Introduction to the Deactivated Glock Series

The Glock Series of semi-automatic and fully automatic pistols, created by the trail blazing company Glock Ges m.b.H, have been the leader of innovative world class side arms since 1982 when they released the legendary Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol onto the market.

Making use of Glaston Glock’s unique knowledge of plastic and metal work the entire range of pistols make use of a polymer frame that gives the sidearms incredible lightweight as well as unbeatable durability; not only making these pistols nearly indestructible but also meaning that they require extremely low levels of maintenance compared with their rivals.

Each pistol is carefully designed to perform a particular function exceptionally well, from all round battle field and law enforcement models, such as G17 and the G22, to the best in scaled down conceal carry pistols such as the G26; and if there’s one thing we can take away from this remarkable range of pistols, it is that whatever Gaston Glock touches, like Midas, seems to turn into gold.

The extraordinary figure behind the Glock Ges m.b.H company would not be out of place in an Ian Fleming novel and his rags to riches story is a miracle in itself.  However, fame and fortune also took their toll on his life and yet despite the extreme difficulties that he has faced and overcome, throughout the entire period his company continued to produce pistols that not only met the challenges they were designed to face but also completely transformed the industry that he has dominated for almost four consecutive decades.

Why is the Deactivated Glock Gun so Popular?

The Glock series of pistols is one of the most popular in the world.  They are the trusted sidearm of police forces, security agencies and militaries all over the globe.

  • Extremely Durable – the Glock is almost indestructible and requires very little maintenance compared with its rivals. This makes it ideal for use in the field and has made it a trusted companion of service personnel and civilians, for self defense purposes, in all kinds of situations.
  • The Glock is very Lightweight – one its major advantages is it’s lightweight even when fully loaded; this is mostly achieved by using plastics within its frame.
  • Low levels of Recoil – the light recoil of the Glock makes it easy to handle and helps to keep accuracy high even at faster rates of fire.
  • The Unique Grips on the Pistols make it a favourite go-to sidearm for many of its loyal fans.
  • Many of the scaled down models are Ideal for Concealed Carry – the pistols can easily be carried in a waistband holster.
  • Affordability – the relatively low cost of Glock pistols has made them popular with civilians and militaries alike.

The Glock as a Collectible

What makes an item, including a deactivated pistol, more collectible than other similar products in its class is not only the rarity of the item but also the stories and legends that surround it.  The Glock series of pistols are steeped in legends and myth and have made countless appearances in film, literature and television.

History of the Glock Gun

Gaston Glock was the incredible man behind Glock Ges m.b.H and the iconic series of infamous pistols. Gaston Glock was born into a poor family in Vienna, where his father worked on the railways and his mother was employed by the local tram service. Glock went on to do well at school and eventually studied to be an engineer. He founded his first company in 1963, but founded Glock Ges m.b.H in 1980. Combining his unique skills in metal work and plastic molding, he designed and created the Glock 17, which was launched for production and sale in 1982 and immediately became the chosen sidearm for the Austrian military.

Gaston Glock went on to become a billionaire, supposedly making an enormous $1.8 billion from the Glock 17 alone. However, with his wealth came new dangers and threats. Glock would always travel in his own private jet, because as he once said, there are ‘fewer crazy people in the air’.

His caution however was not unfounded and came from bitter experience, including an incident in 1999 when one of his most trusted companions and financial advisers attempted to have him killed. Charles Ewert, his former friend and business associate, lured Glock into an underground carpark where he was attacked by a waiting assassin brandishing a mallet, being struck several times in the head. Amazingly, the 70 year old was able to fight off his attacker despite losing over a litre of blood in the process.

The remarkable life of Gaston Glock is mirrored by the meteoric success of his company and the revolutionary series of semi-automatic and automatic pistols.

Timeline of Gaston Glock and Glock Ges b.m.H – makers of the epic pistol series.

