease of use. The thoughtful placement of the loading port, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the scope, is another example of the rifle’s well-considered design.

TX200 mk III walnut

I went on a squirrel-hunting excursion with the Veo for its field test in one of my wooded properties. The dense foliage made my usual spot increasingly cramped, and using the Primos Trigger Stick caused too much rustling and commotion. I was able to utilize the Veo’s small size to my advantage, allowing me to fit it into the hide without taking up too much space. Having the adjustable height and tilt features allowed me to easily adjust the camera to the perfect angle for the shots I wanted.

See our video review of the Air Arms TX200 MKIII below, and our written review.

4. Weihrauch HW77

In the esteemed world of underlever air rifles, the Weihrauch HW77 stands as a beacon of innovation and unparalleled performance. As an aficionado of fine air rifles, I am continually drawn to the HW77 for its remarkable blend of precision engineering and classic design. Launched in the early to mid-1980s, the HW77 not only revitalized the underlever rifle category but also set a new standard for accuracy and craftsmanship.

Available in both a standard length and the more compact ‘K’ (Kurtz) version, the HW77 caters to a variety of preferences with its variable lengths ranging from 1020mm to 1120mm. The barrel length in the K version is a modest 370mm, compared to 470mm in the full-length model. Weighing between 4.1 to 4.3 kilos, the HW77 is indeed a solid piece of equipment, yet this heft is integral to its stable and recoil-dampened shooting experience.

Weihrauch HW77 Special Edition Laminate

The stock options of the HW77, which include a traditional sporter style with a pistol grip, come in either beech or a selection of laminate finishes. My personal HW77, clad in what I believe to be the summer laminate, boasts a strikingly green hue, adding to its allure. Despite lacking a thumbhole variant, the rifle’s stock design offers perfect eye alignment and ambidextrous usability, with a cheek piece on both sides and a uniformly shaped pistol grip.

The HW77’s famed Rekord trigger unit is a marvel in itself, setting the benchmark for spring-powered rifle triggers. Its crisp, precise action with no perceptible creep, and a glass-like break, enhances the shooting experience, making every pull of the trigger both a delight and a testament to Weihrauch’s attention to detail.

Optically, while the HW77 comes with very competent open sights, fitting a scope elevates its potential, unlocking the rifle’s inherent accuracy. The dovetail groove atop the action accommodates a scope, but care must be taken to ensure it doesn’t hinder access to the loading port. Cocking the rifle is a seamless experience, thanks to the underlever mechanism facilitated by a push-button release, further complemented by robust safety features including an automatic safety catch and anti-bear trap mechanism.

On the range, the HW77’s prowess is immediately evident. Firing 4.52 Air Arms Diablo Field pellets over 30 meters, the rifle delivered an impressive grouping, with the majority of pellets piercing through a quarter-inch hole. This level of accuracy, akin to that of a PCP rifle, is a testament to the synergy of the fixed barrel system and the precision of the Rekord trigger.

In conclusion, the Weihrauch HW77 is more than just a rifle; it’s an icon of airgun excellence. Balancing modern manufacturing techniques with a timeless design, it offers an incredibly satisfying shooting experience. Whether for field target competitions, hunting, or leisurely target practice, the HW77 stands as a distinguished choice for the discerning airgun enthusiast.

Check out our YouTube review of the Weihrauch HW77 below. Also see our Weihrauch HW77 written review.

5. Umarex Syrix

In the realm of entry-level air rifles, the Umarex UX Syrix emerges as a notable contender, especially for those venturing into the world of airgunning. Equipped with a 4×32 scope and mounts, the Syrix, available exclusively in .177 caliber, makes a statement of simplicity and practicality. Its dimensions, a touch over four kilos in weight and measuring 1,160mm in length, might present a challenge for younger enthusiasts, necessitating an adult’s assistance, particularly in the cocking process.

