Introduction to the Air Arms ProSport

Few would argue against the ProSport being one of the finest spring rifles available. Its flush fitting underlever design gives the rifle an elegant look in the best sporting rifle tradition. Available in .177 and .22, the rifle is sold with a standard output of 12 ft. lbs. as well as high power versions of just over 14 ft. lbs. and 17 ft. lbs. respectively. Two stock options are available – beech and walnut – but in right hand only. 

About Air Arms

Based in south east England and founded in 1983, Air Arms has a long and well-respected reputation. It was one of the early pioneers of modern-day pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, introducing its first model in 1988. Today the company produces some of the most respected PCP hunting and competition rifles, as well as class-leading underlever spring-powered rifles.

Our full review of the Air Arms ProSport

There’s no getting away from the fact that the ProSport is one of the most expensive spring rifles at around £700 for the walnut version – a price tag that encroaches on mid-level pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles. Air Arms has taken the view that if budget is an issue there are plenty of cheaper springers around, but that if someone chooses to have a springer over a PCP they will pay for a premium rifle.

As you’d expect, the ProSport is superbly engineered with many components you’d normally see on a tuned rifle standard from out of the box. Thanks to the use of synthetic bearings to support the compression chamber and piston, the cocking stroke is smooth and the firing action is devoid of any clanging associated with many other spring rifles. The action is best described as ‘thuddy’ and recoil is limited to a gentle nudge in the shoulder that is cushioned by a ventilated butt pad.

The finish is excellent. The stock has ornate but tasteful patches of high quality chequering on the forend and pistol grip, which is finished with a rosewood cap and spacer. The cheekpiece is comfortable and the roll-over comb is perfectly aligned to give good eye alignment to a scope mounted on the long dovetail rails. Details such as the fact that Air Arms has used discreet allen studs instead of screws in the stock are typical of the thought that has gone into the rifle. The gold trigger is a little blingy but suits the rifle and is nicely curved, as well as adjustable for length and weight. The metalwork too is of the highest standard – a deep and even black. For some reason though, and I find this on most Air Arms rifles, the metal shows finger marks easily; you’ll be forever wiping it down, which isn’t a bad thing.

The flush fitting aluminium underlever requires no catch to release or lock home – another example of the ProSport’s engineering. Cocking the action automatically sets the safety button at the back of the rifle and helps ensure the underlever won’t fly up and your trap fingers if the trigger mechanism fails or is pulled inadvertently. In addition, an anti-bear trap mechanism ensures that even with the safety switched off, the rifle will not fire until the underlever is returned. Pulling the underlever down opens a wide loading port to enable pellets to be inserted directly into the breech. The fact that a fumbled pellet will drop straight through the rifle is something you’ll appreciate on a cold day or in the dark.

The slightly-less-than 15 inch Lothar Walther barrel is fully shrouded and contains an integrated moderator. The combination makes the ProSport extremely quiet to shoot.

All this makes the ProSport a rifle that is beautiful to own and very rewarding to shoot as it is more than capable of levels of accuracy that would flatter a top end PCP. 

Air Arms ProSport Specifications

Weight in kgs. 4.1 (walnut) 4.3 (beech)
Length in mm 1050
Barrel length in mm 377
High power options in ft. lbs. 14.3 (.177) and 17.4 (.22)
Safety catch Automatic, not resettable
Safey features Anti-bear trap
Trigger Fully adjustable two stage

The Air Arms Range

The only other spring powered rifle made by Air Arms is the equally impressive TX200 mkIII, which is available as a standard length and Hunter Carbine (HC). Engineering and finish is equal to that of the ProSport and the main distinguishing feature is that the underlever is located under the barrel, giving the rifle an ‘over and under’ appearance. The TX200 mkIII is available in beech and walnut stocks, both of which have a left-handed option.


Other underlever rifles to consider include:

  • Air Arms TX200 Mk III
  • Weihrauch HW97
  • Weihrauch HW77
  • Walther LGU
  • Diana 460 Magnum

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