  • July 19, 1929 : Gaston Glock is born in Vienna, Austria.
  • 1963 : Gaston Glock founded his first company, Glock KG, producing plastic parts, wood and metal items. The company had four members, including Gaston Glock.
  • 1970 : Glock KG begins to produce various items for the Austrian military, including practise grenades, knives and machine gun belt links.
  • 1970s : The Austrian military has been searching for a new pistol to use in service but cannot find one that fits their requirements.
  • 1980 : Gaston Glock founded his company Glock Ges m.b.H.
  • April, 1981 : Gaston Glock registers his patent for the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol in Austria.
  • April 1982 : Gaston Glock files for a patent in the USA for the Glock 17.
  • 1983 : The Austrian military orders 20,000 Glock 17 pistols from Glock Ges m.b.H for use in active service.
  • 1984 : The Norwegian military takes up the Glock 17 as its standard issue pistol.
  • 1985 : The Swedish military takes up the Glock 17 as its standard issue pistol.
  • 1985 : NATO takes up the Glock 17 as its standard issue pistol.
  • 1987 : Glock produces the Glock 18.
  • 1988 : Glock produces the Glock 19.
  • Glock releases the Generation 2 models.
  • 1989 : More than 2000 United States police departments are now using Glock pistols in active service.
  • 1991 : Glock produces the G20 and G21.
  • 1994 : Glock produces the G24.
  • 1995 : Glock produces the G25, G26 and the G27 models.
  • 1998 : Glock releases the Generation 3 models.
  • 1999 : Glock has sold more than 2 million pistols around the world.
  • 2007 : Glock has sold more than 5 million pistols around the world.
  • 2009 : Glock releases the Generation 4 models.
  • 2017 : Glock releases the Generation 5 models.

Deactivated Glock Range

Alpha Militaria is proud to bring you the most popular and collectible of the legendary series of Glock pistols.  The 6 deactivated pistols that are currently stocked represent the very best of engineering and design in weapons manufacture; displaying the elegant style and efficient forms that made Glock the world’s most loved producers of semi-automatic and automatic pistols.

From the early Glock 17 through to the unparalleled conceal carry specialist,  the Glock 26, Alpha Militaria provides you with the opportunity to own a deactivated Glock in excellent condition.

Deactivated Glock 17

The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol with a polymer frame, manufactured in Austria since the early 1980s by Glock GmbH.  This versatile, all round pistol is the prefered choice of security agencies and military units all over the world.  Currently it’s the standard issue sidearm for the Austrian Army, and is also used by the US Marine Corp among many others.

The release of the Glock 17 pistol marked a revolutionary moment in the development of firearms and has gained a loyal following in the last few decades.  The Glock 17 is a highly collectible item given that only 115,000 were originally made by the legendary manufacturer and as a result deactivated versions have become a treasure in the collections of people everywhere.

Glock 17

Newer generations of the classic pistol still play an important role in the arsenal of police forces and paramilitaries however it is hard to beat the original for its efficiency and versatility.  The Glock 17 is used by a number of militaries around the world, including the Austrian, Indian, British, Swedish and the Israeli Defense Forces.   The British Army have been using the Glock 17 since 2011, when it replaced the Browning 9mm after decades of service.  The British Army uses the 4th Generation Glock 17, which has served British troops reliably in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Inspired and designed by the Austrian engineer Gaston Glock, the pistol was named the Glock ‘17’ not as some think because it holds 17 9x19mm rounds, but because it was the seventeenth patent that he had filed for.  The pistol is compact and elegant with its most prominently unique feature being the Safety Action trigger that replaces the more traditional thumb operated safety catch.

The double Safety Action trigger was a world changing design making this semi automatic pistol fast on the draw and efficient for law enforcement and military services alike.

The Glock 17 is a rare combination of plastic and steel, known as a polymer frame, based on the special skills of its designer who has never divulged the secrets of its construction.   The weapon has 33 parts, consisting of both plastic, mainly in the frame, and steel.   This gives the sidearm its light weight and durability.

