Introduction to the Reximex Myth

The Reximex Myth is a non-regulated sidelever, magazine fed air rifle. In Turkey, it is manufactured as the ‘Tormeta’. However, UK importers, Range Right Ltd. have re-branded it as the ‘Myth’. The rifle is available in .177, .22 and .25, though in the UK, the .25 model is likely to be a special order. The Myth is an affordable but better than entry level PCP, capable of being used for hunting, range shooting and informal target shooting. 

About Reximex

Reximex is based in Konya-Beyşehir in the south-west of Turkey. The company was formed in 2015 and produces a small range of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles with the intention of adding shotguns at some point. In the UK its air rifles are imported by Range Right Ltd.


Reximex models

In addition to the Myth, Reximex produces the Daystar and Apex PCP rifles that are sold in the UK as the Pretensis and Regime, along with the RP pistol, which is branded as the Mito in the UK. In addition, Reximex produces the Throne, a tactical bullpup style rifle in the FX Impact/Maverick and Daystate Delta Wolf style. The rifles are available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres with high-powered versions as well as UK legal-limit models. The Pretensis and Regime use an air cylinder, whereas the Throne has an air bottle and the Myth has both an air bottle and cylinder. All share a side-lever cocking action.

Reximex Myth Review

The standout feature of the Myth is its dual air supply design. A 250cc air bottle forms the basis for the stock and works in conjunction with an air cylinder located underneath the barrel. Combined, they provide 380cc of air. Reximex state a fill pressure of 250 bar, although in the UK, importer and distributor, Range Right advises a 200 bar fill. In return, quoted shot count is 210 in .22 and 150 in .177. A plastic sleeve fits over the air bottle butt and ensures a comfortable, ambidextrous shooting position, thanks to a shoulder pad that adjusts up and down at the push of a plastic button.

The pull is set at 380mm but can be adjusted by releasing a grub screw on the underside of the plastic sleeve and pulling it back. The rest of the stock is made from good quality moulded polymer with patches of stippling for added grip. The pistol grip is moulded for left and right handed shooters with shelves for your thumb and trigger finger.

A large flat bottom to the grip is helpful when shooting from a bench. The underside also looks like it has a trap door that can be opened to access a storage cavity. However, it doesn’t. Instead, a slot forward of the trigger guard can be used to store a spare magazine, which is good as Rexmimex supplies two of them.

A cross-bolt safety catch is located just above and slightly behind the trigger – push it right to left to make the rifle fire and left to right to make it safe. The trigger itself is a post and shoe design and is adjustable for both stages, although you will need to remove the stock and safety catch first.

A red power adjuster switch is located forward of the breach next to the pressure gauge; on our test rifle the output was 11.4 ft/lbs in the maximum position, 10.6 ft/lbs in the mid-point and just under eight ft/lbs in the lowest setting. The side lever is located on the right side and is smooth to operate with a slightly sprung first stage. It operates a cassette type magazine that takes 14 shots in .177 and 12 in .22 calibre.

To insert pellets, the clear plastic face pellet must first be rotated fully clockwise. Pellets are then inserted into the chambers nose first as the face plate is returned anti-clockwise to its original position. The magazine is inserted into the breach from the right, rounded end first with the faceplate pointed towards the shooter. The magazine sits slightly proud of the breach. As a result, the scope rail is divided into two parts and is designed to accept either 22mm Picatinny or 11mm dovetail mounts.

The Myth’s twin air supplies are filled via a single port located at the front of the air cylinder which is accessed by pulling off a friction fit cap. The barrel above is not shrouded but unscrewing a fluted muzzle protector reveals a ½ inch UNF thread to accept a silencer.  

Reximex Myth Specifications

Length 840mm
Weight 2.8kgs
Barrel 380mm
Safety Manual resettable
Trigger Adjustable two stage
Air capacity 380cc
Fill pressure 200 bar
Shot count 200 .22 / 150 .177
Magazine 12 shot .22 / 14 shot .177

The Reximex range

Reximex makes a range of PCP air rifles. These include; the Throne, a tactical bullpup; the Daystar, a synthetic stock sporter style rifle; the Tormenta, a compact tactical rifle; and the Apex, a synthetic bullpup. The Throne is not currently imported to the UK, but the other rifles are, respectively distributed by Range Right as: The Pretensis, Myth and Regime. In addition, Reximex makes a PCP pistol, the RPA which has a stocked version called the RP. In the UK, the RPA is marketed as the Mito. 

Alternatives to the Reximex Myth

Other similar rifles to consider are the Kral NP-02 and NP-03, Weihrauch HW100 BP, Walther Reign and AGT Uragan. 

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