The rifle’s design, featuring an ambidextrous black polymer stock, is both robust and user-friendly. The stock is chunky, lending a sense of solidity without being cumbersome. Impressively, the Syrix avoids the pitfall of sharply molded edges, a common issue in some polymer stocks, and exhibits minimal flex at the forend’s extremity. The ribbed pistol grip and forend enhance the shooter’s grip and control, while the metalwork is of commendable quality. It boasts a matte black finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also free from any distracting rattles.

umarex syrix

For those seeking to refine their shooting experience, upgrading to a higher-quality optic could enhance accuracy and reduce group sizes. However, it’s important to note that with a power output just under 9 ft-lb, the Syrix’s utility in pest control is limited. It shines in informal target shooting, backyard plinking, and very close-range pest control scenarios.

On the range, the Syrix demonstrates its quiet strength. At a 20-meter target distance, it discharges with a gentle thud, a result of its non-mainspring mechanism. Surprisingly quiet, it’s a rifle well-suited for garden use, unlikely to disturb the peace of the neighborhood. The Umarex UX Syrix, in summary, is a commendable entry-point air rifle, offering a balanced blend of safety, comfort, and functionality for the novice shooter.

Comfort is key in any shooting experience, and the Syrix doesn’t disappoint with its solid rubber shoulder pad. This feature ensures a snug and stable fit against the shoulder, aiding in proper alignment and enhancing the overall shooting stance.

The act of cocking the Syrix’s 580mm barrel, assisted by a plastic aid, automatically engages a safety catch blade within the trigger guard. This design choice underscores a commitment to safety, as it prevents de-cocking of the rifle until the barrel is returned to its position. The trigger, a single-stage metal unit, lacks adjustability but compensates with a clean break and a satisfyingly long pull.

Equipped with a set of open sights, the Syrix boasts a red fibre optic on the exposed blade foresight and a green fibre optic at the rear. Adjusting the elevation is effortlessly achieved via a wheel, while tweaking the windage setting requires a simple loosening of a screw. These sights are more than adequate for the casual shooter, but the inclusion of the 4×32 scope elevates the Syrix’s capabilities, making it ideal for backyard plinking.


In conclusion, the world of spring-powered air rifles is rich with options that blend tradition, precision, and the joy of hands-on shooting. From the elegantly crafted Weihrauch HW77 to the modern and versatile Air Arms TX200 Mk III, each rifle offers a unique experience, tailored to different preferences and skill levels. Whether for the beginner seeking a robust introduction to airgunning or the seasoned shooter craving the challenge and satisfaction of mastering a springer, these rifles represent the pinnacle of mechanical ingenuity and shooting pleasure. They are not just tools for target practice or hunting; they are timeless companions in the journey of shooting sports, offering reliability, accuracy, and a tangible connection to the art of marksmanship.


What are the best spring-powered air rifles for beginners in 2024?

Some of the best spring-powered air rifles for beginners include models like the Air Arms Pro Sport and TX200 MK3 and Weihrauch HW97K. These rifles are celebrated for their ease of use, reliability, and balanced performance. They offer a great introduction to airgunning, combining user-friendly features with the ability to grow with the shooter’s skills

How does a spring powered air rifle compare to PCP and CO2 air rifles?

Spring-powered air rifles differ significantly from PCP and CO2 rifles in terms of mechanics and user experience. Springers are self-contained, requiring no external air source, which makes them ideal for shooters who prefer simplicity and independence. They tend to have a more pronounced recoil and require more skill to master consistent accuracy. PCP and CO2 rifles, on the other hand, are known for their ease of shooting, less recoil, and greater shot-to-shot consistency, but they require external air sources and more maintenance.

What are the most accurate spring-powered air rifles for target shooting and hunting?

The most accurate spring-powered air rifles for target shooting and hunting are typically those that combine precision engineering with quality construction. Models like the Weihrauch HW77, Air Arms Pro Sport, and the Diana 54 Air King are renowned for their accuracy. These rifles feature fixed barrels, high-quality triggers, and robust construction, making them favourites among competitive shooters and hunters who require pinpoint accuracy for ethical, precise shots.

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