The legends that surround the Glock 17 are never ending.  It is said that when Gaston Glock first designed the beautiful weapon after he asked what the best features of all available pistols were, and then, using his expert engineering skills and his renowned practical thinking, he simply combined every quality into one design!

For collectors there are few handguns that are more desirable than the Glock 17.  The Glock’s mechanism imitates the Browning, another classic pistol.  It is recoil operated and the barrel is subsequently locked up by the sliding top barrel which ejects the spent round.

For collectors the weapon’s style has become synonymous with class, elegance and style.  The weapon has featured in numerous Hollywood movies because of its effectiveness but also because it has a special place in the hearts of warriors around the globe.

Deactivated Glock 17 for sale

Deactivated Glock 18

The Glock 18 is a truly automatic pistol that is one of the most dangerous weapons in the world and yet it has remained somewhat in the shadows because it was released only for security and police forces. However, its mystical rareness has made it a collectors classic, and a deactivated Glock 18 is a fantastic addition to any collection. The Glock 18 is only available to police and security services which adds significantly to its collectibility.
The Glock 18 holds a magazine of 33 9x19mm rounds, and with an official rate of fire that exceeds 1,100 rounds per minute, it’s a formidable weapon in the hands of the police. As with other pistols in the series, the Glock 18 has no traditional thumb operated safety catch, making it an excellent fast drawing self defense weapon. The pistol also has a fully automatic mode that makes it possible to unload a magazine at a rate of fire that few
pistols could hope to match.

Glock 18
The Glock 18 went on to replace the Glock 17 as the go-to weapon for many undercover operations when it was first released. The Glock 18 was originally designed as a sidearm for the security forces and military, in the late 1980s – making its designer, Glaston Glock, a legend in the forces. Part of the success that Gaston Glock enjoyed was down to his meticulous attention to the task that the gun would be expected to perform; and he never held back from making innovative leaps of intuition in his design work.
The major difference from its former manifestation, the Glock 17 is the rotating lever control switch. This allows the handler to change from semi-automatic to fully automatic in a moment. The automatic mode was designed to stop an enemy in their tracks, whether they were in a car or on foot. On the weapon itself, there is a double dot which indicates fully automatic mode and above this is a single dot that indicates semi-automatic. This switch that controls the difference modes of fire is located near the back of the slide, within easy reach during action.
One of the other important features of the Glock 18 is that instead of using a standard striker firing mechanism it makes use of a spring action loading pin, which is one of the ways that the pistol manages to achieve such an incredible firing speed.
As with the other Glocks, the Glock 18 makes use of a Safe Action trigger and does not have a thumb operated safety catch like most other pistols. This is a fairly unique feature among pistols generally and has helped to make the Glock 18 one of the most effective choices for close quarter combat on the market. It is claimed that when Saddam Hussein was finally captured in Iraq he was carrying a fully automatic Glock 18 for his own personal protection, although when he was taken in, found hiding in a tunnel, he was never given the opportunity to use it.
The Glock 18 is one of the rarest in the series and is a fantastic collectors item. The elegant design and its comfortable grip has made this one of the most popular sidearms for security forces everywhere including the FBI and up to 70% of Police Departments across the USA. Described as one of the most effective sidearms in the hands of a trained operator, the Glock 18 is a masterpiece of firearms manufacture.

Deactivated Glock 18 for sale

Deactivated Glock 19

The Glock 19 is a smaller version of the original Glock 17, scaled down at the request of police forces who wanted a semi-automatic pistol that could more easily be concealed while operating undercover that still retained a good magazine capacity, which in the case of the Glock 19 is 15 9x19mm rounds.

The pistol is made with a polymer frame which ensures that it is lightweight but durable, using a nylon based polymer invented by Gaston Glock; although the precise details of its manufacture is a well guarded secret. In service the Glock 19 was a reliable asset for any security force, requiring little maintenance and constantly delivering accurate fast fire and great stopping power.

