Introduction to the Air Arms TX200 mk3 and TX200 HC mk3

Available as either the standard length rifle or shorter Hunter Carbine (HC), the TX200 mkIII is available in both walnut and beech stocks and is highly regarded by both competition shooters and hunters alike. A high standard of engineering delivers a smooth, easy to cock and shoot platform that rivals even the best pre-charged pneumatic rifles for accuracy and consistency. The TX200mkIII is available in .177 and .22 calibres at the UK legal limit of 12 ft. lbs. And in high powered versions of 15 and 17.9 ft. lbs. respectively.

About Air Arms

Based in south east England and founded in 1983, Air Arms has a long and well-respected reputation. It was one of the early pioneers of modern-day pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, introducing its first model in 1988. Today the company produces some of the most respected PCP hunting and competition rifles, as well as class-leading underlever spring-powered rifles.

Our full review of the Air Arms TX200 MK3

At 4.1kgs (walnut) and 3.9kgs (Beech) the TX200 mkIII is a substantial rifle. The TX200HC is a little lighter at 4.0 and 3.8 kgs and shorter at 995mm (the standard rifle is 1050mm). However, the balance is superb and helps absorb what is already very slight recoil. The 15.5 inch Lothar Walther barrel is shortened by three inches on the HC and like the full length rifle, is shrouded, baffled and contains an in-built moderator. All that makes the TX200 very quiet to shoot but if that’s not enough, you can attach an external moderator as well.

Both rifles are exquisitely designed and the walnut and beech stocks are available in left and right hand versions. The subtle cheek piece is complemented by the high, rolled comb that is aligned to achieve perfect eye alignment to a scope mounted on the twin dovetail rails. The pistol grip has patches of ornate but tasteful and functional fish-scale chequering, as does the forend, and is ideally located to access the trigger. 

Unlike its sister rifle, the ProSport, the underlever on both versions of the TX200 is located immediately underneath the barrel and runs its full length, giving an ‘over-and-under’ look. The lever is released by easing it out of a ball bearing catch under the muzzle and the cocking stroke is extremely light thanks to a balanced mainspring, guides and a piston system that runs on synthetic bearings to reduce friction. Pulling the lever down reveals a large loading port into which pellets are loaded into the breach and sets the automatic safety catch. To save fingers being injured, the underlever can only be returned when a pivot catch on the right of the forestock is pushed in. Even if the safety catch is pushed in and the trigger pulled, the lever will only move forward a fraction of an inch and no further until the pivot switch is activated.

The TX200 trigger is fully adjustable. The curved blade is quite broad but very comfortable in the hand. There’s a distinct stop in between the two stages and the let off breaks crisply and predictably like glass every time with no creep. 

Thanks to the quality of engineering, the firing cycle is devoid of any clanking and twanging associated with many other spring rifles. The TX200 fires with a muted thud and what little recoil is easily absorbed by the perforated shoulder pad. It’s no surprise the rifle is a firm favourite with FT and HFT competition shooters, winning many titles including a world championship.

Air Arms TX200 Specifications

  TX200 mkIII TX200 HC
Weight in kgs. (walnut/beech) 3.9/4.1 3.8/4.0
Length in mm 1055 995
Barrel length in mm 395 319
High power options in ft. lbs. 14.3 (.177) / 17.4 (.22) 14.3 (.177) / 17.4 (.22)
Safety catch Automatic not resettable Automatic not resettable
Safey features Anti-bear trap Anti-bear trap
Trigger Fully adjustable two stage Fully adjustable two stage

The Air Arms Range

The TX200 mkIII and TX200 HC are sister rifles to the ProSport, the only other spring rifle in the Air Arms line up. Commanding a higher price, the ProSport has a classif full bore sporting rifle design (other than the lack of a bolt action) in which the underlever tucks away out of sight under the forend. Like the TX200, it is superbly engineered and capable of accuracy that would embarrass many PCP rifles.


Whilst there are fewer underlever rifles than break barrels, the majority tend to be top of the range products. Consider also:

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