Introduction to the Brocock Concept Lite

Made in the UK, the Concept-Lite builds on Brocock’s proven platform that is the basis for the company’s Bantam, Compatto and Commando models. The incorporation of a Huma regulator means shots are highly consistent across the range, making the most of the 150cc cylinder capacity to deliver an impressive shot count. Portability is the Concept-Lite’s key attribution and at less than three kilos un-scoped, it’s a rifle you’ll be able to carry all day in the field. The adjustable two-stage trigger is crisp, as is the safety catch, and the 10-shot bolt action is smooth and reliable with a chunky, perforated cocking handle. Thanks to the sliding stock, which is extremely comfortable in the shoulder and locks into place with no movement or rattle, setting up the Concept-Lite for perfect eye-relief is easy. The dovetail is split either side of the magazine. There’s plenty of room to fit even the largest scope, but make sure your mounts clear the magazine as it stands proud of the action.

About Brocock

Founded in the UK’s historic Birmingham gun quarter in 1989, Brocock established a reputation for making air cartridge pistols and PCP air rifles. It was purchased by the Diana Group, itself part of the Italian Marocchi & Breda gun company, in 2014. Today, it is located in Staffordshire in the UK alongside sister company, Daystate.

Brocock is well-known for producing air rifles with synthetic, tactical stocks, including several models finished in cerakote, and is credited by many as responsible for establishing the semi-bullpup category. Its main lines are Compatto, Bantam, Commander and Concept Lite with several models in each. Although there are dedicated high-power only models – notably the Bantam Patagonia and Magnum editions, and Commander Magnum – other rifles in the range can be ordered in high power format. In terms of calibre, Brocock rifles are available in .177, .22 and .25.

Ideally suited to

Though aimed mainly at the hunting market thanks to their light weight and compact proportions, Brocock rifles, most notably the Commander and Bantam, have also proved successful in top level international bench rest and other target competitions. Built on this heritage, the Concept-Lite is easy to operate, robust and precise and will suit everyone from a beginner to those with many years’ experience.

Alternative rifles to consider

The tactical, AR-15 style is popular with plenty of options across bullpup, semi-bullpup, carbine and full rifle configurations. Other similarly styled rifles you may want to also consider include the FX Impact mk2, Walther Reign and Brocock Commander.


Weight: 6.5lbs / 2.9kgs
Action: Bolt action
Regulated: Huma regulator fitted as standard
Calibres: .177 / .22 / .25
Power options: .177 up to 18 ft. lbs. / .22 up to 30 ft. lbs. / .25 40 ft.lbs.
Length: 32.5 to 36 inches (825 to 915mm) depending on sliding stock
Barrel length: 17 inches (431mm)
Air capacity: 150cc cylinder
Shot count: 150 shots in .22 calibre 12 ft.lbs.
Magazine: 10 shot all calibres
Scope rail: Dovetail
Trigger: Two-stage adjustable
Other: Three picatinny rails, two of which are removable; power adjuster; ½ inch
UNF for silencer attachment