Glock 19
The Glock 19 was released in 1988 and is a semi-automatic pistol using easy to source 9x19mm rounds that gained a reputation after it became the first choice for undercover drug enforcement agencies in the United States. The model can also be rechambered for all main calibers, a characteristic that has made the entire range of pistols by Glock a favourite among gun enthusiasts.
The pistol is elegant and well engineered, maintaining the trademark Safe Action trigger grip and leaving out the usual thumb safety catch in its design. The outer trigger will not be activated unless the inner trigger is first pulled, meaning that it cannot go off by accident in a holster. With no hammer firing mechanism, utilising a striker fired spring based recoil mechanism instead, the Glock 19 has a rate of fire that exceeds 1,100 Rounds Per Minute.
The Glock 19 has not only remained popular but has been taken up by more military and security forces as the years went by. In 2016, the US Navy Seals officially added the pistol to their line up, replacing the SIG SAUER P226, opting for the better reliability, size and efficacy of the Glock.
As well as the Navy Seals the US Marine Corps and the US Air Force also make use of the Glock 19. As a result of its widespread use in the American military it has seen action all over the globe, including in the Middle East and South America, fighting against terrorists and the dangerous drug cartels who battle for control of the valuable drug routes. The Glock has done well in the Middle East where it is less likely to jam in the dusty conditions than its competitors and requires less day to day maintenance.
With an accurate sighting range of up to 50 meters this compact pistol has a muzzle velocity of 200-460 m/s.
The Glock 19 has been updated over the decades by its manufacturer, with the 2nd Generation Glock 19 going into production in 1990 through to 1998. The 2nd Generation (Gen 2) had a modified pistol grip and a slightly redesigned frame, although it still retained its basic rust proof polymer body. The 3rd Generation of these pistols went into production in 1998 and were made until 2010, when the 4th Generation was made. The 4th Generation has a larger magazine release button for improved usability in action, some small changes to the inner mechanisms of the pistol and a back strap that could be swapped out.
With its long record of active service and stylish design, the Glock 19 is a highly collectible item that has found its way into many collections of deactivated pistols.

Deactivated Glock 19 for sale

Deactivated Glock 21

The Glock 21 is slightly larger than most of the rest of the series, but it is still comparatively light compared with other pistols weighing in at just 745 grams without a magazine. The model makes use of the classic Glock Safe Action trigger system and as with other models, leaves out the traditional thumb safety system.
The Glock 21 is a semi-automatic pistol with a standard magazine capacity of 13 .45 ACP rounds. The .45 ACP cartridge was originally designed by John Moses Browning, way back in 1911 and ever since had mostly been utilised by the Colt series of automatic pistols. In recent times though the cartridge was being used less and less, having been eclipsed by the smaller bore 9x19mm, a trend largely set by the Glock 17, and the .45 ACP looked set to be forgotten by all except gun collectors and range shooting enthusiasts. However, in 1990 when Glock released the 21 model, using this big bore cartridge in a modern, polymer framed semi automatic pistol, the cartridge was propelled back to the front page of the news and once again, Glock Ges m.b.H had shown how innovative it really was.
Glock 21

During the 1990s there was a widespread perception that criminal gangs and drug cartels were able to outgun law enforcement officers, and increasingly, a more powerful cartridge was being requested. This was the market for which Glock designed the Glock 21 model of semi automatic pistol, delivering what was needed at the exact moment that it was being called for.

The Glock 21 is used by the Greek and American militaries, and has developed a reputation for effective fire power, good accuracy of up to 40 to 50 metres in the hands of a well trained user with its front and back sights and, as with other models, it requires relatively low levels of maintenance. The Glock 21 really stands out from other models in close quarter field battles, particularly with supporting fire but also in self defence situations.

Since it was released in 1990, the Glock 21 has remained a popular pistol with gun enthusiasts, collectors and security forces alike. For collectors the Glock 21 is an important pistol because it played a major role in resuscitating the well loved .45 ACP cartridge while representing an amazing leap of design by the Glock company.

