Introduction to the Brocock Safari XR

The Brocock Safari XR is a new addition to the Brocock Sniper XR line up, itself an evolution of a rifle that can trace its roots back to the Bantam. It is a good example of the synergistic benefits of being a sister company to Daystate. Whilst the two brands have their own separate line ups, identities and positions in the market, the Safari XR is the clearest indication yet of family resemblance. 

About Brocock

Today Brocock is part of the Diana Group, which owns Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda. Founded in 1989, Brocock was originally located in Birmingham’s old gun quarter. Following its acquisition in 2014, it moved to purpose built premises in Staffordshire, England alongside sister companies Daystate and MTC Optics.

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Brocock Safari XR


Our full review of the Brocock Safari XR

The Brocock Safari’s ambidextrous textured wooden stock, the rifle’s most prominent feature, is similar to that of its namesake in the Daystate line-up – the Red Wolf Safari. In addition to the stock, the rifle features a new design, higher capacity gated magazine similar to that on the current Daystate line up. Even without those enhancements, the Safari XR is an extremely capable rifle packed full of features. Its compact dimensions – 850mm long and 3.3 kgs – make it a superb hunting option, although it would be just as comfortable on the range or in the back garden.

The 480cc carbon bottle, coupled with a Huma-Air regulator, delivers impressive shot count – 420 shots in .22 and 380 in .177 at 12 ft. lbs. Thanks to a fully adjustable two-stage trigger, easily accessed via a stippled pistol grip housed in a large thumbhole cut out, the Safari XR is also capable of high levels of accuracy. The revised magazine is installed from the right and takes 13 pellets in .177 and 11 in .22 and, like all the Brocock XR rifles, is operated via a side lever action which is weighted to perfection; although it can be operated with just one finger, it is precise, well-engineered and reliable.

Mounted as standard on the right-side of the rifle, Brocock will swap the side lever, as well as the magazine, to the other side to accommodate left handed shooters. Mounted within the trigger guard, the safety catch is quiet to operate – flick it to the right to make the gun safe and to the left to fire. The power adjustment dial on the right side is unlikely to be used by most 12 ft. lbs. users but will be handy for those who opt for FAC versions of the Safari XR – 46 ft. lbs. in .22 and 55 ft. lbs. in .25.

The barrel, which is longer at 23 inches on high power models, is fully shrouded and fairly quiet as a result. Fitting a silencer via a ½ inch UNF thread makes the Safari XR close to silent. In addition to being extremely grippy, even when wearing gloves, the textured wooden stock has a height adjustable shaped butt pad and cheekpiece, both of which combine to provide superb shoulder fit and scope eye alignment. The Safari’s dovetail rail is split either side of the raised magazine and is perfect for attaching zero or short eye relief scopes. However, due also in part to the rifle’s semi-bullpup dimensions, mounting a conventional scope can be tricky. Brocock gets around this by providing an additional raised dovetail rail.

Finally, a short picatinny accessory rail underneath the fore end will accommodate a bipod, sling, torch or any other accessory.

Brocock Safari XR Specifications


Length 850mm
Weight 3.3kgs
Calibres .177 and .22
FAC options 46 ft lbs .22 and 55 ft lbs .25
Stock features Adjustable butt pad and cheek piece. Picatinny accessory rail
Scope rail Two piece dovetail with additional dovetail extended rail
Trigger Two stage adjustable
Safety Manual and resettable
Shot count (12 ft lbs) 380 in .177, 420 in .22

The Brocock Range

Brocock’s decision to replace the bolt action system across its range with a side lever has rejuvenated the line up. The XR series rifles, as they are now branded, comprise two cylinder rifles – the Compatto XR and Concept XR – and bottle variants including the Sniper XR, Safari XR and tactical design Commander XR. All share common characteristics for being tough, durable and compact. 


Alternatives to the Brocock Safari XR

Brocock largely defined the semi-bullpup concept and few rifles compare to it in that sense. Other bottle rifles to consider include the Brocock Sniper XR and Commander XR, FX Impact and Maverick, Daystate Wolverine R, Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint and Reign and AGT Urugan. 

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