What is the best scope for a 22 air rifle?

Choosing the best scope for a .22 air rifle involves key considerations. First, evaluate your budget, as scopes range from £30 to thousands. Define your purpose – for garden plinking or short-range hunting, avoid overpaying for excessive capacity. Look for adjustable parallax for precise focus, while fixed parallax scopes work if set at an appropriate distance. Decide between fixed or variable magnification based on your needs.

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Video Transcript

“What is the best scope for an air rifle, or what is the best scope for a .22 air rifle?” This is a substantial question, and understanding the basics of selecting a scope is crucial. First, consider your budget. There are usable scopes ranging from £30 to £40, while high-end options can run into the thousands. Ask yourself what you need the scope for – if you’re shooting tin cans in the garden or rabbits in a field at 30 yards, you don’t need a scope designed for long-range deer or wild boar shooting at 300 meters. Avoid spending unnecessarily on excess capacity.

Look for a scope with adjustable parallax, allowing you to focus on your target. Some scopes have fixed parallax, which is fine if it’s set at a distance suitable for your use. Consider if you want fixed or variable magnification. Fixed magnification scopes don’t zoom in or out, while variable magnification scopes offer flexibility. Ask yourself if you truly need variable magnification for your specific activity.

Typical magnification ranges for scopes include three to nine times, four to twelve times, four to sixteen times, and higher levels like six to twenty-four times or six to thirty times. Assess your needs before choosing. Thanks for watching. If you found the video useful, please like and subscribe for automatic notifications of new content. For any questions, drop us a line at alphamilitaria.com/ama, and we’ll do our best. Thanks again.”

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