Collectors like to have a Glock 21, not only because it is a relatively rare component of a good collection, but also because its pivotal role in the modern development of handguns, combining the best of the past with high quality modern engineering skills and techniques.

Deactivated Glock 21 for sale

Deactivated Glock 22

The Glock 22, originally produced in 1990, is a full sized semi automatic pistol that makes use of .40 S&W pistol cartridge. The pistol has the classic Glock polymer frame that helps to keep its weight down, at just 650 grams without the magazine.

The magazine carries 15 S&W pistol cartridges. This gives it a major advantage against its competitors, most of which only carry 11 cartridges in their magazine. This has made the pistol extremely popular in both military forces and police services across the globe. The Glock 22 can also hold magazines containing 10 or 17 .40 S&W cartridges, but the standard magazine is 15.

Glock 22

The .40 S&W is a powerful rimless cartridge that was originally designed by Smith & Wesson in conjunction with Winchester, the famous rifle makers. The FBI were working with Smith &Wesson to create a handgun that utilised the .40 S&W which they would also be able to subsequently retrofit older models with. However, just as Smith & Wesson were preparing to release their Model 4006 pistol for sale, in January of 1990, Glock Ges.m.b.H appeared on the scene with the Glock 22, holding the desired .40 S&W cartridge in its magazine. Following field trials and tests, the Glock 22 won out over the Smith & Wesson Model 4006 and was adopted in 1997 by the FBI as well as other police forces across America.

This major coup was typical for the inventive and somewhat maverick gun manufacturer, Glock Ges.m.b.H, who had by now became a household name and gathered great acclaim all over the world.

The Glock 22 is used by the Austrian and the American militaries, including the legendary US Delta Force. As well as the military, the Glock 22 is the favourite sidearm for the American Police, and is used in states right across the nation. With its powerful cartridges, it gives the police the fire power to take on highly armed gangs and criminals in the knowledge that they have the stopping power to win any gun fight.

The Glock 22 is extremely reliable, lightweight and as with all the pistols in the series, it requires relatively low levels of maintenance and comes at an affordable price compared with other semi automatic pistols on the market. On top of its practical firepower features, these factors have made it popular, both with service personnel and police forces.

The Glock 22 is modelled on the model 17 although there are certain differences. The model 22 makes use of an angled magazine while the model 17 does not. As well as this the hand grip has been redesigned to make it more ergonomic and comfortable to use, helping to reduce the impact of the slightly heavier recoil than the model 17 has.

The Glock 22 makes use of the standard Safe Action trigger system that is used throughout the Glock series, and with no thumb operated safety this gives the user a faster draw while maintaining their own safety.

The Glock 22 is renowned for its high levels of accuracy in the hands of a trained user, and with front and back sights it can reliably hit a target up to 50 metres away.

The Glock 22 is a popular semi automatic pistol for collectors. It played a significant role in shaping the modern police forces of America, from the FBI to local law enforcement agencies, and with its superb combination of the light weight polymer frame with the powerful .40 S&W cartridges, it’s a great piece of sidearm history.

Deactivated Glock 22 for sale

Deactivated Glock 26

The Glock 26 was released in 1994 and is a small semi automatic pistol that holds a double stacked magazine of up to 10 9x19mm rounds; although magazines of 6 and 7 rounds are also available for the pistol. The model 26 is a superb pistol for concealed carry, and with its polymer frame weighing in at only 560 grams it’s a great choice for a hidden waist or shoulder holster.

The Glock 26 does have to make a trade off between its magazine capacity and its small, lightweight size. However, if you want more rounds then you can also fit other magazines into it without needing to do any modifications, such as the 15 round Glock 19 magazine or the 17 round Glock 17 magazine!

