Are air rifles dangerous?

Absolutely. Air rifles can kill.

They are lethal, and sadly, there have been too many incidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. While they may seem less powerful in the grand scheme, air rifles still launch hard projectiles at high speed.

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Video Transcript

“Are air rifle was dangerous? Can air rifles kill? Are air rifle is lethal. Well, you know the answer is yes, and unfortunately, there have been far too many incidents where air rifles have led to either serious injury or, unfortunately, fatalities. Now, you know it seems obvious, but they’re guns, okay? They may be relatively low powered in the big scheme of things, but they still shoot hard projectiles at very high velocity, and you should always treat an air rifle as the most lethal thing that you can possibly pick up. So, yeah, to answer the question, yes, they absolutely are. Well, thanks for watching. If you found the video useful, please give us a like, maybe even subscribe. That way, you’ll get automatic notification of any new video content we put out. And if you have any questions you’d like us to have a go answering, drop us a line at, and we’ll do our best. Thanks again.”

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