Most Popular Air Rifles UK and USA 2020

top 5 air rifles

Our team at Alpha Militaria carried out a review of internet search data in 2020 relating to the top 5 brand and gun searches for air rifles in the UK and USA.

Interestingly, Gamo topped the chart in the USA and the Gamo Whisper was the clear winner in terms of search demand. For the UK, the Weihrauch HW100 was the undisputed winner. Both of these manufacturers held the number 1 spot for branded searches too.

We can see that FX Airguns were the only brand to reach the top 5 in both countries, with the FX Impact being one of the best selling guns of recent times.

In the UK, Air Arms dominated the top 5 gun searches, but did not reach the top 5 in terms of branded searches, suggesting that those looking for an air arms gun know exactly what they are looking for! The results show how well respected Air Arms are  for the quality of their products, and being a long standing UK manufacturer has clearly helped them dominate this market.

We were generally in agreement with the results but what do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and feel free to share on social media if you wish.

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