Glock 26
The Glock 26 has a front and rear sight, although because of its small size it was never designed to be accurate at longer distances and is more focused on self defense in a close environment, where the ability to get half a dozen shots away at high speed towards the enemy’s centre of mass is more important than strictly accurate shots. This means that its uses are somewhat limited, however, what it does do it does better than almost anything else.
The Glock 26 also makes use of the traditional Safe Action trigger system which Glock pioneered making it a fast drawing sidearm for use in emergencies. It’s a popular self defense pistol, if not the most popular in the world, often finding its way into the purses of women or the glove compartment of vehicles. It’s primary uses are for home and vehicle self defense, as well as to be carried with its owner, unobtrusively, throughout the day.
The Glock 26 is not only used by civilians and homeowners, but is also used by undercover police officers, particularly in the vice squad, as well as officers who may use it as a secondary sidearm, only to be used in a last resort.
The pistol is extremely reliable and does not jam. It requires low levels of maintenance and is a trusted companion of its owners.
Glock Ges.m.b.H are renowned for designing pistols for specific purposes, and whenm they set out to design something they tend to do it better than all their competitors. The Glock 26 is a lovely, stylish pocket pistol that has been perfectly designed to do its job, however limited that may be. Gaston Glock described the Glock 26 as the ‘baby Glock’, and although it is small it is deadly and unbeatable in an emergency self defense situation.
The Glock 26 is a great collectors item and is treasured by collectors everywhere. The Glock 26, in the tradition of the company, set a new benchmark in the concealed carry pistol market. The small pocket pistol is a lovely piece of design work that is elegant in its simplicity.

Deactivated Glock 26 for sale

Deactivated Glock Specifications

SpecificationsGlock 17Glock 18Glock 19Glock 21Glock 22Glock 26
Overall pistol length (inches)7.327.326.857.597.326.29
Barrel Length (inches)4.494.4944.615.434.17
Width (inches)
Height inc magazine (inches)5.435.4355.475.434.17
Sight Radius (inches)6.496.495.986.776.495.43
Calibre9x19mm9x19mm9x19mm.45 ACP.40 S&W9x19mm
Magazine Capacity173315131510
Weight, without magazine (grams)625620595745650560
Gun TypeSemi-
Machine-pistol (semi auto/auto)Semi-automaticSemi-automaticSemi-automaticSemi-automatic
Origin (Country)AustriaAustriaAustriaAustriaAustriaAustria
In Service (from – until)198219861988199019901994

Deactivated Glock Alternatives

Although the Glock series of pistols represents some of the best design and engineering work in the history of pistol manufacture, there are still some worthy alternatives.

Top 3 Alternatives to the Glock Series of Pistols.

Excellent Competitors that are worth considering for gun collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  • The Browning Hi Power is a semi automatic pistol that is produced in both 9mm and .40 S&W making it a popular sidearm for security forces and gun enthusiasts.The weapon was in constant production for over 80 years, finally being discontinued in 2017, truly marking the end of an era.The Browning Hi Power was used by militaries all over the world, including the Israeli IDF as well as both militaries involved in the Falklands war.   The Browning Hi Power was used by over 50 militaries at the height of its use, including forces as diverse as China, Denmark, France and Libya.The all round pistol was designed by John Browning and was manufactured by Fabrique Nationale, based in Belgium.It has an accurate range of fire up to around 40-50 metres, carries 13 rounds in its magazine and has a muzzle velocity of 340 metres per second.The Browning Hi Power is a great item for collectors and since its production was discontinued it has become ever more sought after.
  • The SIG SAUER P365 is a German manufactured pistol that boasts some of the highest sales in the United States.  This all round self defense handgun is ideal for conceal carry and holds a magazine of 10+1, and in 2019 was awarded the Handgun of the Year by the National Rifle Association.This compact, high powered semi automatic pistol makes use of a polymer frame to help keep its weight down and fires 9x19mm rounds.The SIG SAUER P365 is commonly used by the American military as part of the training they offer to foreign military units.The P365 is not accurate beyond around 20-30 metres, unless in the hands of a highly trained individual, although it is designed for concealability and its reliable performance, both of which it excels at.The P365 is an ideal sidearm for daily use or home defense.  The pistol is well engineered and trustworthy, weighing in at 500 grams with a length of 5.8 inches.
  • The Beretta 92 is a semi automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Italy by the Beretta company.  The Beretta 92 has a reputation for being a superb combat sidearm that has been produced with many different variants.  Some models hold 9x19mm rounds while others carry the more powerful .40 S&W cartridges.The Beretta has been a mainstay for militaries and police forces across the globe since it was released in May 1976.   Used by the American and British militaries, as well as Pakistan, Malaysia and Colombia to name but a few, the weapon has firmly made its mark in military history.The Beretta 92 has a length of 8.5 inches, giving it the recognisably long barrel and a height of 5.4 inches.  It is capable of rapid fire while maintaining excellent accuracy at ranges of up to and over 50 metres, and with a magazine holding 15 rounds it packs a considerable punch.All of the Beretta series of pistols are highly collectible, but the Beretta 92 is one of the company’s most iconic designs.

