FX Wildcat Mark III – Full Review, Accuracy Test & Price

Let’s delve into the FX Wildcat Mark III, a rifle that’s been a significant player in the bullpup craze. While it may not have started the trend, it certainly injected new life and design cues into the bullpup world.

This rifle, particularly in its Mark III iteration, has garnered attention for its enhancements in airflow, thanks to changes in the plenum and valving system. It also shares the same magazine as the FX Crown and the Dreamline, boasting a larger capacity with the side shot magazine, which is a notable upgrade. The Mark III is available in two versions: the compact model, ideal for 12-foot-pound shooters, and the sniper model, designed for FAC shooters. The compact version, is particularly impressive with its 500mm barrel, 230cc air cylinder, and a weight of about 2.8 kilos. It’s a manageable size, measuring around 675mm without a silencer. The sniper version, on the other hand, is slightly longer and heavier, catering to those who need a bit more power and range.

FX Wildcat Mark III Features

One of the standout features of the FX Wildcat Mark III is its interchangeable barrel system, offering the flexibility to switch calibers with ease. You’ll need a barrel kit for this, which includes the barrel, liner, probe, and magazine. All rifles come with FX’s superior STX barrel liner, but for those interested in shooting heavier slugs and pellets, there’s an option to swap it out for a heavy barrel liner. The only exception is the .177 caliber, which ships with the standard STX barrel liner. In terms of power, the FAC versions of the rifle are available in .177, .22, .25, and .30 calibers, with power outputs ranging up to 70 foot-pounds in the .30 caliber. It’s worth noting that the regulator on the 12-foot-pound model is fixed, but adjustable for FAC shooters, adding another layer of customisation for those who need it.

Moving through the rifle, the FX Wildcat Mark III boasts a high-quality, tactile black synthetic stock. The stock is ambidextrous, though the magazine’s placement on the right side might be a bit cumbersome for left-handed shooters. The rifle doesn’t offer much in the way of stock adjustment, but its design ensures comfortable shooting and good scope alignment. At the back, you’ll find a power wheel for adjusting the hammer spring tension, which is more beneficial for FAC rifles but still offers subtle power adjustments for 12-foot-pound rifles. The safety catch is conveniently located at the back, and the regulator pressure is visible, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

The FX Wildcat Mark III’s trigger system is noteworthy, especially for a bullpup. Bullpup triggers can sometimes feel vague due to the connecting rods between the trigger and the breach, but the Wildcat’s trigger is crisp and well-defined. The side lever, with its biathlon handle, is positioned comfortably for easy cocking without disturbing your aim. The barrel, shrouded for noise reduction, also features a half-inch UNF thread for those who wish to add a silencer. The air cylinder, with a 230cc capacity, ensures a good number of shots per fill, and the rifle’s overall design makes it a compact and efficient choice for various shooting styles.

FX Wildcat Mark III Review and Accuracy Test

I took the Wildcat down the range to see how it shot check out the results here:

Full hands-on video review, close-up of features and accuracy test down at the range.

FX Wildcat Mark III Price

FX Wildcat Mark III price can vary depending on the exact version of the rifle you have. To get the latest prices in the US please see them on the link below.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the FX Wildcat Mark III is a compact, versatile, and highly customisable bullpup air rifle that stands out in its category. Its design, functionality, and the ability to switch calibers make it a top choice for both recreational shooters and serious hunters. Whether you’re looking for a compact air rifle for target practice or a powerful FAC-rated gun for hunting, the Wildcat Mark III offers reliability, accuracy, and quality that FX is known for.

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