Introduction to the Weihrauch HW100 BP

The HW100 BP bullpup is based on the successful HW100 rifle, Weihrauch’s first pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. It also borrows, most notably the pistol grip, parts from the HW44 pistol. There are two models in the range, distinguished only by the fact that one has a slightly longer barrel. The HW100 BP is intended as a hunting rifle as its air cylinder limits shot count to around 60 shots.

About Weihrauch

Based in Mellrichstadt, Germany, Weihrauch was founded in 1899 as a small-bore hunting rifle company. Following the impositions placed on German companies after the first World War, the company began producing bicycle parts and mechanical door closers. However, in the early 1950s, when German companies were allowed to make airguns, Weihrauch got back to doing what it does best. What followed was a string of successful spring-powered rifles, several of which are still in production more than 50 years later.

Weihrauch HW100 BP models

The two bullpup models are the HW100 BP and HW100 BP-K carbine. They are distinguished by the fact that the barrel on the K model is shorter at 310mm compared to 410mm on the standard version. As a result, overall length is 735mm and 835mm respectively. Both rifles weigh around 3.3kgs. Based on the HW100 rifle, the bullpup version has the same slick side lever cocking action and magazine system.


Weihrauch HW100 BP Review

For such a diminutive rifle, especially in ‘K’ format, the HW100 BP feels heavy when you first pick it up which, afterall, is not surprising as the rifle has almost everything its big cousin the HW100 rifle has but configured into a bullpup stock. However, with the point of balance located far back towards the butt, the weight disappears once the rifle is shouldered.

Available only in a black soft touch synthetic stock, the BP is very tactile and features a shoulder pad that can be adjusted for height by slackening a small bolt. Although not adjustable, a plastic cheek piece is not only comfortable but provides good eye alignment to a scope mounted on a raised picatinny rail that can be removed to access a longer dovetail rail if preferred. The safety catch is located just forward of the shoulder pad and can be operated from either side. However, it will only work when the rifle is cocked. The disc magazine may be simple in design, but is superb in operation. With the biathlon style cocking side lever pulled back, a second catch on the right side behind the magazine must be pulled back to release the mechanism. The pellets simply push into the ‘knobbly’ side of the disc.

The magazine, two of which are provided, takes 14 shots and can be inserted into the breach in any position, again with the knobbly side facing the shooter. However, placing it to ensure a small mark is just visible above the edge of the stock on the left side will tell you when to reload. With the magazine inserted into the breach, push the retaining catch forward and the side lever home. The HW100 BP’s pistol grip is borrowed from the HW44 pistol. The ambidextrous design features a grey insert and is contoured for your fingers. The blade on the two-stage, fully adjustable trigger is rounded but fairly straight with only a slight curve. The two stages are well-defined and the let off is precise with no creep. Forward of the moulded trigger guard is a short picatinny accessory rail.

The 105cc air cylinder looks tiny, but thanks to the rifle’s engineering and the use of efficient valving, will deliver around 60 shots in .22 and slightly less in .177. Filling to 200 bar is achieved by first removing a plastic stopper before inserting the provided filler probe. The barrel is threaded to take a silencer and although some models come with an air stripper, increasingly Weihrauch’s excellent proprietary silencer is provided. Without it, the BP has quite a bark.

Weihrauch HW100 BP Specifications


Specifications HW100 BP HW100 BP-K
Length 835mm 735mm
Weight 3.3kgs 3.3kgs
Stock Black soft touch Black soft touch
Barrel 410mm 310mm
Safety catch Manual resettable when cocked Manual resettable when cocked
Trigger Two-stage adjustable Two-stage adjustable
Air cylinder 105cc 105cc
Shot count 177/22 50/60 50/60