Deactivated Glock FAQs

  • What is a Deactivated Glock? 

A deactivated Glock is a firearm that has been converted so that it cannot fire any bullets.  It is no longer functional as a weapon but can be a highly treasured item for collectors.

  • Do I need a License to own a Deactivated Glock in the UK? 

No, you do not need a license to own a deactivated gun in the UK provided that you are over 18 years old.

  • How many models of Glock pistols are there in all?

Glock is a prolific maker of world class handguns, and in total their range of pistols is well over 50.  There is a large variety in the series, from small conceal carry handguns to automatic pistols and everything in between.

  • Why are Glocks so famous for being reliable?

One of the main reasons that Glock has gained a reputation for reliability, as well as low maintenance, is that they have far fewer parts than most of their competitors.  This reflects their excellent design and engineering, pioneered by the company’s founder, Glaston Glock.

  • How long would a Glock in active service last?

There’s no simple answer to that question, although they are said to be practically indestructible!   Glocks were designed to be lifelong companions, and with fewer parts and their excellent engineering, they far outperform their competitors in the field of longevity.

  • What Glock do the most police forces use?

In the United States, where it is routine for police to be armed, almost 70% of forces use the Glock 22.   This powerful handgun holds 15 rounds in it’s magazine and is a formidable weapon against violent criminals and gangs.

  • Is Glock 17 a good gun?

Yes, the Glock 17 is a superb all round semi automatic pistol.  It’s a full sized pistol that holds 17 9x19mm rounds. The Glock 17 is used by militaries and police all over the world, and since it’s release in 1982 it has become a legend, making many appearances in Hollywood movies and popular novels such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

  • Who Uses the Glock 17?

Militaries across the world use the Glock 17 as their standard issue pistol, including, but not limited to, the US Marines and Special Forces, the Austrian military and the Israeli Defence Force.

  • Is the Glock 18 a good gun?

The Glock 18 is a powerful tool in the right hands, with a massive 1,200 rounds per minute rate of fire it can unload its entire magazine of up to 17 rounds in a moment, leaving its target subdued.

  • What makes Glocks so popular?

All of the series of pistols in the Glock range are superbly crafted and engineered, providing excellent reliability at an affordable price.  The guns are also adaptable in use and can be extensively modified and customized to suit the user’s needs.

  • Where are Glocks made? 

Glocks were originally manufactured in Austria, by Glock Ges m.b.H, where they were invented by Gaston Glock.  However, as the company grew in size and demand for their products increased, production expanded and today many are manufactured in the United States.  There is no difference in the design of the weapons made in Austria or the USA except for the stamp which indicates where they were made.

  • What makes Glocks so unique?

Glocks are made of an incredibly strong combination of steel and plastic, known as a polymer frame.  This makes the pistols extremely lightweight but also practically indestructible! A Glock also has far less pieces than a usual pistol which keeps maintenance low.