Introduction to the Weihrauch HW77

Introduced in the early 1980s, the HW77 is a fixed barrel underlever spring-powered rifle. It is capable of high degrees of accuracy, especially as the rifle also features the Rekord two-stage trigger. Available as both a full length rifle and a carbine, the HW77 dominated the early days of field target competition shooting.

About Weihrauch

Based in Mellrichstadt, Germany, Weihrauch was founded in 1899 as a small-bore hunting rifle company. Following the impositions placed on German companies following the first World War, the company began producing bicycle parts and mechanical door closers. However, in the early 19050s, when German companies were allowed to make airguns, Weihrauch got back to what it does best. What followed was a string of successful spring-powered rifles, several of which are still in production over 50 years later. In addition, the company’s HW100 and HW110 pre-charged pneumatic rifles are highly regarded.

Our full review of the Weihrauch HW77

The HW77 is available as a standard rifle measuring 1120mm with a 470mm barrel. The carbine version – the HW77K – has a shorter 370mm barrel, reducing the overall length to 1020mm. Unlike the HW97K, the HW77 is only available with a traditional sporter stock in either beech or a couple of laminate versions – one predominantly green, the other on which brown and grey are the dominant colours. Depending on the length of rifle and stock, weight varies between 4.1 and 4.3kgs.

The stock has a fixed, solid rubber recoil pad and a high comb to provide good eye alignment either to a scope that can be fitted to the dovetail rails, or the open sights that come as standard. The rear sight is a notch-type that can be adjusted for windage and elevation and the fore-sight is a blade. If fitting a scope it is advisable to remove the rear open sight although the foresight can remain in place. The stock is ambidextrous and the pistol grip has panels of chequering and a generous cut out on both sides to accommodate the largest of hands. There is no groove for a thumb up grip, but plenty of room if that is your preference. The forend is also chequered and tapers slightly towards the breech before flaring out slightly. Located at the back of the action, the safety catch pushes in from the left to make the rifle live. It is set automatically upon cocking the rifle and cannot be reset without pulling the underlever down again. The underlever itself is released by pushing a retaining button beneath the muzzle. The cocking stroke is smooth, quiet and requires only moderate effort. Although releasing and returning the underlever makes a clicking sound, the noise can be stifled when hunting. Sweeping the underlever down also opens the loading port to allow a pellet to be inserted directly into the breech.

In addition to an automatically set safety catch, the HW77 is fitted with an anti-bear trap to reduce the likelihood of the underlever flying up and injuring fingers trapped under the barrel or in the loading port. Once the safety catch is pushed in, the HW77’s Rekord trigger becomes operational. Much has been written about the quality of the Rekord unit and it remains probably the best trigger on any spring rifle. Adjusted for weight via an easy to access screw behind the blade, the two stages are very defined, creep-free and break very cleanly, enabling you to exploit the benefits of the fixed barrel platform.

Weihrauch HW77 Specifications


Specifications HW77 HW77K
Length mm 1120 1020
Weight kgs 4.1 – 4.3 4 – 4.2
Barrel mm 470 370
Safety catch Automatic Automatic
Safety features Auto safet and anti-bear trap Auto safety and anti-bear trap
Trigger Adjustable two-stage Adjustable two-stage

The Weihrauch Range

The HW77 is one of three spring powered underlever rifles offered by Weihrauch, the HW97K and HW57 being the other two. The HW97K is comparable as a full UK powered rifle. The company also makes a number of spring-powered break barrel rifles as well as a couple of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles.

Alternatives to the HW77

Consider also the HW97KT which is available in a range of thumbhole and sporter stocks. You should also consider the Air Arms Pro Sport and Air Arms TX200mkIII and TX200 HC mkIII. The Walther LGU is also an excellent underlever rifle but went out of production early in 2021.

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